Kidnapping-innocent-ish / homeless-romance rp?



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I was thinking about someone getting kidnapped, for some reason... maybe the kidnapper is just insane, or it could have to do with the background of the victim - maybe the victim's family is rich, has done something horrible, and now the kidnapped punishes them by kidnapping their daughter/son/beloved family-member? And the victim is totally innocent (or maybe it isn't?).

That's just something that I find interesting, feel free to tell me if there's anything you'd like to add/remove or whatever... it's just an idea. I'd prefer to be the kidnapper in this one, but I'm OK being the victim too (if you have any awesome ideas being the kidnapper, or just feels like kidnapping someone).

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Otherwise I also like the idea of an homeless falling in love with someone that's not from the same "world" (like, that the other one has lots of money), and that they run off together or something.

And, as with the other idea of mine, feel free to add/remove anything, and so on... it's just an idea, and we're supposed to make it up together, you know (but ofcourse it could be that you like the idea and doesn't really have anything to say about it, unless that you find it interesting). In this roleplay, I'm fine being anyone, since I don't really have any specific ideas of the characters (except for one being homeless and finds love).

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The reason why I wrote two different ideas in the same topic is that I think it's easier than posting two different topics... when I already have the ideas. So, if anyone is interested in any of those ideas, please let me know!
The homeless romance sounds like a fun idea :D