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    Hey! So I disappeared for a bit because of personal problems, but here I am again!

    I'm only looking for ONE or TWO more partners for now, just to get me back into the swing of themes.

    + Please be considerate - I am still slow at replies. So My replies can take up to a week to get through, sometimes each day. Sometimes I just won't be able to get my writers block broken, sometimes I have no time. But I promise, I'm interested! If it's been more than a week, give me a knock!
    + I like some good paragraphs. Gimme 2-6 and I'm good.
    + Sex. Seeex. So I can do a lot of sexy scenes but in like three weeks I become a red star, so if you'd like to involve some of that, please wait three weeks.
    + No anime plz.
    + Plot with me!


    So here are some characters I'd love to play!
    * = How much I wanna play them.

    Alexander Kedzierski - This murderous cannibal is feeling the wrath of his sins now. Can somebody pull him from his awful lifestyle? Or shall they fall his next victim? ****

    Atticus Grant - The honey of the White House, but is this politician really the Good look-good-luck boy they all think he is? With his blackmail and bribery, Atticus could really use a partner in crime. ***

    Casey Grayson - One of the biggest criminals in England is definitely not the toughest. Or the bravest. But he's certainly the most annoying. But what happens when his flirtatious side comes out when he meets his newest ****

    The Santiago Brothers - The Santiago Syndicate is taking over Miami quicker than the police can catch up. Ramon keeps the family 'business' in check as his younger brother Reza keeps the streets in tact. **
    Fantasy/Historical Characters:

    Mars - All bow down to this God. Mars is the Bringer of War, forever thirsty for battle. He lives on Mars, the red planet, and is never afraid to begin a fight. *****

    Teddy Newman - Watch out John Travolta, Teddy is the new greaser on the street. Cool kid Newman is struggling through the 50's as a gay kid, but he just needs somebody to help him figure it out. **

    Dante Voltolini - This composer is not a steady one. In crave for the perfect composition, Dante's mental health is melting in front of him. ***

    Warriors - These three fearsome leaders battle it out with other leaders from history for the title of Leader of all leaders. But, when personal relationships form, how hard is it for them to win? ******

    Cary Copeland - This artist suffers from an extremely rare disorder which stops him from being himself, and mirroring other peoples personalities. When somebody comes into his life, they get close, but can the special man cope with Cary's problems when he has his own to worry about? *****

    Misha Romanov - Misha is an openly gay, flirtatious little dancer. But when it comes to the 2015 competition, Misha is left with a male partner. And even though everybody is against them, and his 'straight' partner is a little too, they manage to push through the competition. ******

    Fandom craving:

    Moriarty x Anyone *****

    The Walking dead ****
    Daryl x Rick x Shane

    Dexter **
    OC x Dexter​

    Key Words to formulate a plot with me:
    Sexual Tension
    Coughing blood
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  2. Casual bump for one more partner maybe?

    I added a couple of characters!
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