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  1. Hello! I'm back with a bunch of other ideas! I'm not interested in starting all of them, but maybe one or two, depending on which are more interesting to people! Here they are [notes @ bottom]:


    THE сенка DOMAIN.

    Genre: Crime, Underground, Semi-Futuristic, Horror.
    Setting: Big Modern city, 2018-2025, Morbid undertones.
    Plot: In the city of Redcastle, the vastly rich and beautiful live their extravagant lives to the full. However, underneath the city lies The сенка Domain. A place for a very specific collection of people to meet; Killers & Cannibals. Whilst beautiful and rich, some of the elite have cravings of their own. These Killers and cannibals collect in their domain and choose their weekly victim. Whilst the police believe they have a serial killer on the loose, they make a mistake abducting a high-profile victim. Can the morbid Domain survive under the pressure of the police?



    Unit 22 - LPR Division.

    Genre: Satire, Conflict, Modern.
    Setting: 2015-2016, Russian battlefield.
    Plot: Unit 22 is the LPR Division of the Army - The "Last Possible Resort" Division. Unit 22 is a division of soldiers who have been dishonorably discharged for various reasons. The collection of LPRs are kept in the armies reach for their skills and when their base is attacked in Russia, the LPRs become the ones the army has to rely on. Do they get responsibilities? Can they handle the pressure again?


    Operation Ocean.

    Genre : Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Great Escape.
    Setting: American Government facility, 2050, Escape Journey.
    Plot: America wanted super solders. However, the more navy battles were fought, the more they reconsidered the generic super soldier. With a lot of experimentation, the government created marine super solders - People who turn into an ocean creature in water. The people they modified were volunteers who didn't know they were getting into a painful and dangerous situation. When one group finally decides they've had enough, they manage to escape. Can they flee the government to get their lives back?



    Jurassic Park: Lockout

    Genre: Fandom, Thriller, Adventure.
    Setting: Post Jurassic Park, Pre Jurassic Park: Lost World. 1995.
    Plot: After the Park was not opened, a group of saddened people decide to take it upon themselves to study the dinosaurs. Students, teachers, paleontologists, biologists, photographers and all the rest decide to visit the island. But when their transport crashes, can the group survive?



    Newtonian 3-10-8

    Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Doctor-Who/Alien inspired, Paranormal.
    Setting: 2100, Isolated Spacecraft, Dark undertones.
    Plot: A group of scientists, aliens, crew and others are orbiting a planet, in search of a new home for the human race. The crew are in observation of the planet when strange things begin to happen. Voices are being heard, hands being felt, the crew don't know what to make of the creepy happenings. It isn't until they discover a supernatural creature, that feeds off fear is trying to take over the ship. Can the crew overcome the fear and safely get back?


    The Jessop Society

    Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, X-files inspired.
    Setting: [Debatable year] Nevada, America.
    Plot: A group of Students with an obscure interest in the unknown decide to create their own secret society. The society named after their favourite paranormal investigator begin doing their own investigations and get more than they bargained for when they discover that there are more abnormalities than they think.



    Syndicate v Metro

    Genre: Police v Gang drama, Angst, Dark Themes.
    Setting: 2015 Miami, Violent themes.
    Plot: The Santiago Syndicate has become the biggest and most ruthless gang throughout Mexico. Now, it was invading the streets of Miami. The police have their work cut out as the source of the gang move upstream. But can the police figure out who is really on their side? Can the gang successfully become the biggest in Miami?



    Undercover uncovered

    Genre: Satire, Spy, Light Themes.
    Setting: 2015, Big City, Satirical themes, Police v crime.
    Plot: The big criminals of the city have become better at hiding themselves. The agents that are trying to bust them must do the same, by doing the opposite. To get close to the leading criminals, the agents must pose as strippers, lap-dancers and other performers in the criminal underground club. Can the Agents keep themselves covered as they find out info, by being uncovered?



    St. Joseph's Mental Hospital

    Genre: Horror, Psychological, Angst, Medical.
    Setting: 2015, Mental Hospital, Morbidity, Mature Themes.
    Plot: St. Joseph's Mental Hospital is a hospital for those who have unique and serious mental problems. The doctors take advantage of the vulnerability of the patients, and begin experiments on them. The experiments started out as harmless, but they got more and more harmful for the patients. One day, when the patients decide enough is enough, they rebel.



    ☯ Unless stated, all RPs are real-life styled and all FCs will be real.
    ☯ I'm happy to do some of these as a 1x1! If there is not enough interest, I'll make it a 1x1.
    ☯ I want dedicated Roleplayers only. I've had it too many times where people begin with excitement then stop replying all
    together. I refuse to put hard work in to get buttons back.
    ☯ I'd prefer a group to be 2-4 people, but playing multiple characters.

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  2. St. Joseph *-*

    I'll help GM that since I'm a psych in training so I can help people with conditions
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  3. I like, THE сенка DOMAIN, Undercover uncovered, Syndicate v Metro, and The Jessop Society. Those all sound really cool.
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  4. Awesomea! I was thinking of the conditions to be the somewhat rare ones, like AIWS or Alien Hand etc etc. If I consider a GM, I know where to find you <3

    Awesome, thanks!
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    I like the Domain one and the syndicate vs metro. ~~~

    Hey, if you're ever interested in a Hannibal 1x1 or a Sherlock 1x1 I am definitely your gal.
  6. Whooooot!

    Interested in;
    Operation Ocean

    The Jessop Society

    Undercover Uncovered

    and St Joseph's Mental Hospital
  7. Awesome!

    And hell yeah! I'd definitely be down for either! I need to catch up on Hannibal tho o-o

    Hell yeah! Thanks man <3
  8. Interested in St. Joseph's Mental Hospital, and The Jessop Society.

    Particularly the latter.
    I was literally watching the X-Files as I was reading through this (or, re-watching them, rather, I've seen all the episodes multiple times <3) and I saw the picture for it and was like "OH MY GOD, COULD THIS BE RELATED TO THE X-FILES???"
    I'll stop rambling.
  9. Awesome! And yeah, I got super inspired, but didn't want to do anything based off it too closely c:
  10. I'm up for Operation Ocean, and Jurassic Park: Lockout
  11. Your back, I love your other rps...but bleh lol. I would love to join Mental Hospital and Undercover Uncovered A Stripper Spy would be bad ass...Kiss Kiss Bang Bang would be her stage name....and that just rhymed lol.
  12. Awesome! Thanks :D

    Hola again lmao. It's a shame they all died.

    Hehe, that is awesome!
  13. Okay I tried narrowing it down to my favorites to help you pick one to start but I've decided I can't because i love them all. My number one choice would be the mental hospital one because insanity is great, but tag me no matter which one(s) you choose :B
  14. Awesome! That seems to be the popular choice! *w*
    And of course man, you got it !
  15. YEAH MENTAL HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Side Note Perfect Theme Song for Mental Hospital Rebellion lol:

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  17. Well, I've decided to create the sign ups for St. Josephs.
    I'll post it soon. However, it'll be for the five people who are interested!

    However, I'm going away until Wednesday, without wifi, so it won't start until then!
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  18. I have my interest on Operation Ocean. I even know what kind of marine animal I'd be.
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  19. My Interest is in Syndicate vs Metro. That one sounds pretty awesome!
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