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  1. Hello there i'm looking for a 1 on 1 partner for just about just anything I have many ideas i wish to do but i will say this I take a different approach to my RP's I don't do simple plotlines or Linear RP's My Rp's are usually Open Ended and Non-Linear to allow myself and my partner creative freedom of what happens to our character rather than just setting a series of events in motion, so basically my RP's mainly focus on character development and Subplots there is usually never a major plot for my RP's that we go towards since i prefer focusing on Individual character Arcs well okay with that being said message me for more details on my ideas if you do not like the way I do RP's then perhaps it's not for you

    Message me for more Details on my Ideas

    some simple rules

    If you want to make a surprising twist or something pitch the idea to me first don't just unleash it

    Don't try to Kill off my character, the only time i kill off character is when i write them out.

    If you aren't enjoying it please tell me so and don't leave me in the wind, if you do I may not want to RP with you again afterwards.

    Be Somewhat active, i've had many RP's in the past where people posted once or a few times and never posted again, I usually have a 2 week rule after two weeks i write your character out.

    Any questions just message me I'll gladly Answer them :)

    For The Record I do not do the follow types:





    Slice of Life

    Master & and Slave

    Sexual Assault/Rape

    I do not want any of the above in any of my RP's all of the above if request will be an immediate no
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  2. Do you do fandoms? if you do can ya list some of them? c:.
  3. absolutely and I do all Video Game fandoms provided i played the game and what not like umm Kingdom hearts final fantasy tales of Xillia Assassin's Creed all that whatnot and alot more i can name XD what types do you do? :O
  4. My fandom spectrum is actually fairly limited since a lot of people do anime but i never seriously watched an anime besides season 1 to 4 of pokemon dunno maybe because i can't find a good site to watch anime on. ( I watched pokemon on telivision i was a very dedicated fan back then when i was a lot younger lol)

    As for video games i have a fairly wide spectrum in that one.

    Recently got into DC/Marvel comics n stuff c:.

    I however wish to do Assassin's Creed with ya still craving a rp about that ;_;.
  5. for Assassin's Creed i could do anytime since I have played every game to date and i know alot of the side storys
  6. Oh awesome i had a plot floating around for one i will pm it to ya now.
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