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Kick Ass

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Orochi, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. The movie was very different from the comic book. They really can't put that much development in one movie, so instead they inserted AWESOME ACTS OF VIOLENCE! FUCK YEAR!

    Also, Hit Girl is becoming the new Stephanie.

  2. Yeah I saw that coming with her! XD

    I definitely wanna checkout the movie though! Looks funny!

    How was it exactly?
  3. I fucking loved it.

    Seriously, how the hell they got away with some of this stuff, I will never know. This is easily one of the most violent films I've seen come out of mainstream American cinema in a long time. But Christ, is it good.

    Go and watch. Treat yourself.
  4. Well, it seems like they at least captured the violence level of the comic book!

    But really, it's different from the book? From what it looks like from the trailer
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    they seem to let him "get the girl" in the end, when really, she knees him in the balls. =D
  5. @Seiji:
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    Not only does he get the girl, but he got to touch her boobies on screen! I was LOLING AND RAGING AT THE SAME TIME.
  6. Wow! Sounds radical. Something to checkout nonetheless!
  7. @Orochi

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  8. Still very good though, that was one of the few things that bugged me. The other plot changes were necessary to keep the movie from being too damn long.

    Plus, all the AWESOME VIOLENCE makes up for EVERYTHING.

  9. i just want to see the little girl say cunt in context
  10. [​IMG]

    Is this creepy, Iwaku?

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    How about now?
  11. O_________O

    Is that the Hit Girl actress?
  12. It only gets better, if that's what you mean by creepy.
  13. Chloƫ Moretz is the new Emma Watson.

    Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  14. Belle

    "Jason knowing where you are is vital to safety. We need to know where everyone is too keep them secure."

    "Well what's going to hurt us, Belle, huh? You seem to have done most of the harm so far...the kidnapping, the prison like lifestyle." Gwen commented and Belle frowned before responding

    "Dagger is dangerous. This is beneficial to you."


    She smiled and bit her lip "I wanted to tell you earlier but I was scared out of my mind about it. I figured I should have just trusted you."
  15. Belle

    "Consider the people around you, Jason." She frowned as he went on about Dagger. "You were unconscious for two hours. We were concerned we may have overdosed on you Jason, considering how many tranquilizers it took to take you down. It should last about another hour or so." She glanced over at John "The exit is going to close in about half an hour. I can direct you there. You just need to fill out where you will be, or at least close to where that position will be."


    She shook her head "I have seen some people be treated horrible." She decided not to admit what she had when she confessed her powers to those she knew best. The only two who reacted well were Mortimer and Ray.
  16. is wayne brady gonna have to choke a group of posters?