Kindle Books....yay or nay?

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  1. A friend of mine has recently put out a fantasy book on Kindle books and it's pretty good. (Shameless plug: buy it! lol )

    Now, in talking to another friend, I guess she's read some real duds on Kindle books, and she blames the ease of access and lack of editing the site requires. So I'm wondering what you guys think about this system, where anyone could be a writer and make a few bucks without much background.
  2. I like it, it's a pretty neato system.
  3. I like it, but I feel it needs some work to make it better.
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  4. As long as they keep the free books coming I am ALLLL about my kindle ^_^

    Until they come up with holographic page turning book-scented kindles I ain't buyin' it. Damn fake books... *mumble mumble mumble*
  6. NAY! Hate those contraptions.
  7. Mine was a birthday present from my mother. It's good for books you'll never find in a store near you.
  8. It has its hits and misses. It does allow for a greater ease of access of getting your novels published and out to the world. The downside is that a lot of the people writing said stories have never taken a formal writing class before and it shows by the amounts of typos. I can tell you if you have more than 10 mistakes in the first page, it is not going to be a good ride for your readers. One of the first things you'll need is an editor. It's generally better to get someone that is not a relative or friend of yours in order to do that.
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  9. As for reading books on my kindle, I have grown to love it. O_O It's just not practical anymore for me to have stacks and stacks of physical books piled up in my house and on my shelves. I am finally letting go of my need to have everything I own as a physical object, so I can fill my house-space with other kinds of important things.

    As for the ease of people publishing anything... yeah, hit or miss. XD I think it's -awesome- that anyone can write a story now and get it out there. But, yeah, people seriously need to put a little more time and effort in to their work when it comes to editing before they start selling/giving it out. D:
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