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  1. 'Tis the twilight of the Sun King

    A Benevolent God-like being who's influence is spreading through the desert continent of Mearne like wildfire.

    You are the lost. Villains, cut-throats and knaves. The refuse of society.

    Under the command of dark magi, you have but one conviction:

    To kill the Sun King and put an end to his benevolent reign.

    The Plot

    On the desert continent of Mearne the meek kingdom of Golbe was blessed with the avatar of the sun itself. A celestial made man, the Sun King. With his great power and wisdom he led the kingdom to an age of learning and prosperity. Other kingdoms merged in hopes of sharing the same fate. Those who dare challenge or invade Golbe were crushed by weaponry of the Sun King's own design. Now, a mere few decades since the Sun King has taken throne, more than half of the continent swears fealty to Golbe. They are poised to take the rest within the next few years.

    Some have other plans. The Cult of Night, a cabal of dark magi, was once revered by the people of northern Mearne for their ability to provide life giving rain to the populace. However their prices are steep, exploitative even. The sun king provides so much more, out of the kindness of his heart. The magi fear that once his influence stretches to the northern reaches they will be tossed aside and forgotten. This will not do. In response they have assembled (recruited, hired, bribed, brainwashed) an elite gang of mercenaries and assassins with a single goal. Dispatch the Sun King.


    ‚Äč- This is an episodic Roleplay, with each episode beginning with a command of the head magi.

    - It's based on a desert continent with a climate and people similar to that of the Middle East and parts of northern Africa.

    - Technology is medieval, with the exception of weaponry used by the sun king.

    - Everyone is human. If you have an idea for a non-human character that you think will fit, PM me.

    *More information available soon*​

    Full History (P.1)

    The Kingdom of Golbe was a sad state. Like almost all of it's neighbors on the southern end of the desert continent of Mearne, Golbe suffered from constant droughts, which in turn led too terrible famines. Eighteen hours a day the sun would grace the sky, lumbering its way north to south. Farmers would curse the unyielding sun as it passed over every day, drying up almost all rainwater that seemed to only fall under the brief moonlight. The people prayed and prayed for the sun to dampen its rays, or for rain to fall in its presence. It wasn't until Golbi was nearly destroyed by their violent neighbor, Yuuper, was their prayers answered.

    A man, clad in nothing but the air itself, emerged from the hostile dunes of the south. He claimed to be the avatar of the sun. A celestial being made man. At first he was ridiculed as a madman, driven insane by the very sun he claimed to be. The hecklers were quickly silenced, for but with a wave of his hand rain started falling. In broad daylight. Such an event hadn't happened in over a century. The man, who others would simply call "The Sun King", gained vast fame instantly. He commanded the sun to quicken it's journey across the sky, reducing the days to a tolerable fourteen hours. Within the year he ended all drought, all famine. The King of Golbe was skeptical at first, but soon after seeing first hand what the sun king was capable of was astonished. So astonished in fact, that he would kill himself the next day. Leaving the Sun King as his heir.

    The next two decades would be of great prosperity for Golbe. Under the wisdom and power of the Sun King the kingdom's economy thrived. Crops grew at an unheard of speed and yielded three times the natural product, a sophisticated water system was built, including aqueducts and sewers. Ramshackle settlements grew to be cozy villages and the capital city itself blossomed into the largest and most beautiful metropolis to grace the continent. Learning was encouraged and a public school system was constructed to even the lowliest of beggars could access basic education. Soon enough the nearby kingdoms of Kilealle and Listir would give up their sovereignty to Golbe in desperation. Then Yuuper attacked.

    Feeling threatened by the rapid expansion of his age old enemy, the warlord of Yuuper marched his way through Golbe's border with 3000 men following. Golbe's meager defenses were crushed under the comparatively massive force as the pillaged their way to the capital. The people urged the Sun King too help, but he would have none of it. He would not abuse his power to hurt others. Alas, as Yuuper's forces marched closer and more and more Golbe's forces sacrificed themselves in desperation the sun king gave in. He granted upon Golbe's engineers the knowledge to weapons born in the heat of the sun itself. As Yuuper's troops closed in on the capital the weapons were unleashed. With a screech the fiery rods lurched from the walls, screaming all the way down until they hit ground and erupted into a cataclysm of flame and metal. Any man unfortunate enough to be cause within the blast was reduced to a shower of limbs and viscera. Those few who made it up to the walls were met with a worse fate. A handheld apparatus that belched a flame with the intensity of the sun would burn them alive and reduced them to cinders.

    In the span of a short few hours Yuuper's army was shattered. They too would give up their sovereignty.

    Today Golbe controls twenty-two of the fourty-one states of Mearne. Those who didn't join willingly were smashed by the kingdom's sheer numbers and advanced weaponry. It is predicted by the sun king himself that they will unite the entire continent within the next few years.