Killzone: Revolution (Sign Ups)

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  1. "10 Years ago, the second extrasolar war concluded, 10 years of our once glorious people being reduced to subservient allies of the scum that once tried to exterminate them. We watched as the ISA swept across our home, causing devastation to Visari's legacy, and subsequently rob us of our rights as the sons and daughters of Helghan. Some like myself and you the men and women who keep our new home in the skies, didn't cast off our views of an Empire ruled by the Helghast, we kept our pride, we kept our Superiority over the human scum that oppressed us!

    You fled the new Helghan Union, you fled with me to sustain our freedom, you fled with me to remain without oppression, you fled with me to show Loyalty, not only to myself, but to Visari, Orloc and Stahl, the men who fell believing in a Superior Helghast nation! Your continued loyalty to me has not gone unnoticed, even now as we drift endlessly from Colony to Colony even through making ends meet with work below our Prowess! I say to you, the Helghast shall rise again, to claim was is rightfully ours! When our boot heels hit the ground, on that fateful day, our Victory will be assured, and we will make history with only the future in mind, a Helghast Future!"

    - Commander Frederik Veikha, Leader of The Rogue Valkyries

    Signing up:

    The only parts that must be signed up for are the troops under Commander Veikha's Command

    Pilot Gehran

    Sergeant Zeifan

    Corporal Dhaka

    Private Kerr

    Private Lickt

    Operative Juhls

    Lieutenant Khapa

    Engineer Fehra

    If you choose to sign up as ISA simply post a character sheet as an ISA soldier

    Character sheet template:



    Race: (Only Human, Helghast or Hybrid)

    Affiliation: (New Union, Rogue, ISA, Helghast Rebellion)

    Preferred Weapons: (If you're unfamiliar with the weapons in Killzone please refer to this Wiki


    Rank: (If military)

    Short Bio/ Backstory:

    If you're not signing up for a Helghast part feel free to jump in at anytime once I get things moving along
  2. If that is ok with you, could I sign up for the character - Pilot Gehran

    I have played a bit of killzone 3 but I will do my best :)
  3. You may sign up as whoever you want
  4. Awesome, just let me know when you start :)