Key to the Stars

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    “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."

    --Matthew 16:19

    "Love is the master-key that opens the gates of happiness, of hatred, of jealousy, and, most easily of all, the gate of fear. How terrible is the one fact of beauty!"

    --Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. in A Mortal Antipathy

    “We humans have always had a habit of not realizing just how much we destroy til it is already trod underfoot.”

    “The stars now lie open before us through a great gift of God. It is our right and duty to explore and embrace what lies before us, our very destiny.”

    --God Priest Malas

    In the year 850 Dominion Era, a mining operation on Titan discovered a new type of stone that had never been seen before. Composed of precious elements in a strangely woven matrix, it was easily pulled from deposits. Strangely, it also seemed to easily separate into paperthin and incredibly strong sheets. Scientists of the Church were confounded by this strange material that did not act at all as it should. They were further baffled by the fact that the metals seemed to resist any attempts to flex them. Of further confusion were tiny crystalline inclusions of an element never before seen.

    As they continued their studies, many of those investigating the strange stone were struck with hallucinations. They would see the crystals glint in even the dimmest light, or find the stone had moved across the room from where they’d left it, or swear that they felt as though they were being watched. Concerned, the Church ordered that it be determined if the stone was safe. Findings were inconclusive. They may have uncovered more but for what happened next.

    In an attempt to run an advanced conductivity experiment on one of the sheets, a young intern was shunted across the room without appearing to cross it. He reappeared almost just as he vanished. The scientists were baffled, running medical scans and tests on the poor boy. He seemed fine at first, but shortly after began complaining of headaches, vivid memories that were not his, and horrible moments of dizziness. Despite continuous treatment, scans, and theories, the boy was declared healthy.

    In the meantime, tests on the stone continued. No matter how they tried, they could not get it to send any vegetables, fruits, or other inanimate objects like it had the intern. Eventually, in a last ditch effort, one of the lab techs made an attempt to transport a white rat. To everyone’s surprise, the rat vanished. However, it didn’t just skip across the room as the panicked intern had. Instead, it was later recovered three counties away, identified by its tracking implant.

    It seemed it took something with a brain to be transported by the stone. However, the intern had been teleported not only with his clothes, but with his clipboard and pocket contents. Further tests were run, and eventually, an apparatus was designed in a vein similar to a relativity compensation field that would theoretically allow a person to travel safely. Still, they had no way to control the end destination.

    It was a late night revelation at a college party by a particularly brilliant masters student that cracked the Gatestone mystery. He not only developed a way for the stone to teleport someone from one place to a destination of their choosing using brainwave scans run through the compensator, but he also managed to extend the teleportation field so well that an entire building was transported from the college in Sacramento to Juneau, Alaska.

    With the side effects contained (along with the only victim of them, who was safely taken care of in an out of the way facility), the experiments moved on. It wasn’t long before the Theocracy of Earth showed a great interest in outfitting their ships with the new technology. The Gatestone declared a blessing from God.

    It was in the year 1008 Dominion Era that the first Gate ships were finished, the tests completed, and the flagship Manifest christened. This was a new age, a new marvel. It had been discovered that the Gatestone, properly installed and connected to a Key and powered by a human mind, that of the Gate Keeper, could travel vast distances in nearly no time. The fact that this was draining to the Key during longer distance jumps was swept under the rug.

    The Manifest is ready for her first exploration. She will be doing a short tour of the Milky Way before heading out into intergalactic space. The sleek Manifest class cruiser is the flagship of the Fleet of Destiny, and within her are some of the greatest minds and best soldiers the Theocracy Navy has to offer.

    Summary: In the far future, Faster than Light travel has been made possible by a strange stone composed of rare metals and precious minerals. Installed in a ship and linked to a Key (A small chamber that one person can easily stand comfortably in), this Gatestone, along with a human mind, allows mankind to explore further than ever before. It also allows the Theocracy of Earth to spread their dominion. You’ve been assigned to the ship Manifest and are about to board and leave port for the first time. You have tonight to get your gear onboard and get a good night’s rest.

    NOTE: This game is not for the faint of heart. It is going to be dark, violent, and contain manipulation and torture. I’m waving my usual trepidations about such things for this particular game. However. I do insist that we keep open OOC communication about what is going on, both so I can run the game smoothly and so that no one feels they are being forced into any scenarios. As a further note, character death is a high possibility, but I will not kill a character without permission. If a character is killed for an IC reason, you will be welcomed and encouraged to make a new character.

    You are a crew member upon the ship Manifest, whether officially or for some more nefarious reason. The shining beacon of travel and God’s indomitable will is set to carry you on a mission of exploration and truth. But the Gatestone holds mysteries... among other things.

    Join us for a story of intrigue, betrayal, war, magic, and lost civilizations coming to life.

    Characters will be human. However, at some point during the story, some of you will be asked to make a secondary, nonhuman (read:fantasy race) character. Please let me know if you are willing to do this, for it is first going to manifest purely as a secondary personality in a very specific manner. You will be able to get the jist of it from my posts for Cora.


    1) The game is invite only. If you haven’t been invited, don’t make a character or reserve a spot.
    2) OOC communication is a must. Let people know if you are going to manipulate or attack their character.
    3) Please be able to post at least once a week.
    4) All starting characters must be human.
    5) Have fun! If you aren’t, tell me and we will see what can be done.
    6) It is up to you how you wish to format your bio. Just be sure I have the following information in there somewhere:
    -Naval Rank
    -Job on the ship
  2. -Name: Tyler Venz

    -Age: 25

    -Naval Rank: Helmsman

    -Job on the ship: Primary Pilot for non-Gatestone travel

    -History: Venz is typical astronaut aristocracy - a rich kid at the top of his flightschool class. His father was one of the engineers of the early deep space programme which predated the Gatestone era and he designed components for smaller shuttles such as docking arms, correctional boosters and drone-pods. Venz always had something to practice with and he has been steadily familiarising himself with larger and larger vessels. Though his father is now retired, he used his influence (as a man whose designs can be found throughout the Manifest) to put his son forward for the position of Helmsman. Venz passed the tests and despite some cavalier answers in the interview the Church has decided to give him a chance. They have found no one more qualified than Venz when it comes to micro-maneuvers and fuel-efficiency in zero-g.

    -Motivation: Like most of his kind, Venz has always both delighted in and rebelled against the praise he received. He knows he is gifted, but resents this as a label. Yet there is one thing that cannot be denied: he wants to be the best. And the Manifest is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fly a ship like no other in an environment where no human has ventured.

  3. Name: Cora Evans

    Age: 27

    Naval Rank: Lieutenant

    Job on the Ship: Officer in charge of Ship's Gate Initiative and first shift Gate Keeper.

    History: Born to two traditional naval officers, Cora spent much of her life moving from port to port. She grew up enamored with ships-- just not the kind her parents expected. Cora knew from a young age that she wanted to join the Stellar Navy, despite the heavy control the Church held over it. Her dream to work among the stars prompted her to work hard on her studies, though not at the expense of a bit of fun now and then. Thankfully, all minor infractions were smoothed over by her parents and kept off of her records. Eighteen year old Cora entered the officer program for the Stellar Navy, and though she graduated, it wasn't with any particular honors. The past several years have been spent climbing the ladder of ranks in a very competitive job. She had stalled at sub-lieutenant when the opportunity to test for compatibility with the Gatestone came up for female officers. She threw her name into the running and was, surprisingly enough, selected to be tested. When it was revealed to her that she had an aptitude for the Stone, she rejoiced and found herself promoted, but could never have dreamed of finding her way onto the Manifest and in charge of their Gate Initiative. Cora has her fears that this isn't quite on the up and up, that her playing nice for the Church for the past nine years might have quite a bit to do with it. She is not without her secrets and worries that the Church may uncover them. For now, however, she just wants to enjoy her moment in history.

    Cora simply wants to explore. It has been a drive for her most of her life and propels her forward, though it means making concessions in life here and there. The chance to go further than any human ever has holds great appeal, and Cora is eager to get underway. The fact that it will finally prove her worth to her two high ranking parents is just a happy side effect.
  4. Name: Eris Baladeva

    Age: 24

    Naval Rank: Ensign

    Job on the ship: Astrogator (Star Navigation)

    History: Born to a Preacher and raised in a Christian family, Eris has always been closed to God. Family put the pressure on her to learn Theology, take a career related to the church. Eris, on the other hand, had much grander ideas. She had a knack for science. A real natural talent for understanding even the most complicated mathematics. At first, this worried her father that she might take a turn towards Atheism and turn her back on her faith. But her joy with science had the opposite effect. Eris fully believes that because the universe is so intricately designed with such a complex perfection that this is proof of a divine existence. Relieved in his daughter's devotion to god, the Preacher made sure Eris had the finest education. The majority of her interests being on star travel, which has now led to a solid place on the Manifest as a lead navigator.

    Appearance: Standing 5'2" and having a boyish figure, Eris can often be mistaken as a 12 year old boy rather than a full grown 24 year old woman. She has let her dark brown hair grow to mid back in an effort to prove she's a girl. Bright blue eyes, and always wears a beaded necklace sporting a silver charm.

    Motivation: Eris wants to travel the stars and bring herself closer to God. Unravel more mysteries of the universe. And maybe even a vain, arrogant wish to prove God is indeed real.
  5. Due to the small size of this game, I want to ask you guys a couple questions. The original intent was to lay this out like a novel. Somewhat longer, more introspective posts. I was also going to keep some things more secret til we came to them. But. I would like to know how you would prefer posting to go. I would also like to tell you a bit more of the plot, so you can decide on secondary characters/personalities and any elements you wish incorporated.

    So, what do you think?
  6. Sounds good. If Diana's up for making it more big-posty-plot-movement style then the three of us should make a good team.