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  1. Would anyone be interested in a Kingdom Hearts roleplay? It wouldn't be connected to the main story in anyway, shape or form. It will revolve around a group of teenagers-young adults on a journey to save their Master who has been kidnapped. They shall go world to world purging evil from them which will help advance the Antagonist goals. I'm thinking 7 enemies which each in body one of the 7 deadly Sins. I would like to keep this small so 5 people should do for this roleplay. If anyone has any other ideas or questions I am open to them.

    Sins and there Vices, They stain and ruin the heart. They are related to emotions such as Rage, Love, Happiness. These 7 Sins were formed when 7 groups of creature know as Vices came together as a large mass. These Sin and Vices were born from Darkness, Dark actions and Dark thoughts. These creatures then one day went out into the worlds and one by one corrupted. There was n hope until they were forced back by KeyBlade wielders long ago. These creatures were then trapped in the Darkness, Unable to escape and never again corrupt. The Sins and Vices then began to wonder the darkness, Lost deep inside it until a voice called out to them.

    "Do you leave this world? This empty world of black, The world...Of Darkness. You wish to escape from it grasp and once again like the days of old be able corrupted, Twist and turn the hearts of others over to darkness...Then follow me, Follow my light." With this the 7 Sins and the Vices followed the voice into the light.
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  2. Honestly, I'm all in for joining this though I may be a bit biased since Kingdom Hearts is involved. ​
  3. I'm interested >w>
  4. Well that 2 people
  5. I'm interested so count me in too >.>
  6. I'm interested, but honestly a bit wary. I'm interested in the plot but the opening doesn't grab me since it has quite a few errors. You might want to remove the second paragraph since it's pretty much the same as the first. Might draw in more people. Fixing the errors and grammar might help too, but hey these are suggestions since I want to see this plot nice and fleshed out and cool looking.

    Fair warning on sheets and posting I'm going all out, which is kind of an intermediate level... and this looks low level in terms of posting
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  7. I understand your concerns and thank you for pointing them out. I was thinking of having this RP be a casual one with players at least posting 2 paragraphs per post.
  8. I believe you @Lojikal, Since it's literally your title.
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