Kind of newbie?/RETURN >:D

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by That guy named Ed, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Im pretty much back but you can call me a newbie again becuase thats how i pretty much feel right now buttt....
    dont be afraid to stop by and say hello to good old Ed ;p

    If you dont know me say hello still :)
  2. I remember that name!
    Hello. Welcome back :D
  3. Welcome back Ed, Remeber me >:)
  4. I KNOW YOUR NAME! But I can't remember you ^.^;;

    Hi, I'm Hydro, or TK, I'm glad you rejoined us!
  5. Hey i remeber your name two celes! thanks :)

    *stares at predator for a bit*
    the?......cookie guy?......hahaha yes i remeber you! BEGONE DEMON! *Crosses my fingers*
  6. Tk Sounds like some one i know *Looks at you for a biit* Any way! thanks :) glad to be back
  7. Welcome back, Ed.

    I want my shark stew!
  8. tanks and im sorry sir we just ran out of stew....we have udon though ^_^
  9. Welcome back Ed x3
  10. Umm Hello Edy, I do not think we have met before. I am Rina, please to meet you
  11. haha hey chrona :p i allready told you i was comeing back

    and hello rina its great to be back ^_^