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  1. Name: Saito
    Age: 205 ( 17)
    Race: Vampire
    appearance: th_noob.jpg
    bio: Saito parents died a 100 years ago, They got captured by the king and got killed, publicly. Saito hated the kings, they wer all cruel. He once almost got captured by the king, 20 years ago. Now his son is the king, people say he is a very kind king, but Saito doesn't care, all kings are evil. Saito seen all kinds all races, like giants, elfs, and dragons. He even made a friend with a demon, but the demon got killed, by his king, satan. Saito can hide himself but if he's hungry, you can tell he is a vampire a mile away. Saito one day wants to kill all humans. Humans kill Vampires, demos, dragons, elf, everythig that is not humans. Vampires are close to extinction, same with many other races. Oh and don't forget that demons and humans have been in war for the past 10 years.
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