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  1. Princess Alessandra Josephine Donatello had always lived a very simple life. Commoners of the kingdom that her parents ruled always whispered how the girl would never amount to anything, being that she never stepped farther than the gates of the castle. The girl spent her days being groomed to be a queen, learning practical skills that would please her husband and keep her lineage pure and untainted. One thing the King and Queen had never imagined, however, was that their only child, was the prey of a monster.

    Today, the first day of December, was the day that marked the beginning of the Lunar festival, a festival that was held through the month to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. It was customary that the royal family be there on the last day of the year, but Alessandra had practically begged her uptight father to let her go early, and without them breathing down her neck the whole time.

    The King had agreed, on one condition, that the girl go in complete disguise. Alessandra would no longer be herself that day, but rather her temporary persona of AJ, a poor commoner in the company of her older brother. The royal kingdom had gone to great lengths to make the persona believable, dropping subtle hints that princess had come down with a nasty sickness and was sentenced to bed rest for the next fortnight. They had found her a suitable outfit, a faded yellow dress with a white half-apron tied across the front. Her long, crimson hair had been braided tightly to her skull and tucked beneath a dark bonnet. The only thing the girl saw that reminded her of her former self was the large, striking blue eyes that stared icily back at her from her vanity. She was ready.

    Not knowing that the crime rate of the town had sky-rocketed the past few months, Alessandra found the whole plan ridiculous. She went along with it though, thankful for an opportunity to visit the outside world.

    There was a loud thump and a sharp turn and Alessandra was jolted awake in her seat of the carriage.
    "What was that?" She asked, moving to peak from the thick curtains that blocked her view of the window.
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  2. 'This is a stupid idea.'

    The thought had been reoccurring since the plan had gone into motion. The servants had been rushing about getting the princess ready for her day on the town all morning and while she seemed to be brimming with anticipation; Silas was not. Today marked the beginning winter festival. The town was practically shimmering in excitement as the town had come alive with brightly colored streamers and booths popped up along the roads. Groups of musicians and dancers gathered from across the kingdom. Swelling the already popular town with traders and tourists. It wasn't that he disliked the festival he disliked the fact the princess was going out into town as; AJ. 'What kind of stupid name was that anyhow?' His mind grumbled. Silas was in charge of her safety. A job he took seriously considering that she was the only heir to the kingdom and it was an honor that he was bestowed at a tender age.

    The kingdom's major city was no longer safe for even commoners. Bandits and rebel attacks had started popping up all over. Attacking shops, travels and simple common folk all alike. It seemed foolish for them to allow the princess outside of the castle. Though despite his blatant disapproval the king had already given his permission and all Silas could do was to see to her highness' safety for their excursion. A carriage had drawn up to the front; while more plan and simple than the usual it still stood glaringly obvious that this was not a commoners ride. The sides were a creamy white. Smooth, unblemished. The trimmings a simple silver that glinted beneath the warm sunlight and at the head was two rich, dark steeds. They knickers softly to one another. Cloven hoofs stamping the ground in glee. Silas stood stoically at the door awaiting the princess. Today he was stripped of his heavy armor as they tried to bind the two of them as brother and sister. Instead he was dressed plainly; a simple soft shirt the same creamy color of the carriage and the best pair of dark breeches he owned. That didn't stop him from wearing his leathers underneath. While they didn't offer the best protection it'd stop a simple knife from piercing his flesh at least.

    At last. A commotion rose from behind him. The familiar rush of voices babbling over one another as they all said their good byes and good lucks to the princess. Silas straightened his posture. His dark grey eyes hardening, looking ever the solider ready for battle, as she stepped outside. His paused for a moment; eyes swiftly running over her disguise. It wasn't actually bad. They had managed to at least hide her fiery mane and give her a more demure appearance. Somewhere inside he let out a sigh of relief. 'This may work after all.'

    He escorted her highness into the carriage before joining her. The inside was soft, lush. Dark heavy curtains blocked out most of the light and offered an almost restful aura to it. As soon as they had settled he could feel the wheels come to life, bumping softly across the stoned ground as they took off. The town was a bit of a ways away so in the mean time he decided to try to relax some. The princess sat across from him, quiet, and for the first time it dawned on him that he had never actually ever been alone with her. Sure, he was her personal body guard as constantly by her side but with her never leaving the castle grounds she was always surrounded by tutors or servants. He took his time sparing small glimpses at her. While at first look she seemed plain she was much like the carriage they rode in. Too clean, polished and her eyes swirled with an innocence that life did not grant to the majority. If someone was to take a close enough look with was painfully obvious who she was and it was up to him to make sure no one looked.

    Eventually she had drifted off. The ride, calm and quiet. Silas' eyes had drooped as he fought off the suffering fatigue when a sharp crack shattered the air. The carriage suddenly lurched off to the side as the horses brayed wildly. The princess' eyes snapped open as she peaked outside her window. Silas drew his sword as he pressed a finger to his lips, motioning her to quiet. His men had been tailing the carriage a few feet back. Giving space to elude that they were not escorting them but simply traveling
    in the same direction. What he needed to do was stall until they caught up.

    Silas bent his head forward; listening. He could hear the crunch of boots and snickering from dirty mouths as they approached the carriage. "We're here to collect the princess." A snarky voice called out. "My apologies but you have the wrong carriage."
    Silas retorted. He re-sheathed his sword and swung open the heavy door. His palms faced upwards as he peered out into the sunlight. There was a dozen or more. Dirty, scraggly looking men stared back at him. Their eyes glinting with malice as blacked smiles hung from their lips. One of them stepped forward, hands on the hilt of his dagger, "Well that's not what heard, mate. And we're here to collect direct for Lord Cain." His crew laughed gruffly behind him like he had said something particularly amusing. The mere mention of Cain made Silas' jaw clench. He was a thorn in the kingdoms side was ever growing and while suspicion was high that the recent flood of attacks was spurred on by him now it was confirmed. Every nerve in his body ached to drive his sword through the man's fleshy neck but he bit it back.'Stall.'

    "Well tell your Lord that he was wrong and be gone with you. Only my sister and I here travel to see the festival." He crossed his arms across his chest his eyes flitting over everyone, begging to see who'd make the first move. Another man stepped forward with a smirk, "You're the princess' body guard, aint ya?"

    "What of it? She's sick and has no need for me to stay at her bedside. The king granted me the day off due to the festivities."

    "Awfully nice carriage for a body guard." Someone else had piped up.

    "Yes, a reward for my service to the kingdom. I was allowed to borrow it for the day. My sister is fragile and isn't able to travel much. I wanted her to go in comfort for her day out." 'Just a little longer.'

    "Why doesn't she come out to speak?"

    "I told you, she is fragile. The stress of your attack has already made her weak enough. Now begone." Silas could hear the hoof-beats in the distance as the following party neared. His hand stilled over the hilt of his sword as a silent threat.

    "Move aside and let me peak at your sister. Maybe she'll be pretty enough to occupy our Lord's time." The man chuckled as he stepped forward. Silas dared to look back into the carriage and give the princess a brave smile, "Do as I say and follow me." He whispered.

    "Eh? What was that?!" The man was now a step away from Silas. He could see the grime that stained his flesh and the grease that shone in his hair. "What are you whispering about?! Who do you have in there?" The air was thick with tension as finally the shouts from his men split through like a knife. The bandits cringed and drew their weapons half of them splitting off to defend from the oncoming attacks. Silas' own blade snicked as he withdrew it. Thrusting it's hardened hilt into the man's chest and pushing him back. "Now!" He called to the princess as he lept off the carriage. The sounds of metal clashing against metal filled the air. Pained cries as blades rendered flesh torn. The man he had pushed back was up on his feet once more, dagger drawn as he lunged at him. Silas stepped aside quickly. His fist connected with the bandit's stomach as he shouldered him backwards again. From somewhere behind him another charged. A sharp pain bloomed across his arm as a dagger cut through. He spun, fighting to keep his wits composed over the fray, his sword sunk deep in the man's side. The look of pain and anguish cross his face before he slumped to the ground with a wet thud. He had to get the princess out of there; now. His men had now joined the fray around them. Drawing fire and giving him a small window of opportunity. He dodged blades and shoved his way towards the horses. They stamped their feet, eyes rolling wildly in fear. Their reigns still stuck in the hand of a dead man. Silas cut one of them free; pulling and willing the horse to the carriage door. "Get on the horse, now!" He shouted over the din as he lept upon the steads study back; kicking away near by bandits.
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  3. It was all happening way too fast for Alessandra. She had seen the men when she glanced through the curtains and recoiled anxiously. Within a matter of minutes everything had spiralled out of control and into absolute hell. The girl had been so sheltered her whole life that she knew nothing of bandits and Lord Cain, only knowing that her own personal body guard was hurting innocent people. Tears had started to flow freely from her thick lashes and somewhere in the midst of all the angry blades and crimson blood, she had been knocked from the carriage to her knees.

    She hit the ground with an ugly thud and a sob escaped her rosy lips. "Silas!" She cried as a thin line of dark blood appeared on the man's arm. Okay, so maybe these people weren't all that pure. Still, she was seeing a side of her companion that she had never known. A side that was frightening to her. For years, he had always been a shadow that loomed in the background, never really speaking much to her and never really doing much of anything, actually. Or though she could see. But aside from that, even though his new side was certainly scary, she felt a strong compelling to trust the only man she was familiar with.

    As he pulled up to her with the giant creature at his hands, she shuffled backwards hesitantly. He wanted her to get on that? No way!
    Far away from the present, her father's voice echoed in her own head. "'Always do as Silas says. You never know when it could save your life.'" At the time, Alessandra had never dreamed that she would need those words, but today was not the same day as that one, and the situation had clearly changed.

    The girl reached for Silas as she awkwardly scrambled up the back of the huge horse. The world seemed too bright, the thick overhead of trees swayed angrily above her in the crisp winter wind. The girl wrapped her arms tightly around her bodyguard and buried her face in his shoulder, holding on as if life depended on it. The whole time she cried thick, fat tears as the sped away from the disaster that could have ended in her own timely death, if it had not been for Silas.
  4. There was a storm of confusion and it reflected across her face as he watched her stumble from the carriage. Silas had never stopped to think about how she was feeling by this point; this was war, battle, something he was trained for. This was his life. It was something that was beat into him. His muscles screamed in agony over years of study and training. A dull throb wept from his arm as blood seeped through. With his good arm he helped the girl up and onto the back of the horse. He could feel her tremble as her thin arms fiercely wrapped around his waist. He had to get them out of there. The castle was too far away; he dug his heels into the beasts flank spurring it forward in a mighty gate. Pulling at the reigns he lead them deep into the woods. He needed to get them into town but the road was no longer safe, plus the bloody and battled look would draw unwanted attention. What he needed to do was get them to his cottage so he could tend to his wounds and keep the princess out of sight.

    The steed flew across the forest floor. Branches reached down at them like sharp hands; tugging and pulling at fabric and flesh alike but these minor scrapes were well worth it if it meant keeping their lives. 'Cain. Why now...' He needed to get word to the king. Silas hoped his men would be able to deliver the message, if, the word burned in the back of his mind. If they still lived through this day. Before they had even made their escape he had already seen many a blank look of a dear friend laying across the road. He'd mourn them properly later. Silas kicked the horse once more as it had began to slow; the adrenaline faded from it's veins and looking for a moment of peace. "Don't worry. We'll be some place safe soon." Silas' cottage was on the outskirts of town. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. He liked the quiet. He spent most of his time at the castle grounds. Being the princess' body guard didn't allow for much personal time so his home was more of a small get away when he was given leave for a few days.

    With a skilled eye he navigated the woods. The sound of battle and the smell of fresh blood was from behind them now. The sky above now painted with hues of soft pink and gold as a breeze wound lazily through the treetops. If you listened close enough you could hear faint laughter and music dancing in the air. They weren't far off now. The horse nickered softly as the trees gave way to open meadow. Upon the rich grassy knoll was a small cobbled cottage. The window panes coated in a fine dust; it had been some time since he had been back. His arm throbbed heavily as he allowed his body to relax. His strength was sapping away quickly. He glanced backwards at the terror struck woman, "We'll be safe here for awhile." He untangled himself from her grasp and slid off with a heavy thud. With his good hand he offered help down. "Welcome to cassa Gayle, my princess." He said with a twinge of amusement.
  5. The trip to the cottage had been just as traumatizing as the chaos at the carriage. Somewhere in the midst of all of it, her bonnet had been torn from her hair and her braid had fallen, letting loose a massive amount of bright red curls. She had a few scratches and scrapes across her neck and arms and her dress was badly torn, revealing her petite, but still lush figure.

    As the man helped her slide off of the horse, she fell to her knees and released the contents of her stomach on to the ground, splattering Silas' boots with vile stomach acid.
    "Take me home..." She whispered as she sat back and wiped a fiercely trembling hand across her lips. Her chest rose and fell quickly and she struggled to catch her breath in the midst of her anxiety.

    "Take me home, now. I command it!" Alessandra glared up at him angrily, as if it was his fault that this happened. The dark horse beside them lifted it's head, ears swiveling in her direction.

    This was just all too much from her and just as fast as the anger appeared, it evaporated. Tears had began streaming down her face again and the small girl let out a small sob.
    "Why? Why did this happen?"

  6. "Take me home, now. I command it!" Alessandra glared up at him angrily, as if it was his fault that this happened. The dark horse beside them lifted it's head, ears swiveling in her direction.

    Silas cringed at the sudden outburst; cradling his arm against his breast. He fought off a wave of irritation. Of course it'd only be natural for her to want to return home; she had always been safe for her. He chewed on his lower lip as his mind racked for something comforting to say. It's not like this was something he dealt with often and the princess; he couldn't just tell her to suck it up and be a man about it.

    This was just all too much from her and just as fast as the anger appeared, it evaporated. Tears had began streaming down her face again and the small girl let out a small sob.
    "Why? Why did this happen?"

    A sigh whispered past his lips as Silas strode towards her, bending his head down near hers, "Princess, I know this is hard. I know you want to go home but the roads are not safe. They found you when you were in a concealed carriage, and with you looking," he paused gesturing to her unraveled hair and torn clothes with an apologetic look, "You'll stick you. Now your fathers kings guard knows where I live. They will send word and we need to be here. Inside. Waiting for that word. You have to trust me, your highness. I will keep you safe."

    He was pleaded at this point but it had hoped it would get through to her. Tears was not a luxury either of them could afford at the moment. They needed to be on their toes and ready to go at a moments notice. Silas withdrew from her; letting her gather herself in solitude while he led the horse to an empty stable. He needed to go inside and wash his wound and change out of his blood soaked rags. Both of them needed a bath after escaping through the woods. Dirt mixed with sweat and blood left ashy creases across their skin. While his normally fair hair lay slick with sweat against his scalp. He chose not to wait for the girl to be ready before he went inside, for he wasn't sure if she'd ever be ready for the harshness of reality that lay behind her stone fortress.

    Inside smelt of dust and warmth. The long summer days gathered heat within the stone walls; staving of the cold that would come whirling through as night fell. He pulled out a small satchel hidden beneath a lose stone in the hallway wall and laid it on the table. There wasn't much in the home; just the bare necessities. Anything of value he either kept on his person or hidden within the stonework. Silas pulled out a chair and plopped on it. His muscles weary from the day. With a pained grunt he peeled off his outer frock. Wincing at the fabric pulled at the wound. Dark leathers lay strapped across his chest and abdomen; blocking off his vitals from introducing blades. With his good hand he pulled out a small clear vial from the satchel along with a needle and thread. 'This is going to hurt.'
  7. Alessandra stayed outside for quite some time. She didn't really know how long she did, but it was well after dark when she finally mustered the courage to go inside.

    The house was dark and the shadows on the walls seemed to jump out at her as she looked around. She walked over to the man and curled up in the chair beside him, watching him sew his wound. It was a foreign craft to her, as she never needed any real medical attention in her life. "Where did you learn to do that?" She asked, her voice raspy and throat dry. She felt like a mess. She ran a dirty palm across her forehead and sighed, leaning back in the wooden chair.
  8. With a steady hand he poured some of the clear liquid across his wound, hissing softly as it burned deep inside his skin. No matter how many times he had done this it still took his breath away a little. He supposed that was a good thing; that the pain somehow surmounted to his courage. The princess had finally joined him as he was threading the needle. The liquid was a medicinal poultice that would keep it sterile and numb the nerves to help ease the pain. Unfortunately it was a bit pricey so Silas tried to use it as sparingly as could.

    "My sister." he answered. Gritting his teeth as the needle pressed through the flesh with a faint pop, "She used to sew me up when I was young. You know how bo-" Silas paused as pain hissed past his lips, "Boy's are. Always hurting something. Then when I joined the knights I couldn't come home each time I was wounded. So I had her show me." As he talked his fingers wove the thread in and out around his wound. Pulling the flesh together until it was nothing more than an angry red line. Blood seeped up but Silas just casually wiped it away, looking up at the dirtied woman he feigned a small smile.

    "There should be word soon. If you wish there is a small wash room in the back. I can bring you some fresh water but unless you want to wait for the fire to warm it; it'll be cold but at least you'll be clean." He offered. There was a clean spring nearby that he could use to bring her water. Normally he'd just bath in the spring. The cold water didn't bother him very much but he had a tub and small washing bowl in case he ever had guests; or a lady. Not that he ever had either but it was always an option. His status made him known though the litter of scars that crossed his arms and torso always seemed off putting to most women. Silas didn't mind them though; in fact he was very proud of his scars. Each of them were different and each had a story. Some; thin and almost invisible while other were thick and ropy. A lot of them he actually obtained when he was a child by just playing too rough but no else needed to know that.
  9. Alessandra listened to him silently, nodding where appropriate and smiling upon eye contact.
    "Sure. I'd love a bath." She rose to her feet and made her way to the wash room, shutting the door firmly behind her. The girl peeled her filthy clothes from her body, and took a small sponge from the sink, washing her delicate skin vigorously with the cold water.

    After her skin was clean, she set upon her hair, just combing through it with her fingers and detangling the matts. Her fingers trembled in the air as she fought the wild mass of red that seemed to stick out in all directions. She tried braiding for a good while, but then realized she had never done her own hair in her entire life, and decided to leave it be.

    Finally, she washed her ripped and torn clothes, scrubbing them until the water was a murky brown and the equivalent of swamp water.
    "Hey Silas, uh, I don't have any more clothes.."
  10. Silas was already on it, pulling out an old dusty chest from his bedroom and sliding it down the hall towards the wash room. Inside was a few of his sister's favorite dresses he had kept over the years. The fabric was sure to worn and faded but it should be in good enough shape to work in the mean time. From behind him came some frantic heavy handed knocks; loud enough to startle Silas and cause him to jump.

    "Um, hey. There's someone at the door. I'm leaving some old clothes outside your door; there my sisters. They should fit but do me a favor; stay quiet and keep back here while I see who is here." Silas' voice was just barely above a whisper as he trudged slowly back down the hall. Outside someone pounded on the door once more; as a voice faintly called out. He snagged his sword from the kitchen table hiding it behind his back before opening the door a slice. A dark shadow silhouetted against the dimming light. Silas had lit some torches inside his home that cast dancing light out into the darkening world. His eyes strained to see the face before it stepped into the light. There before him was a battle worn commander. Silas immediately recognized him from the castle and his shoulders relaxed, "Hello." The man's eyes shifted nervously as they seemed to search for something not quite there.

    "Hello, Silas Gayle, I am commander Cory Maddox of the kings guard. I am here for the princess. Please send her out here immediately and I shall take her back home." The soldier's words never shook but there was panic screaming in his eyes. The hair on the back of Silas' neck stood on edge as his eyes squinted in mistrust. Something was up but he didn't know what, "I don't you know you're talking about." He kept his body firm against the heavy door; squaring up against the man.

    Something flashed in the mans eyes; a swirling mix of fear and pride as he took a step forward; "Hello, Silas Gayle, I am commander Cory Maddox of the kings guard. I am here for the princess. Please send her out here immediately and I shall take her back home." he repeated his words sending chills down his spine. Yes, something was wrong. Very, very wrong. His eyes had already adjusted to the waning light outside when he caught something dash between the trees. The commander's eyes seemed to be pleading with him; heavy with intent as if e stared hard enough at Silas that he'd be able to read the message hidden within them. His fingers wrapped around the hilt of his sword; sweat beading up as he raked his eyes over the man once more. Other than the obvious weirdness something was off but he couldn't put his finger on it.

    Cory stepped forward once more and that was when he saw it. The faint aroma of blood that wafted to his nose. The frantic look in his eyes but it was the small dark red line that dipped right below his ear, 'Blood magic.' Silas' own blood went cold as his free hand gripped the door tightly; his body tense with fear. Magic was already a dark part of the world but blood magic was among the worst. It bound the victim to it's host like a puppet. No more than a full sized meat bag with invisible strings. The worst part was the fact that the victims had to be kept alive during the process. The brain needed to be alive; while the rest of the body was already dead. He gave a curt nod and quickly shut the door on the man. Sending up a silent prayer to the Gods for his soul. With a flourish he slid the bolts home and rushed back towards the washroom, "Princess, we need to go. Now!" He didn't bother to hide the fear that caused his voice to shake. The needed to be gone now. There was another way out of the cottage set up for emergencies that would lead them to the stables where the horse was tied up. He hoped she was ready to run.
  11. The princess had found an old dress to wear and was now stepping from the washroom when Silas called to her.
    "Go, but where? We just got here?" Something awful had pitted in the bottom of her stomach and she frowned at the urgency in his voice.
    "Oh god, they are back!" The girl began to shiver and tears welled up in her eyes as if bravery was foreign to her.

    [Sorry it's so short,I have writer's block, and been super busy lately.]
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