Kingdom of Hearts: The Race To 3

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  1. Intro, green
    In the world called Transverse Town, two new faces have appeared. Nobody knows where they came from, or who they are. The people themselves don't know where they are or how their dream got them there. After waking up in the first district, a moogle came to deliver them a message.

    Lillianne Gillet, plum
    Lillianne woke up on the ground in the first district. She sat up to stretch, then looked around her surroundings, only to notice that she wasn't waking up in her usual bed. Lillianne hurriedly stood up to get a good look at where she was. While looking around, she noticed someone was next to her. From what she can tell by their face, it was someone she didn't know.

    A moogle with a messenger bag slowly made it's way to Lillianne. It rummaged through it's bag, and gave Lillianne a letter before leaving with a 'kuupo'. 'Kuupo must mean bye.' Lilliane reasoned within her head. Lillianne opened the letter with her nail, and began to read it aloud so the stranger next to her can hear.

    "Dear Lillianne Gillet and Daiske Suzaharu,

    You are currently in a world called Transverse Town. I managed to bring you guys here to close some world's hearts for me. This means to use the keyblade that you receive later to close it. I would explain, but you are smart enough to figure it out.
    To start you guys off, I want you two to walk up the stairs to talk to a man named Cid. Then, leave through the double doors closest to you for a surprise.

    Sincerely, Donald Duck

    P.S. You are working together. "
    Lillianne looked at the stranger next to her. She is working with him? A complete stranger who is most likely incompetent? Who is this Duck guy anyway? These questions wandered through Lillianne's head. She stopped trying to make sense of it or else her logical brain would explode. She still wasn't working with a stranger though. She turned towards the stranger so she can address them. "Hey you! Don't think I'll work with you just because this Donald guy said so. You are stuck working by yourself. On second thought, I bet I can close all these 'world's hearts' without your help." Lillianne said.​
  2. Daiske wakes to see the girl next to him. "Hmm? Who... Where... Aw, fuck it. What ever." He sits and listens closely to her reading the letter.

    He looks at her as he sits up. So he was supposed to work with her? She didn't look very capable to him. He laughs at her bet. "Oh really? Well, I may just have to take you on then. Sounds fun anyway." He smirks. "I do vote we don't start the bet until we get through the aforementioned double doors though."

    He stands up and runs over to Cid's shop. Once they're both there Cid looks over at them. "Let me guess, you're the ones that Donald mentioned?"
  3. Lillianne Gillet
    "Hey! Wait up!" Lillianne yelled while watching the boy run off. She immeditley started to chase after him, only to have followed him at Cid's sop, just like the letter said to do. Lillianne studied Cid. He seemed a bit more rough than Lillianne thought he would be like.

    "Let me guess, you're the ones that Donald mentioned?" Cid spoke. His voice was rough as well.

    "Yes. We are. Mr. Duck mentioned that we had to talk to you." Lillianne spoke up.

    "Yeah. He did, didn't he?" Cid spoke while scratching the back of his head. "He probably left you to figure it out for yourselves too. That damn duck. Well, you guys are the holders of a keyblade, and what you will do is help the worlds be protected from the heartless. Now, let's move on. What I'm here to do is to give you guys a gummi ship so you can travel to those worlds. After you guys complete what other business Donald have you do, come back here so you can go to the next world, ya hear?"

    Lillianne nodded as she left for the double doors. She placed her hand on the handle. "Hey. Your name was Daisy, right? Try not to be too far behind, okay?" Lillianne spoke before opening the double doors. She entered into the second district, and the double doors closed behind her. Only in a few seconds, little black things, or the heartless, started to appear out of nowhere. A giant key that had a heart and a star attached to it appeared into her hand as well.

    Some things started to click in her head. 'So these things are the heartless, and what I am holding is a keyblade. If this is a blade, then this should cut.' Lillianne reasoned within her mind. She hit one of the heartless that was coming for of her with her keyblade, but it didn't cut. Instead, it flattened itself into the floor and ran around. "What is this thing!?" She yelled while looking at the keyblade in her hand.
  4. Daiske listens closely to what Cid has to say. Once he was done explaining he follows Lillianne to the doors and laughs. "It's Daiske but close enough."

    As he enters the second district he watches her try to fight a heartless. "Try hitting it!" He chuckles and joins the fight, tryingto swing at it with his own keyblade.

    After a few attempts he finally lands a blow on the creature. "That's how its done!" A group of them appear and start darting around so he starts chasing after them.
  5. Lillianne Gillet
    "Try hitting it!" Daiske said as he was trying to hit it with his own keyblade. "You can't do it either." Lillianne said a second before he landed a blow on one of them. "Oh." She spoke as she was disappointed at the fact that he hit one before her. She walked up to one of the heartless that was scrambling around, and swung her blade back with her right hand. Then, she swung back as hard as she can. She hit the heartless, and is disappeared.

    "That is how you are suppose to do it." Lillianne yelled arrogantly at Daiske trying not to admit her defeat. She noticed that he was chasing after them, and started to giggle slightly at the fact that they were running away from him. She looked back at her own battle noticing the heartless that just appeared in front of her. She swung at the heartless like she did last time trying to defeating all of them.

    'What a bad surprise' Lillianne thought as she heard towards the hotel entrance that was west of the door. On the way there, some flying heartless appeared. They were using fire and water magic. Instead of fighting them, Lillianne hurriedly went into the hotel trying to avoid them. "How am I going to deal with those?" She complained
  6. Daiske was about to catch the Shadows but a Large Body shows up. He tries attacking it but his keyblade just bounces off of it. "Uh-oh..." He quickly runs inside, avoiding the Red Nocturnes and the Blue Rhapsodys.

    He looks at Lillianne and sighs. "You having trouble too? I had to run from one that was invincible I think. Want to try switching enemies? Maybe I'll have more luck with those flying ones and you the big one."