King, Generals and the Hero

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    ^^^ Don't sign up without looking through this...

    Okay so its a demion angel things. Let's go basics. Also I might pick a better name Later.

    King Satan supposable launches attack on the human sending his Four Great War Generals into battle, Adramelech Alciel Malacoda and Lucifer. The church then sends out the hero and his/her Four Great War Generals, which all have Angel blood but are human, to fight against Satan. In the midst of the so called war between the Hero and Saten the other demons and the church join forces to take down them down. (Saten, Demon Generals and the Hero and his/her Generals that is.) The 10 of them then join forces and disappear into hidding to figure out what has happened. And Maybe Love starts between. The demon general and angel human Generals along with Satan and the Hero.

    Ask me Specific Questions it'll help me build on it some more. Ideas are also welcomed.
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  2. Would like more information,
    But I'm interested :3

    Also, is this loosely inspired by "The Devil's A Part-Timer!"?
  3. A bit, I liked the whole Four General thing xD

    Well I'll need more ideas so... If you got an idea shoot it.
  4. Understandable. I thought it was cool too.

    Well, if you want to edit it a bit, you could make slots.
    Considering you put the option for "love forming", do four demon generals, two male, two female, and likewise on the hero's side, and church members. Then whether or not you want to make King Satan and the Hero playable. Although that's a lot of slots to fill. You may want to do:
    Male Demon General
    Female Demon General
    Hero Male General
    Hero Female General
    Male Church Member
    Female Church Member

    As far as them hiding, you could continue the DAPT feel by making the hiding place somewhere on earth.
  5. The church members wouldn't really be need as a full character. I figure the church and other demons outside the guards would be an everyone play sort of thing. It wouldn't need many roles even with four on each side there are always people who play two characters.

    Demon General x4
    Hero General x4

    Everoneless such as Church could be played as playable characters but wouldn't be necessary since everyone can play them causing the mayhem
  6. That works too! :3
  7. Sounds good, I would be interested in this.
  8. Nice!
    If this gets going i'd like to play probably a female demon General. :3
  9. Okay ^.^ Imma play Satan. Idk if it will be a girl or not. I mean the name wouldn't Actually be Satan that's just what everyone knows her as. Sort of like the other Generals even though it's guy names that is their role in which most demons and people outside know them as... Make sense or no?
  10. I guess the real question is does anyone wanna make a banner xD
  11. Is Satan's wife or mistress allowed
  12. Maybe. A Mistress could stir up trouble. She could get mad if someone tries to touch Satan and is easily Jealous. @Satan's Mistress
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  13. Hey, new to this website, but your plot sounds interesting. I'm kind of curious about the church side of this. If I'm getting too intense or what have you, feel free to tell me. What sort of theological background do you want to set this in?

    If it's based off an anime, I imagine there's not much specific, but are you imagining an informal church (like Baptists) or a more formal one (like Catholics)?

    Would the hero/generals be raised in an orphanage run by religious to keep them on the good path and not corrupt them (demons are just fallen angels after all)? Or would they think they were normal humans before this and just get pulled out of their lives?

    Also who would be so interested in taking over the church and destroying both sides? What gain comes from that? Would it be because of the hero/generals falling in love with the "evil" or is there some other reason behind it?

    So, I have lots of questions and am very interested, but would like to know more ^_^
  14. Makes general sense, being called their title in place of a name. Therefore a female Satan would be fine.

    I'll probably grab Alciel if that's alright. ^^
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  15. TOOO MANY QUESTIONS!! Then again I did say ask away didn't I. -.- cure me for such a things!

    1: Baptist

    2: Kinda both. I mean they were raised with their single parent (other parent being an angel) however they where influence and close with the church.

    3: It wouldn't be love seeing as the church and deamons worked together to over throw Satan and Hero before they got together. Maybe Seven Deadly sins? I don't know what causes them to want to over throw their King and Hero. I figured I'd come up with something with the one who took the role.
  17. Hahaha, I DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE FUN. I'm just new... and noisy...... and curious....

    If y'all want me, I'd be interested in a general to the hero. Not confident or comfortable enough with this place to take a larger role than that, but I'd be willing to take on a second character if we needed to fill slots or something.
  18. Sure sure ^.^
  19. Should I start a Cs page so you guys can start OC
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