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  1. Saito walked around town, Many people walking around doing their bussiness. If they all knew that a vampire is walking around, they would shit their pants, and call the royale guards. Of course Saito is probably not the only non-human, walking around the town. Saito feels the urge to feed, not good.
  2. Name: Basil
    Age: (200) 16
    Race: VampWolf


    Bio: Basil is the son of a female Vampire and a male Werewolf. They knew their kind should never mingle but they couldn't deny their love for one another. They later had Basil after many failed attempts Basil was child 13.

    Basil was the first hybrid to survive his parents raised him up teaching him ways of both beast and vampire. He lived with them until the wars started causing him to lose his mother.

    He promised to avenge his mother's death and destroy anyone who sought to harm the Vampires


    Basil walked out of the bar and headed down the road his mismatch eyes narrowing in the harsh sunlight. He sighed wishing for colder weather for the beating rays of the sun made him sleepy.

    He kept walking avoiding others and he would shake his head if the scent of human lingered to long in his nose. But his irises soon flared like a cats when he noticed a familiar scent "Vampire...."
  3. Name: Angel Joshua
    Age: 16
    Race: demon/angel
    Bio: Angel is a demon and angel daughter. Her father and mother was killed because they can't be together. She lost family lost was she was 3 . When she was 3 . She lives basy herself . When [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]she was 10 she got a house. She also has a job as a waiter at a cafe.[/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]Angel walks around town a bit. She looks at a list. "Mmm" She looks at a street sign then put the hoodie over her head.She hold a basket full of apples. [/BCOLOR]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.