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  1. Alright, so, I've been thinking on this for a while. I'm a fan of Kingdom Hearts, of Final Fantasy, and dare I say of Disney films. I've been wanting to start a roleplay around this series for a while. The catch is, I would like to break away from the canon a bit; not give direct mention to Sora and company. Simultaneously, I would like to make this roleplay more "mature" for lack of a better word.

    Basically, I'd like a Kingdom Hearts roleplay without all the goofiness/broodiness that comes with this game series.

    My idea is to follow a party (or multiple parties) exploring worlds invaded and being overrun by Heartless. I would also like to include more Final Fantasy characters from series' outside of VII, VIII, and X. Characters like Golbez, Kefka, Cloud of Darkness, Basch fon Ronsenburg & Judge Gabranth, The Warrior of Light, and even summons such as Odin and Bahamut.

    Either way, I'd love to see what people think, and if anyone wants to try to give this a go, feel free to give your input.
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  2. Alright, a Kingdom Hearts RP! Haven't been in one of these in years.

    This would be pretty awesome, and I'd totally be up for it. I absolutely love that you're wanting to break away from the canon and its goofiness. I like it as much as any other KH fan, but the KH universe has a lot of potential for a more mature story as well.
  3. I am so interested in this!

    I also agree with Xilfer. It's nice to see someone branching off from that canon KH and try for something mature, which won't be too hard in the KH universe. It definitely has potential.
  4. Glad you guys like it.

    I had some ideas involving Cloud of Darkness being the main antagonist, with Golbez, Garland, and Kefka being her three subordinates. I also have some plot ideas to take place in the Black Cauldron and Treasure Planet worlds, which I would be happy to elaborate on later when we have more people show interest.

    Any other input would be most welcomed.
  5. I would be 1000% interested in this. Plenty of things that can be done with what hasn't already been used in the games.
  6. Oh my yes. I've yet to be in a KH Rp that really grapples with a more mature, "sophisticated" plot. I'd love to see where this goes!
  7. Quite interesting indeed. I've never been in a KH RP Yet I have an OC for this exact situation. How peculiar~
  8. And so, this awesome-sounding KH RP was made. :P

    But I would say, if you're willing to break away from the usual KH formula of only including Disney worlds, there's a lot you could do with this. KH is pretty much crossovermania, after all. You could include stuff like Star Wars or Indiana Jones. Though I guess those are technically Disney now as well. :P

    We all know we want Darth Vader to be a recurring villain. C'mon guys. C'mon. xD
  9. Liking this very much, might consider joining in the fun :)
  10. If this RP is still up for grabs, count me in! What's next Capt'n?
  11. Not going to happen, I'm afraid.

    Anyway, all that's really left to do is discuss shaping the world in which this roleplay will take place. I have a writing pad for when I brought this up on my other roleplay site, and there's a lot of old, unused ideas there. Unfortunately the hosting site for the pad is down at this moment so I can't retrieve that information. Until then, we can bounce around some new ideas here.

    I've already mentioned wanting Cloud of Darkness to be the main antagonist, replacing Maleficent as head honcho. Her subordinates, Garland, Golbez, and Kefka, serve to hinder the protagonists at every turn.

    Some of the Disney films (worlds) I thought to include were:
    The Black Cauldron
    Treasure Planet
    Pirates: Dead Man's Chest
    Toy Story
    The Princess and the Frog
    Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    I thought to add original locations as well, so it isn't all Disney. And yes, while the movies chosen aren't all exactly going in the mature direction I set out to create this roleplay to follow, I'm confident we can put our own spin on these worlds to make them less child-friendly.

    Thoughts so far?
  12. I think you could put a mature spin on Black Cauldron, Treasure Planet, Pirates, Atlantis, and maybe Tangled. The others, I honestly don't see how it could be possible to make them less child-friendly without ruining them.

    Also, I take it you're not willing to include anything other than Disney films/worlds then?
  13. I think it'd be possible with those and Princess and the Frog, but Toy Story...not sure with that one. For Princess and the Frog, maybe that world's Voodoo is a hot target for the antagonists to use against the party.
  14. Well, I don't see much point in including places like Ivalice or Midgard (especially considering the latter was destroyed in KH), so other than original locations I am only utilizing the Disney film worlds (that is, unless I can think up another Square Enix game I would like to include, a la World Ends With You in 3D).

    And yeah, Toy Story wasn't really the best option. It was one we had chosen on my other site, and had been trying to find a way to make it work with the theme.
  15. Well, not every world has to be perfectly dramatic and serious. Even Game of Thrones has moments that make you laugh. I'm not saying that we should have a complete gag world mind you, but a somewhat less grim part of the adventure would provide nice contrast and make the dark moments all the darker.

    Though Toystory is indeed a rough fit...

    May I suggest Big Hero Six? It could provide the vista of a more light hearted of the worlds we could visit but still provide enough mature content and action with out having to stretch to far or ruin the over all tone of the game? Though I will admit that one has the issue of being relatively new so perhaps not all have seen/are aware of that worlds details yet.
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  16. Hmmm. I guess I never thought of it that way. Good idea. Will definitely consider which title to utilize for such a purpose.
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