Kid Icarus: Recruited

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  1. Kid Icarus: Recruited

    Pit, the captain of Palutena's Guard and the most accomplished fighter in the war against the Underworld, has been kidnapped by an unknown shadow monster. In desperation and panic, along with a severe lack of troops owing to the fact that all the Centurions have been put on search detail, the Goddess of Light has begun recruiting young humans and turning them into angels to battle the Underworld forces. You are one such human. You and your new family must juggle keeping the Underworld army at bay with searching for Pit, while at the same time keeping the Forces of Nature from slaughtering all the humans.

    Age You Look
    (Palutena allows recruits to change their age at will):
    Preferred Weapon:
    Looks (Picture or Description):
    Wing Color:
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual:
    Personality (Anyone who puts 'Meet Me' will be thrown off Skyworld. Without the Power of Flight):
    Crush (optional):

    My Bios:

    Name: Jason Thrace
    Nickname: Jay, JJ
    Gender: Male
    Age You Look: 15
    Preferred Weapon: Palutena Bow
    Looks: Wolf.jpg Ignore the ears
    Wing Color: Silver
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual: Bi
    Personality: Cheerful, determined, curious, adventurous, friendly. Very loyal to his friends and vicious to anyone...or anything...that may hurt them.
    Crush (optional): None
    Other: Likes to sing and read. Standing in as captain until Pit's return.

    Name: Lady Palutena
    Nickname: Palutena, LP, Professor Palutena
    Gender: Female
    Age You Look: 24
    Preferred Weapon: Her staff and shield
    Looks: Palutena.png
    Wing Color: None
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual: Hetero
    Personality: Pure-and-light-hearted, kind, playful, trusting, and teasing. Intelligent, knowledgeable.
    Crush: No idea, she won't tell me
    Other: Kind of a mess after Pit's disappearance, though she tries to hold it together for her new Centurions.
  2. Name: Nocte Flamma
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age You Look
    (Palutena allows recruits to change their age at will): 19

    Preferred Weapon: Hell forged Claymore
    Looks (Picture or Description): Husky build, 5'8", glasses, dark brown hair (short), Brown eyes, black leather jacket with slits in it for his wings, Demonic bat like wings, Black cowboy boots, Platinum colored scales covering random spots on his body.
    Wing Color: Black
    Heterosexual: Hetero
    Personality (Anyone who puts 'Meet Me' will be thrown off Skyworld. Without the Power of Flight): Sarcastic, calm, collected, dark sense of humor, loyal
    Crush (optional): none due to people fearing his appearance
    Other: Is a turned Cambion (Half human half Daemon. Father was an incubus) and fights for the light. his powers didn't show until he turned 18.
  3. Name: Aryn
    Age You Look
    : 19
    Preferred Weapon: Insight Staff
    Looks (Picture or Description):[​IMG]
    Wing Color:
    Black right wing, white left wing
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual:
    Sarcastic, sullen, brooding and withdrawn. Mostly.
    Crush (optional):
    Doesn't really know how to love.
    He'd almost gotten killed in a car crash when he was human, leaving his remaining family dead- his father left before he was born, so he was left with his mother and older brother before they died, resulting in amnesia when he hit his head. Remembers almost none of his past life before becoming an angel.
  4. Hello there, ..are you by any chance accepting complete beginners? Haha.
  5. We're accepting everybody. Except Reapers. They're creepy.