KeySource: The Secret Society Rp

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  1. -If you are reading this then you have taken your first step towards everything. And nothing. We are looking for the willful, the cunning, and the determined. We are KeySource. We have the tools to grant you a life's change at a whim. you could be selected to indulge among an elite and select few who holds the power to mold life itself into that which the imagination spawns. You are the key. We are the source. We are the fourth wall that has been crumbled. This rp is your life, and vice versa. Will you join? Or will you simply rp? There is a message in all of this. If you are interested, find KeySource. Only then will you be apart of the elite and select. Complete the riddles, finish the journey. We will be waiting.-

    We look forward to seeing you. Best of luck. When you find the message, go beyond the 4th wall.
  2. *Clicks on link*
    *Is tempted to post Admiral Ackbar "It's a trap!" vid*

    Dude, just be honest about the kind of RP you want.
    Don't make a false IC to lead people to a completely different kind of RP.
  3. Sorry if you could not finish the riddle. Best of luck to you. The one who have made it already aren't complaining. If you don't have the will to make it, simply ignore this post. This is freedom of expression and speech. I'm not making false anything, I made something inquisitive and fun for a select few (obviously not you) so if you decide to make a menial notion of expressive ideals seem false that's your opinion.


    And I'm not a "dude"


  4. she is inserting hidden links into old threads. i think its a scavenger hunt.

    or we are about to open the gates of hell. in any case, it could be a trap?

    aw hell, i am too curious not to.

  5. The concept of THE RP is elitist people in a secret society, not the people themselves. And how much of a prick are you to call a lady a prick. I want to tell you about yourself extremely bad right now but I'm not "Arrogant" or no better than any other person on this planet but you seem to have all the answers. You call it Spam but spam is raiding OTHERS' and the public's pages with digital malcontent you might need to consider that next time you think you know it all (which I believe is called arrogance, oh the irony)

    If you don't like it, IGNORE THIS POST. Don't reply on my posts again.