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    Twins AnnahStasia and AlecZander (Annah and Alec) have been haunted by their older brother's disappearance since they were 8. Many believed that the prince and princess caused Antony's death in order to gain first in line for the throne. Now that they are older, Alec has been knighted and Annah has been groomed in the ways of managing an estate. But since the apparent death of their beloved brother things around the kingdom of become more and more peculiar. What was once the subjects of fairytales seem to be making bold appearances in the land. But they aren't as nice or enchanting as the stories told them to be. There is rumor they are forming an army. An army lead by none other than Prince Antony.
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    Prince AlecZander

    Age: 26

    Personality: He's pretty quiet, very reserved. While many are drawn to him it isn't because he has charisma- instead because when he speaks it is with calculated precision. Rather than hiring a private tutor to teach him beyond the average education he chose to go on to train as a knight. He takes the vows he made when he was knighted very seriously and lives by very strict morals. While he understands that the world is not black and white, he tries to treat everyone the same despite what they've done or what they have been accused of.

    Status: Heir to throne.
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    Princess AnnahStasia

    Age: 26

    Personality: Despite how most women are meant to be seen and heard Annah isn't afraid to state her opinion when she thinks it's necessary. However more often than not people ask for her input as she has gone surprisingly far with her education for a princess. She has all the charisma that her brother lacks and even when she doesn't mean to she seems to naturally drawn to help people.

    Status: Princess
  4. "Alec!" Annah whined as she hauled herself farther up the giant oak tree sticking out from the side of the ravine.

    The sun was shining and a distant yell momentarily stopped Alec.

    "What?" the twelve year old asked. Sweat stuck his blonde hair to his forehead and clung to the top of his ears.

    "Stop shaking the tree!" She demanded.

    Alec turned to see a red faced Annah steadying herself on a branch.

    "I'm not even moving." There was a pause.

    "Well, I'm not moving... And you're not moving... then..." Annah's innocent green eyes widened in fear. "Is there something behind me?" She whispered, her face looking even younger and more childish than ever.

    "No. But we had better get off of here, anyhow." Alec whisperd, despite himself, as he made his way
    back down the tree.

    "I'm hungry!" Annah whined.

    "Then let's go home." he said climbing after his twin onto flat ground.

    "Ok!" she said cheerfully.

    When they arrived back at the castle their nursemaid, Nadia, grabbed their ears, scolding them in a firm voice, "You know better than to leave the castle without a guard or chaperone of sorts! Now where is your brother? Oh heavens! What are we to do with the three of you! Well, hopefully he will be back before dark."

    A knock on his bedroom door woke Alec. He laid still for a moment, watching the dust particles float in the stream of sunlight that stabbed across the ceiling. The knock came again more persistent this time. He stood, walking to the door still in his undergarments

    "Yes?" he asked through the door.

    "Your father wishes to speak with you and your sister." a disembodied voice called hesitantly.

    "Thank you, you're dismissed."

    The last memory he had before his brother went missing taunted him. Perhaps if he hadn't agreed to go out with his sister to play in the forest then his brother wouldn't have come after them and gotten lost. Antony might still be alive.
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  5. A soft sigh escaped the mouth of the princess as she continued her way through the path of the garden, her green eyes traveling this way and that, her fingertips lightly tailing across the petals of some of the delicate, yet beautiful flowers that decorated the area. To say that this was one of her favorite places of the castles wold be an understatement; it was just so serene, so peaceful. It almost made her forget everything, almost made her not feel guilty about so many things. It almost brought peace to her world, yet all in the same it did none of those and she knew it.

    But for moments, just a few minutes, it almost made her feel like a child again. Like the child she had always been. The adventurous young spirit that loved to follow her brothers, both of them, around, trying to mimic them though failing miserably at the act. But she liked it, at least then. Now? She had too many responsibilities, too many people watching. Too many people blaming her for her oldest brothers' death, and even she believed it. Actually, she had always believed that it was her fault. If only she had listened, if only she had not been so careless...

    Annah's fingers tightened around one of the flowers as she continued to think, blaming herself for what had happened, blaming herself for things that had happened with the family. She knew she would never be able to forgive herself, and she even wondered if her family would.

    "Princess," a soft voice rang out, bringing Annah from her thoughts. Her breath hitched as the voice startled her, but almost instantly she got her bearings together as she turned around to look at one of the maids that tended to their needs, putting a sweet smile on her face.

    "Yes? Is there something you need?" She let go of the flower, the petal wrinkled a bit, and placed her hands in front of her.

    "Your father would like to see you and your brother."

    Now this surprised her, and the surprise could not be contained within the women. But quickly she nodded her head. "Yes, right away. Thank you." She walked past the castle maid then, heading her way over towards where she knew her father would be. What could he possibly want?
  6. Alec stood at the foot of his father's bed, watching as he leaned into a gold plated bowl and retched more bloody bile. Hopefully Annah would arrive soon. He hated being alone with his father. And where was his step-mother?

    The door behind him opened and he glanced at the new guest. His sister- finally.

    She stood beside her twin and grasped the ornate oak footboard.

    "You wanted to see us, Father?" Alec said stiffly. He tried not to inhale through his nose as the smell might make him vomit, too.

    "Oh, drop the act, AlecZander." the king clutched his chest and coughed harshly, "We both know you don't consider me your father- nor do I consider you my son!" he barked weakly, his attendant moving forward to help prop him up further. "Wretched cough." he grumbled.

    "AnnahStasia," he practically purred, holding a hand out to her, "My sweet daughter, come sit beside me." he patted the open space in the bed next to him.

    Alec exchanged a look with Annah and made a nearly imperceptible shrug, raising an eyebrow as if to say "Might as well, he won't live much longer."

    "As you can see I'm dying, I won't have much longer which means Alec with be crowned soon." his father gave him a disgusted look, "Try not to destroy my kingdom the way you destroyed our family." he spat.

    Alex swallowed and held his head just a little higher. It wasn't news to him that his father hated him. Antony would be 32 and more than ready to take over the position as King. And as the younger twin he was the one blamed for the death of his mother; perhaps if he hadn't been born his mother would have pulled through.
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  7. ((Sorry that I haven't posted in the last couple of days. Haven't really felt that well, and I really couldn't get myself to write anything. But I'm feeling better now and have my muse back. (: Again, sorry for the wait.))

    As Annah walked into the room, only to her her father's harsh cough, the princess couldn't help but wince at the sound, as well as his sharp movement. She wondered when his time would come, the time that most people were dreading, yet knew was coming as the time wore on. He was sick, and despite all the medical help they had been trying to give him, nothing seemed to be working, and while that saddened the girl greatly, she couldn't say that this wasn't to be expected. One day, or maybe in the hours, he would pass, and there would be nothing to do about it other than mourn his death for a little and then move on.

    Things would still need to move on; life would still happen despite the set back of losing a king. The kingdom still needed to be protected, and with Alex coming to the thrown soon Annah could only guess how things would change. But that didn't matter now, not yet anyway.

    Almost hesitantly she walked over to her father's bedside, turning back to look at her brother, giving him a sympathetic gaze before she looked down toward her father and sat down next beside him. Oh, how she hated how their father talked down on Alec so much. It wasn't right! But no matter how she had tried to change his mind about it; always trying to reassure that Alec would be fine, that he will make a great king, that he was not the one to destroy the family, their father would have none of it. But, that didn't mean she would stop.

    "Father," she spoke, nearly cautious, yet a sense of confidence could be heard in her voice. "I have told you this before, but I know that Alec will make a marvelous king. He will do nothing short of making you proud when you are gone." She smiled, turning to look back to look at Alec with hope filled in her eyes. She so hoped that he would make a good king, if only for the sake of himself.

    "However, we can discuss that matter later on." She waved her hand to dismiss her previous words, trying to revert the topic of Alec quickly t o something else. "The servants said that you wanted to speak with us, no? Is something wrong?"
  8. (((It's ok! I'm glad you're feeling better! I had actually written a reply and forgot to send it and lost all of it and it irritated me so I didn't bother rewriting it... That's what has taken me so long... sorry :P)))

    "Ah yes- of course." he coughed again and tried clearing his throat. "While Alec has been off playing with swords and pretending to be a knight when he should have been studying under me to learn to be a king, he hasn't taken a wife. And nor have you taken a husband," he said a little more sweetly to his daughter. "Therefore, your mother-,"

    "Step-mother." Alec growled under his breath.

    "Mother." the king said forcefully, "and I have assumed the responsibility of doing so. You're both to be wed as soon as possible." he covered his mouth as he fell into a fit of chest racking sobs.

    Alec started to protest when the doors to the large bedroom were thrown open, and his step-mother, not much older than himself, practically floated across the room. Her ornate dress and overdone jewelry evidence as to where their kingdom's money was falling to.

    He stiffened and glared at the back of her brunette skull as she nearly shoved Annah out of the way to lean over the bed and plant a kiss atop King William's head.

    "Oh my love I don't want to bother you, I know you need your rest," she shot Alec's twin a dirty look then turned back to wink at him. "But the scouts from the River Post just got here, they said Count Vincent of Collingham and Duchess Yvonne of Elmars had just passed them. They should be here around noon."

    The king nodded and spoke to his son, "Do not ruin this."

    AlecZander tried not to snarl at his father, instead settling on saying, "Is that all, Father?"

    "Actually no, while you have been prancing around-,"

    Alec rolled his eyes half wondering if some of his coughing was fake.

    His father recovered saying, "While you've been prancing around with the children of greedy lords, I've been trying to handle an outbreak of mold that has been causing hallucinations-,"

    "What kind of hallucination?"

    Ignoring the interruption, the king continued, "in the farmers on the east of our lands. They claim to be seeing goblins or something similar, tearing through the wheat and hay. Look into it."

    He reached for the gilded bowl again, his bile a red tint.

    "It's time to step up, AlecZander. Your father is dying and you need to grow up now." she turned back to William, rubbing his back.

    Alec stood up straighter and stormed out of the room, the large oak doors slamming behind him.
  9. ((Ahh, that's no problem. I completely understand that feeling XD.))

    Annah blinked, almost looking dumbfounded by the sudden news that she was to be wed, and very soon, as well as her brother, but she kept a relatively calm look upon her face, despite the rising anxiety that decided to push its way through her system. To be wed, and without having been told about it before? Why did she need to be wed in the first place? Alec, yes, she could understand why he would need a wife, especially now in this time. He would become King soon, and with that title he needed a Queen to stand by his side, more than likely to help him with decisions. Or, at least, that's what she figured a Queen should do. While the King went about diplomatic matters, the Queen should look into smaller, more local matters, or at least become good friends with just about every person that lived within the Kingdom. Not only would that give the royals a good name, but it would bring out a stronger trust for their rulers.

    That, however, was never taught to their step mother, something that bothered the Princess a great deal.

    But she digressed. This new 'Queen' was young, and had been taken into this position rather quickly after the passing of their mother, something Annah still dwelled upon, much like her older brother, but she still figured that the leave no excuses.

    But why should she wed? She was not the one to take the thrown, she was not the one to make the biggest decisions for the Kingdom. So why her?

    She didn't argue against it after the news was spoken to them, but as soon as their step mother walked into the room, briskly walking over to her husband, Annah stood up and narrowed her eyes at the woman. Not only had this woman left a bad taste in Alec's mouth, but also within Annah's which was a difficult task to accomplish. "Vincent of Collingham?" She spoke, surprised. Only had she heard about the man a few times, but still she knew nothing of him. She didn't like that thought, not in the least bit.

    And then they would be here by noon? The Princess looked towards one of the windows in the room, taking in the sight of the sun and the position that it sat in. After judging the looks of it, Annah could only judge that they would probably only have a few more hours before the two arrived, leaving the twins hardly any time to ready themselves for the occasion. But that was the least of their worries, especially after the mold out break her father mentioned. She furrowed her brows, though tilted her head to look back at her step mother, frowning in her direction at her words. It was one thing for their father to say things such as that to Alec, but her? She had no right.

    "Goblins are nothing but a folklore. And tearing through their wheat? While they maybe be hallucinating it all, I find it very heard to believe that a little bit of mold has been able to conjure up those thoughts." She flinched when the doors were slammed shut from Alec storming out of the room, and she even though about following after him. But, ultimately, she decided against it and stayed put. He maybe just needed some time for himself, to think and or vent about what just happened in here.
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