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  1. It was a beautiful sunny day in the town of Greenwood. Not one cloud could be seen in the sky. Summer vacation had just begun and people were trickling into town to meet with family or relax in their summer homes. The town seemed so peaceful, but all was not right. Along the walls of the many old shops in the town were posters showing the pictures of beautiful young women, and some of young boys and girls, all with the words “Missing” written below them. Many of the posters were quite old and some ripped and stained, but one was new. The location of this missing person laid closer to the townsfolk than many thought them to be.

    Deep in the Greenwood forest away from the eyes of the townsfolk laid the entrance to the world known as, Erebus. In this world it was not sunny like its counterpart; in fact it was night and storming. But, even with the poor weather its beauty still exceeded that of the one beyond the forest. Small delicate white flowers grew nearly everywhere and glowed and sparkled in the moonlight and rain, and small golden birds perched in large trees to be out of the storm and dropped shining feathers below, which casted a soft golden light on their surroundings. These things though, were average to the people of Erebus. What most people felt was the most elegant place in Erebus was the Palace.

    The palace truly was magnificent. It was made entirely of black marble and covered in designs and decorations made of sparkling blue crystals. The gardens below the palace were also beautiful and grew many different types of flowers, trees, and other foliage. One would think that anyone who lived there would be the happiest person in all of Erebus. Unfortunately though, this was not true.

    Prince Darien paced about his room anxiously above the palace gardens. Darien was a handsome young Fey with bluish skin, long pointed ears, long silky black hair, which he held back in a ponytail, and eyes which changed colour as fast as his mood changed. He was dressed in a white embroidered tunic, velvety black trousers, and a long black coat with a high collar, which were both covered in blue and gold designs.

    Darien recently had heard from his officials that they had finally found him a suitable bride. They had said she was beautiful, talented, and very clever; they said she was perfect. Darien did not think so. He hated that he had to marry a mortal woman, especially since there was already someone else that he loved. She was a beautiful fey woman of the court which he had already had a few meetings with, but he would have no choice but to give her up. A group of Fey had already been sent to retrieve his bride and bring her back to the palace. He was determined not to like her. Perhaps if he made a big enough scene his parents would change their minds, but the chance of that happening was slim to none.
  2. Iolani was hiding in the woods, avoiding anyone that was looking for her. Bad choice. She had heard the scary tales of women entering the woods, and never coming back. She wasn't scared at all. Who the hell would want her? At least that's what she thought. Lani--short for Iolani--stood short at 5'5", and had hair long enough that it kissed the beginning curve of her ass. She was slim, curvy, and had a nice chest for a woman her age. Eyes that were the color of the lightest brown, almost looked yellow.

    She sighed, as she took a stroll deep into the forest, when she faintly heard a breakage of a snap. "Who's there?" she asked, her senses on an all new high. She smelled the air, her knees bending at an acute angle. She was ready to attack what ever--or whoever decided to try and mess with her. Suddenly, three men came out. One with a net, and the other two with weapons. They were taller than any average man, and had a blue complexion. Lani's eyes went wide, and she panicked. "Shit, they were right," she gasped. Her mind was yelling at her to run, but her joints were locked in place. The tallest one went over to grab her, but her vision was blinded by red. She bent down to grab dirt and through it into the guard's eyes. He yelled in pain, and she ran. She kept running deeper into the woods, until she tripped. She bit the side of her cheek, and tears stung in the back of her throat. 

    "I'm going to die," she breathed out loud as she tried her best getting up...but it was too late. The other two took long, quick strides and were next to her in no time. One picked her up, and walked right into the portal as Lani struggled underneath his grip. "Let go you asshole," she yelled, glaring at him as she tried to break from his harsh grasp. He then dropped her onto the floor. "Prince, here she is," the guard muttered. "She's a fighter," one breathed. Turned out their was a portal right in front of her...when she fell. The portal lead into the home of the prince.
  3. Prince Darien turned around swiftly when he heard his wife to be fall through the portal onto the floor. She was a lot smaller than he had expected her to be. Then again, his mother wasn't very tall herself, and she was once a mortal as well, but the girl’s skin was also much different from his people. She certainly looked nothing like Alia, the girl he loved. What her face looked like he did not know though, for he could not see it from where he was standing.

    How he wished he could simply leap from his balcony into the garden below and escape from this horrible predicament, but he knew he could not; his father would be furious. He would have to suck it up and get it over with. She probably wouldn’t want much to do with him anyways.

    Darien strode across the room over to the mortal girl and bowed. “I am Prince Darien of Erebus. I am sorry for any discomfort the guards may have caused you on your journey here.” Said the prince calmly, his eyes glowing a soft blue colour “I know you were given no choice in coming here, I and everyone else here will try are best at making you comfortable here in your new home” he said with a small fake smile (these were the words that his father had told him to repeat once his wife had arrived) “Everything here will be provided for you, and I will try my best to make you happy as my… wife…” at the last word his eyes changed from blue to violet as he lost his composure for a brief moment. It was evident from how he had said “wife” and how he seemed to flinch at the word that he did not like the idea of being married at all. After his speech he moved out his hand robotically to help Iolani up. He found it extremely difficult to maintain his manners, and even then he wasn’t doing an extremely fabulous job at it as his movements and expressions did not feel quite sincere at all. What he wanted most to do was simply run out of the room and away from his problems.
  4. Iolani stayed on the floor as the blue man-thing spoke to her too politely. It annoyed her to no end. He was very tall, and stood over her. Iolani rolled her eyes at his manners. Then she heard the word wife. Not only did it sound displeasing to her, but his eyes changed color, and there was no chance in Hell she was marrying him. She watched as he placed a hand out to give to her. To help. Iolani ignored it, and got up on her own. She dusted off her pants, and raked her loose curls back from her face as she looked up at the tall blue man. "I'm sorry, I'm not marrying you. Seems like you're not happy with your results of having me as a wife anyways, and I was just kidnapped to get here, and treated poorly. Now if you don't mind, tale me back home," she noticed the shock in the man's face. His eyes changed another color as well, and he simply stared in shock.

    "Take a picture, it lasts longer," she snapped at him, ready to smack and/or kick any blue thing that decides to get in her way. "I'm not staying here, I'm not marrying anyone. I'm going home," she spoke out loud, so everyone could hear her.
  5. Darien was not surprised that Iolani didn't accept his help; it didn't matter to him anyways and he pulled back his hand. When she stood up though, he noticed that she was actually not as ugly as he expected her to be, actually, she wasn't ugly at all and was rather quite pretty. Her eyes looked almost golden and she had a very shapely and attractive body. She was maybe almost as attractive as Alia he thought, though not quite...but almost…

    Darien's eyes widened a little and turned gold when Iolani lost her temper, but it was to be expected he supposed. He thought of what a horrible situation this was. She didn’t want him and he didn’t want her either. He wasn’t sure what he should say. Perhaps the servants or the guards could take care of her and bring her to her room, but the guards didn’t seem to want to deal with her either and one was trying to slink out of the room, one of the ones that had dropped her in the room moments ago.

    “I am sorry …er…” said Darien as he tried to address her, but then realized that he didn’t know her name “…I have no say in the matter my lady…”. He then tried to think of something else to say but couldn’t think of anything that could calm her or change her mind. It would have been better he thought, if the guards had brought her to the main hall instead of his bedroom, then perhaps his parents could have dealt with her. He also wondered what she meant about taking a picture…paintings took a long time to make, though he supposed they did last a while.
  6. "You better have a say. You are the prince, aren't you?" Iolani retorted to him with her eyes blazing with anger. A pout on her lips as she looked at the man-thing. "Let me go back home, I'd rather go back to that hell-hole than marry you. I don't even know you, what the hell is this?" she asked, completely outraged. She huffed heavily, her chest heaving as she paced back and forth. "It's Iolani, ass," she told him quietly as she kept pacing. She didn't know what to do with herself. "I cannot believe this. Out of all people, why me? Why does it have to be me?" she asked him with her eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

    Anger seared within, and all around her body as she began to think about the boring life she'd have to live here. With people who were nothing like her, and didn't understand her ways or words. Everyone was so calm, she hated it. She needed emotion, she needed her home. She was here all of seven minutes, and already was homesick. She exhaled heavily, "Take me home."
  7. Yes, I am the prince, Darien thought to himself. It was somewhat funny that he had so little power. He could order servants around the palace as much as he wanted but do little else. Some guards even had more authority than he did. He wasn't even allowed to leave the palace unless he had his parents’ permission (even though he was 18) and had to bring a large procession of guards wherever he went. Practically everything that he did was dictated by his parents and the rest of the royal family. Freedom wasn’t something he was very familiar with.

    Darien looked towards Iolani, his eyes gleaming orange “Unfortunately, my dear Iolani, princes here do not have as much power here as you seem to think” he said resentfully, his arms folded across his chest. He wasn’t bothering to try and hide his emotions any longer (most knew how he was feeling anyways because of the changing colour of his eyes), “As for why you were chosen, I do not know. That was not up to me to decide.” He strode across the room past Iolani to his balcony (the guards had all fled the room and were looking through the doorway)and looked out at the storm. How fitting, he thought as his eyes changed red with rage.

    Darien turned around again to face Iolani and leaned his back against the railing of the balcony “If you really want to get home then you will have to ask their royal majesties, the King and Queen.” He said to her, the last few words being spoke with slight sarcasm “Not many know how to travel between the two worlds.” In fact, Darien had no idea how they did it. He knew that only a few of the royal family and the King and a few of his most trusted guards knew how (such as the ones that had brought Iolani). What he did know was that it took a lot of practice and magical talent, and that most needed to use an enchanted star sapphire to be able to do it because it used so much energy.
  8. Iolani was even more infuriated, if it were possible. "So you're saying I'm stuck here? This is just great," Iolani huffed as she crossed her hands across her chest, and looked down at the floor as she tried to calm herself. "This isn't fair, this is plain ridiculous. Someone needs to take me home, now," she murmured. She was slowly breaking, seeing that she truly wasn't going home. That scared her. Surely her home wasn't the best, but she liked it. Remember, she didn't love it. She liked it, and she would miss the people. "If I really need to stay, I'm not marrying you. And don't ever call me your dear Iolani, that's just sick," she spat at him.

    "Fine, I'll ask the King and Queen, where the hell are they?" Iolani asked him as a bit of hope sparked within her as heard that there might be a possible chance she could go back home.


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    "Fine, I'll ask the King and Queen, where the hell are they?"

    Prince Darien thought for a moment about Iolani's words. It wasn't likely that his parents would bring her back, but perhaps it was worth a try. If she asked then maybe they would be more likely to agree.

    "Alright then..." he said "I'll bring you to them. Perhaps you can convince them." Darien briskly walked to the door and beckoned to Iolani to follow. He walked swiftly down the corridor from his room to a long staircase and walked down till he reached the palace's main floor. After turning down a series of corridors, checking back once in a while to make sure Iolani was following, he finally reached the throne room.

    The throne room was quite richly decorated. Tapestries showing the royal family's crest (a blue bird facing an orange one against a black background with a white heart at the centre), were on nearly every wall in the room and also one large one hung above the thrones which were extremely huge and made completely of blue and orange crystals and shimmered brilliantly in the light from the sconces that hung from the walls and pillars. Sitting upon the two central thrones (there were two smaller ones on each side) were the king and queen. The king and queen were chatting happily together, but their conversation was soon interrupted when they saw Darien striding towards them.

    The two royalty looked down from their thrones at their agitated son. To the left, wearing deep blue robes covered in golden patterns and wearing a golden crown set with glowing blue gems sat the king, and two his right sat his wife, the queen, who was wearing a long clean white gown with blue and orange flowers sewn into it and a silvery-blue crown set with glowing orange gems. They smiled down at their son who was looking quite nervous.

    "It is a wonderful day, is it not? said the queen with a sickeningly sweet expression upon her face.

    "Very much so," said the king, who also looked disturbingly happy "And a very important day for our prince"

    Darien did not answer them right away. What could he say to them. If he told them "I don't want to get married.", or "She wants to go back" they would most likely continue smiling and say that "This was for the best" or that "They were only doing what would be best for the both of them" He couldn't stand their controlling nature.

    The king noticed his son's hesitance to answer. "You are happy now, aren't you my prince?" said the king, his words seeming almost more like a command than a question. He always seemed to carry power in his speech, almost as if he were weaving a spell with each word he spoke. Darien wondered if his father did use some magic when getting others to do as he asked, as he often felt like a great weight was weighing down on him when he was ordering him around, though perhaps it was only his imagination.
  10. Iolani was ready to retort and yell at the king and queen of this damned place, but she held her ground and noticed that they would simply dismiss her request as if she was nothing but a small smudge on their glass-cased dreams. She cleared her throat, and looked at the price with dead hope-filled eyes. "The prince here was telling me how you carefully chose his wife; I am glad I was chosen," Iolani lied ever so smoothly to his parents. They smiled in flattery, and nodded as they agreed. 

    Iolani gave them a half-smile and looked over toward the Prince once more. "Please, show me around of your's?" she asked him. She didn't call it a home because it surely didn't feel like one.


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    Prince Darien attempted a small smile at his father when he questioned him. He certainly didn't want to get him angry. What surprised him though was Iolani's sudden change in attitude when in front of his parents. He had expected her to charge in furiously and demand that they let her go home at once, though he supposed it did make sense. She must have noticed that nobody would be able to change their minds and instead chose to get on their good side, which was probably wise. They would probably only have acted worse if she had tried to resist them; Darien knew this from experience. Iolani was quite a good actress in front of them as well, and Darien probably wouldn't have known she was lying at all to his parents if he hadn't seen how she had been acting before.

    "Ah, yes. Right this way, my lady." said Darien ever so politely while gesturing with his hand for her to follow. He certainly didn't want to stick around his parents any longer.

    "Of course, my dear" said Darien's mother sweetly "Show her around her new home, I'm sure she'll love it."

    Darien wasn't so sure. Nonetheless, he did show her around the palace a bit. He led Iolani down to the ballroom, a truly enchanting place. Sparkling crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling where a mural of blue and gold flocks of birds and clouds was painted upon it, and the ceiling was supported by large white pillars carved to look like trees. The floor was made up of tiles in many shades of blue and enchanted to move as if it were water and left ripples where they stepped. As beautiful as the room was, it brought no comfort to the prince. It brought too many bad memories.

    Darien did not want to stay in the ballroom for very long and only gave Iolani about a minute to examine the room. "I think it is best I show you to your room," he said, turning his head to face her "You'll be staying in the room near my own."

    Darien led Iolani up through the exit of the ballroom, turned down a corridor, and then went back up the staircase they had come down from before. When they arrived back at the floor where his room was he led her to a room right beside his own. On the door to Iolani’s room was the picture of a golden bird. He opened the door to reveal an extravagantly furnished room. The room was decorated in calming shades of blue and violet with golden highlights here and there. At the far end of the room was a large glass door, currently mostly concealed by curtains, which lead to a balcony overlooking the garden, and near the centre of the room sat a large poster bed covered in fluffy pillows and blankets, and across from it a large gold framed mirror.

    “This will be your room,” Said Darien calmly as he opened the door “Or at least for now,” As he talked his eyes changed to a somber blue. As upset as he was with the arrangement created by his parents, he was tired of being angry, and actually felt slightly bad for the girl. He knew what it felt like to have no freedom, to be like a caged bird, and he didn’t really wish that kind of fate on anyone. The meeting with his parents had evidently greatly diminished his mood, and had left him feeling quite exhausted, though perhaps that was also from going up so many fleets of stairs.
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    Iolani nodded politely and waved a friendly goodbye to his parents. Once they were out of the room, the smile on her face faded slowly and her expression was now only unreadable. She followed Darien quietly and nodded here and there as he showed her some parts of her new...home, as the queen called it. Home my ass, if Iolani actually liked it here and did all the things they wouldn't be a home. It was just a huge house, built for hundreds that was filled with more tension and disagreement than anything.

    "Near your's? That's...wonderful," she spoke only sarcastically and those were the few words she had said to him since the beginning of the mini-tour. Once he opened the door to her room, she scrunched her nose. "This is way too extravagant, but thank you," she told him with an even tone. Just like the Prince, she was mentally drained and needed to take a long nap, or pray to at least jump into a coma. She looked over toward Darien and sighed heavily, "I'm sorry for me...yelling at you. But I will always have the urge to go home. Looks like I won't be seeing my home for sometime and...well...I don't think you and I will ever get along," she told him subtly. She waited for him to reply, or walk away as she walked over to the doors that were covered in various silks and curtains. She pulled them this way and that, and looked through the doors to see the gorgeous garden.
  13. "This is way too extravagant, but thank you," Iolani told Darien.

    "Ah, yes... perhaps a little much..." Darien said in a rather puzzled tone. Darien wondered what kind of life Iolani had before coming here. He had been living in the palace his whole life, and though he knew that he was quite privileged (at least in some ways) compared to the rest of the population, he really couldn't imagine living any other way. To him, silk, gold, and jewels seemed quite common, something that he was constantly surrounded by. His thoughts though, were soon interrupted again by Iolani.

    "I'm sorry for me...yelling at you. But I will always have the urge to go home. Looks like I won't be seeing my home for sometime and...well...I don't think you and I will ever get along" said Iolani to Darien.

    Darien paused for a moment before replying "You're probably right." he said "I'm not sure if there is a way to bring you back home, but nonetheless, I will try." With that he closed Iolani's bedroom door and walked back to his own.

    Darien slowly closed his bedroom door. He felt exhausted. For nearly his whole life he knew this day would come, but nothing could have prepared him for it. Why did the royal family have to have such a ridiculous tradition? He only felt more frustrated when he realized that he had forgotten to close the glass doors to his balcony where a large puddle was gradually increasing. It was still raining quite heavily, the weather's gloom only making him feel only more depressed. Once he had closed the balcony doors and drew the curtains closed, Darien went over to his wardrobe and threw off his clothes, then proceeded to dress himself in a long blue robe embroidered in gold thread, and then took out his ponytail and let his long, silky black hair fall down his back. When done dressing he slowly trudged to his bed and dragged himself on top of it. What ever was he going to do.

    Darien's mind buzzed with thoughts as he lay on his giant poster bed. Fine cushions, pillows, and blankets surrounded him, their comfort bringing him closer and closer to sleep. He thought of Alia, who he hadn't seen in over a week. They had met one day at one of the balls that his parents often held. She was very tall and beautiful, and it didn't take long for him to be charmed by her. He wondered what she was doing, and if she missed him. What would he do now that his mortal wife was here? What would she think? His thoughts soon became more and more random until he finally drifted to sleep.

    Darien's eyes fluttered open. A ray of sunlight that was shining between his closed curtains had woken him. The Sun's warmth lightened his mood and his eyes soon took on a colour similar to the sunny rays. He slowly sat up, stretching his arms and back as he did. Having slept he felt much more energetic, but his mood soon changed when he remembered what had happened the day before. His once warm amber eyes, changed again to a somber blue. Before he even had a chance to do anything though, he heard a knock at his door.

    "Come in..." said Darien in a slightly annoyed tone, knowing fully well who was on the other side. Nearly instantly after he had spoken, three male servants burst into his room and quickly slammed and locked the door. They were all carrying different items of clothing, no doubt outfits that his parents had chosen for him to wear today. From outside his door he heard another knock, seeming to come from beside his own room. They were most likely female servants coming to bring clothes for Iolani. He wondered how she would react to them. The servants could be quite pushy.