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    Everything east of the Azrithen mountains comprises the lands of Kelton which is overseen by the lovely queen Verna Cordell. Her rules is fair and kind in nature, allowing for most to have luxurious lives without fear, however no land is perfect and there is always a darker side to things. As is human nature there are many that fear others because of racial, ethical, or religious choices and with that people begin to sway the queen who would do just about anything to quell the hearts of her people. The supporters and profiteers started arising shortly after, like the slave traders who belittled anything not purely elven in nature. (Oh yes I went there, I made the elves be the racist ones!)

    As things continued on like this over the course of the year Verna became more and more concerned for what her people were doing. Before she could beseech her people on these actions one of her high councilors by the name of Bashion Pinewurm made his move to remove the queen, permanently. The attack however was foiled given the loyalties of a handful of personal guards who were able to protect and whisk their beloved queen to the safety of the outer walls. Although she had survived Bashion's plans didn't stop and quickly proclaimed the murder of the queen at the hands of a human by even presenting a corpse with the spitting image of their queen as well as a human proclaiming he in fact killed her and was proud of it. Weather the man was bewitched or merely basking in the chance to claim right over the murder of, in his peoples eyes, a tyrant would not be found out so easily since his execution was public and immediate once he spoke.

    Pinewurm now had many followers and claimed his seat in power over the country of Kelton. The queen although alive knew that if she came out of hiding would be confusing to her people and proclaimed a fake as well as risk being killed without hesitation by Pinewurm's supporters. Even if she were to get her peoples following once more the thought of bringing to light her views of how her people shouldn't be treating others of different origins and appearances as they have up to now would differently go unwelcome. For now she and what few followers she had left required a larger form of help, but the only force that came to mind were the people of the west in Renwold which comprised of mainly human and other non-elven origins. Verna only had one non-elven aquaintence and even he hadn't been seen in the past few years, but she knew that he had friends in high standings among the monarch of Renwold. Her conclusion had been made, there really wasn't much more she could do if she wanted to get her people back as well as end the segregation that was causing her heart to ache.

    The crisp night air stung the cheeks with the cold sensation of the coming winter months as the young female elf tugged her cloak tighter around her body scooting closer to the fire. She was deep in the mountains of Azrithen surrounded by a small platoon of heavily armored knights and a few robed individuals which seemed to radiate an eerie sense of power. It had been a month since the incident at the castle and these brave souls risked their lives for her and only two weeks since she proclaimed her plan to them.

    Verna's cheeks flushed red not from the cold this time but at the remembrance of her words. "I need to find Brenden. He will be able to help me again."
    Of course that wasn't the entirety of her plan but those were the words her mind got stuck on and caused her to bury her face deeper into her arms in hopes to bury those thoughts as well.

    "My Lady are you not feeling well?" The voice was soft and a bit off key but the concern was evident. The older gentleman dressed in one of the robes had moved close to her side and taken a kneeling stance beside her his head held low in a bow.

    Verna pulled her head up quickly and waved a hand at him franticlly. "Yes yes please rise Sir Everlake you mustn't concern yourself with formality's such as that any more." Verna's eyes watched the man get to his feet which made her turn her face back to the fire concerned in her own right if her cheeks were still flushed. "Has... has there been any word from the detachment we sent ahead..."


    The city states of Renwold are nearly twice as large as that of the eastern country of Kelton yet much of the land is undeveloped forests and marshes that wouldn't support structures if built upon. The main city in Renwold, Kethica houses a large diversity of cultures and races who all for the most tend to get along well with one another. Sure there was poverty here and their but everything seemed, for the most part, like their lives were meaningful and had purpose. Kethica was also home to the king of the lands, a large strong willed draconic man by the name Doegier Kanair (Doe-Grr Con-Air).

    Doegier was a rather free willed of person not much caring for the title "King" yet people tended to flock to his personality and flourished because of it. Much of his actual "duties" as a king have really been delegating peaceful solutions between races on either goods trading or property ownership. Although his life is now for the most a peaceful one cluttered with politics Doegier back in his days had a much wilder side to him. He was quiet the adventure seeker and a good fight was always something that got his blood pumping. He had traveled only a small portion of Renwold but their were many creatures out their that brought fire to his heart in combat and it was something he would always treasure if not relive if he could.

    One of his fondest memories was encountering that human male, Brenden Stonewall. Doegier won that fight in the end but he always had the lingering thought that Brenden was never really giving it his all. He was hard enough to convince to take part in the feat of strength given his passive nature, but in the end he gave out an agreed. Those were good times but these days his obligation was to the inhabitants that required his aid against oddity's that threatened the lives of the masses that these swamps and forests held. It really was a fun job at times, since there were some things that he probably would have never had the chance to combat against without the strength and knowledge his select knights have given him over the year. It did seem rather odd though that all these creatures seemed to be fleeing from the east as if something was chasing them out... and what ever was doing that man Doegiers blood itch with anticipation.

    "The damn thing nearly took me with it when I tried to save my cattle!" The old man screamed out as he waved his hands about in a hysterical fashion. "The thing swoops down and plucks my cattle up like their mice and carries them off to who knows where! If this continues I fear my family and I won't make it through the winter. Won't you aid me!" The mans eyes were tearful and for a male to get this emotional in front of others meant the issue was indeed dire.

    A metallic clank echoed across the stone walls as Doegier rose from his throne the deep blue cape was shrugged off and left in his seat. As he descended the steps toward the man other guards seemed to scramble toward their king as if readying to march and were halted immediately by Doegier's extended hand.

    "You sir have moved my heart with your blight and caring words of your family's blight, I would gladly raise my sword in the means of ending this trouble that has befallen you. Doegiers hand moved to clasp down on the old humans shoulder as he speaks. "I will ready myself and we shall leave in the peak hours of the day for now get yourself a meal to tide you over for the march."

    Moments later

    "You know my lord." An armored knight with blindingly bright blond hair was now speaking as he kept pace with Doegier in the halls of the castle. You really have a troubling nature of sticking your own neck out for each and every person coming here with trifle issues that could be taken care of by some of us knights alone."

    Doegier laughed deeply as he stopped to face his knight Richard. "I'm glad you concern yourself with my own well being, but you know I never feel comfortable pushing these kinds of problems off on you lot. Now if you all wanna take those damned land ownership and disputes in the market." His face tightened in a grin. "Please be my guest. I prefer moving these muscles I've got around over flapping my gums any day!"

    Both men laughed it off but shortly after the mood changed to a more serious tone. "Although with this sudden rise in encounters I fear even if I do send you men out there won't be enough of us... I truly wonder whats causing this rise in attacks. What would he do in a time like this..."

    "Who sir?" Richard gave him a concerned look."

    "No never mind. Just remembering an old friend." With the back of his fist Doegier knocked against Richard breast plate. "Come let us push on and focus on the matter at hand."

    "Aye sir you've got my blade as always!" Richard turned and stepped forward down the hall ever by his kings side.


    Queen Verna Cordell ((Not really needed but it's there and you have to get more info from me.))

    King Doegier Kanair
    ((Also not needed but is there and you will need to get more info from me))

    Sir Everlake ((Not needed or can be controlled by Verna if we have one.))

    Knight Richard ((Not needed or can be controlled by Doegier if we have one.))

    Bashion Pinewurm ((Not needed but can be filled if I think you can handle it.))

    Brenden Stonewall ((My character and the center of interest for Verna to connect with King Doegier.))

    Needed Characters

    Two or more Elves in the detachment sent to locate Brenden

    That all that is really NEEDED but in this world you can be anybody from either country. Just keep in mind the story at hand is one of conflict brewing. Creatures have been fleeing from the elves control over them which has started to push stronger and stronger creatures closer to the city lines of Renwold.

    This world is meant to be used by any and all since Brenden's story is just a small spark that can set things off. I would be honored and enthralled if others used this worlds layout to craft their own story's with it and even give me a heads up about it and I could act the roles of the main people. All I ask is that you add either "Renwold" or "Kelton" to the threads title depending on where your story is taking place. I might even be interested to have Brenden cross your stories path if I can find a way to do it!

    More Info

    All elves in this world have a magical affiliation except those that are not pure blood. And under Pinewurms rule all those that can't prove by performance their magical ties are thus consider "tainted" and are subjected to slavery all the same.

    There are elves in the Renwold side yet they are far and few between since the magical lye lines in Kelton were stronger and more to their liking. The ones in Renwold came there in search of adventure or change in their lives and just started setting up their homes.

    Character Sheet

    Character Name: (First and last)

    Gender: (Male female other)

    Race: (Elven Human Anything)

    Age: (a number that represents how long your character existed breathing the air of this world!)

    Height: (Measure in feet' and inches")

    Weight: (Measure in pounds lb)

    Appearance: (Picture or detailed description of your characters looks.)

    Occupation: (Are you a Knight? Sorceress? Farmer? Horse dung shoveler? Slave or Slave trader? Put it here.)

    Home Location: (Where where you born in this world?)

    Allegiance: (Just because you live somewhere doesn't mean that's who you believe in. Pinewurm, Verna, Doegier, or none. If you pick none you can't live freely under Pinewurm's rule the other two wouldn't care.)

    Magical Affiliation: (Pure elves HAVE to give one, others can have magic or not up to you. Magic is based of Elemental choice. Holy and shadow are not choices Divine and Chaotic are and these are bonus characteristics you will be GIVEN by ME if I find it might be an amusing plot bunny for your character.)

    Goals: (What is your purpose?)

    Biography: (Looking for AT LEAST 2 paragraphs of back story on your character. If you want to have ties with any of the main characters that is fine just PM me first to make sure I can allow it.)

    List of Acquaintances
    ((This is for later use. Once this picks up you will number each person you meet and give a brief description of your relationship with them. For example:

    1 - Brenden Stonewall: Met in Ithica bar, rather cold at first but lightened up after a few drinks. Currently on good terms but don't understand much about him.

    2 - Verna Cordell: Met only briefly, didn't speak much with her, still seems like their is a wall between us two so I'm still kind of uncomfortable in her presence.

    This list will be updated at the end of each RP. Make sure you update it on your profile and inform me via PM of the change.))

    Creators Notes and Recommendations

    I have designed the world for you all but that doesn't mean you have to limit what happens here to the Threads I create. I encourage you all to form your own groups based in this world and take them to the other forms such as One on One Role playing or even the Mature Role playing forums. All that I ask is you inform me about it so I can read along, and keep your profile up to date as well. Also remember to put in the title of the thread either "Renwold" or "Kelton" so we can start spreading the worlds popularity around and possible grab more people to join in this world to interact with.

    Please don't hesitate to get in contact with me for any reason. I'm actually very open to all sorts of ideas and suggestions and fairly friendly. This whole thing is a project that I want to become infectious and spur a whole world of collaboration which would in turn get people to mix and mingle a bit more with others they might not have RPed with before. I know I'm one of the new guys but I try and bring BIG ideas where ever it is I go.

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    The Curse of the Ware-Wolf
  2. Brenden Stonewall (open)
    Character Name: Brenden Stonewall

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 29

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 234 lbs

    Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Occupation: Ranger / Odd Jobs / Handy Man

    Home Location: Renwold, Small fishing village near the western most coastline named Harrows Port.

    Allegiance: None

    Magical Affiliation: Earth or the Force of Nature as he calls it.

    Goals: Mainly Brenden spends his time idly traveling about where ever his feet will take him. He doesn't have any set destination but he knows he has a purpose, just not entirely sure what that is. So in the mean time he helps out where he can all the while learning and strengthening his being.

    Biography: Born and raised in a small fishing village of Harrows Port, Brenden grew up a rather plain life until his 17th birthday when he purposed to his future wife Isabel Hobin. Shortly after they were married and even had the townsfolk gossiping about how wonderfully matched they were. Isabel enjoyed the forest and meadows and often dragged Brenden out to just lay about or just stroll through the surrounding woods. Her adventurous nature became rather infectious as Brenden was used to the town and the seas where he would make their living doing odd jobs or being a hand on deck of one of the out going fishing boats.

    Things didn't last long like this however and one day while out to sea doing one of his normal jobs a large storm brewed. Although their ship survived the storm hit land, and rather hard at that destroying homes and taking lives, one of which was Isabel's. Mourning the death of his wife lasted the next few years of Brenden's life where he became a drunken mess and left his home town vowing never to set foot in it's boundaries again. Rounding his 20th birthday 2 years after his wife's death Brenden found himself deep in the mountains of Azrithen cold, alone, hungry, and still mourning his beloved. This is where in his slight state of delirium a cascade of events started to unfold changing his life around with no real chance to look back.

    The first event was the crossing of a large intersection of Ley Lines after collapsing and tumbling down a cliff face of one of the Azrithen mountains. Doing so in mid fall caused Brenden's latent magical properties to awaken which probably saved his life during the fall for the earth below him seemed to give way and cushion the fall. While unconscious the second event arose in the form of an old elven man crossing Brenden's path on his way back from collecting herbs from the surrounding valleys. Unable to leave the man to die this elf did what any morally considerate person would and took him in to treat his wounds.

    After a few month of rehabilitation Brenden and Cedric Frostglory or Ced as he came to be called became rather close. Ced lacked some one to talk to and Brenden required someone that could teach him how to control his new found ability's that seemed to burst forth erratically depending on his mood. This turned out to be a double plus for Brenden, Ced was able to ease the sorrow Brenden felt over his wife's passing by forcing him to realize what she would think of his current state if she were still around. He knew full well that she wouldn't approve of the life he had led since that day in Harrow's Port, and even so he couldn't completely push his love for her aside at the moment. It would take some more time for his heart to open once again but for now things would at least move in a more positive way.

    The seasons changed as his time with Ced past until winter rolled around and a trip to the main city was required. Ced was a herb cultivator and retired alchemist but the main branch still counted on him to supply their cache with a yearly surplus of rare and tedious materials. Pressing the matter Brenden was able to convince Ced to take him along as long as he followed instructions perfectly and caused no problems. I was a two weeks worth of travel by horseback but the sight he was able to behold, once he reach the city, was awe inspiring.
    The buildings seemed to be carved right into the massive trees, some where even carved out of solid stone pillars flawlessly creating an atmosphere truly befitting the race devoted to nature.

    The sheer beauty of such design coxed a past thought of Isabel to mind which caused a brief pang in Brenden's heart, following this emotion a small well of magic bloomed from his core being seeping into the plants around him. With the sudden saturation of natural energy's the growth rate burst forth springing to life a small pocket of
    creeping jenny the bright yellow flowers blossoming rapidly slowly covering the cobbled road. As immediate as the growth came the city guard picking up on the sudden shift in Ley Line energies by an unknown source. Blades drawn and aimed intently at the human male Brenden put his hands palm up over his head while lowering to his knee's, Ced had instructed him on this manner prior to coming here just in case something like this accrued. Keeping his mouth shut while Ced did a majority of the speaking on his behalf the guards gave way with a mere warning since the infraction caused no real harm to the surroundings.


    List of Acquaintances

    1 - Verna Cordell:

    2 - Doegier Kanair:

  3. <tbody>

    Martin and Christ

    Martin Le-Chance - Black (open)

    Character Name: Martin Le-Chance

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 23

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 215 Lbs

    Occupation: Farmer/Handy-man/Adventurer

    Home Location: A farm in Renwold

    Allegiance: Neutral/Conservative

    Magical Affiliation: None

    Goals: "To watch over his brother, and to make sure he stays out of that filthy elf mage's pants..."

    Biography: Being the eldest member of the family of two, Martin has been given esteemed duty of keeping the family farm alive. It would seem easier said then done, if he wasn't a farmer, born and raised. The only thing keeping him from having the family farm prosperous enough is his newly turned adult younger brother, Christopher. Seeing how Christ had just turned 18, he became a skirt chaser, when going into town to deposit the weekly tax's of 1/5 of their food supply, Christ could bee seen flirting with a few ale wenches from the local Bars and Inn's. He started a few fights which he surely would of lost if it wasn't for Martin's sheer strength from raising cattle for a living.

    Christ, even though he was born and raised on the farm like Martin was, was a completely different person with a complete set of different personality traits of that of not a farmer, more or less an adventurer. His love for finding new things lasted him since he was a young little scamp of a boy, leaving home to travel deep into the woods behind their shack of a home, finding newer things the deeper he went in.

    One day, however, He stayed in the woods for longer then normal, worrying both of their fathers to the point that he went in after him, and was never seen from again. When Christ came back home, their father no where to be seen, he looked extremely tuckered out, as if he went through a very rough day. After that day, Martin swore to look after his younger brother, never letting him out of his sight ever again to let a catastrophe like the disappearance of their father happen again.

    List of Aquaintences:
    Christopher Le-Chance: Brother
    Inwe Ancalimon: Mage he met in a Pub one night while on his travel. After he came to know her better, as well did his brother, she decided to join the group on their adventure.​

    Christopher Le-Chance - Blonde (open)

    Character Name: Christopher Le-Chance

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human / Ware wolf


    Human - 5'7"
    Ware wolf - 7' 6"​

    Human - 195 Lbs
    Warewolf - 359 Lbs​

    Occupation: Vampire Hunter/Farmer/Adventurer

    Home Location: Farm in Renwold

    Allegiance: None / Conservative

    Magical Affiliation: None

    Goals: "To find a cure to this curse given to me by an evil witch."

    Biography: The day he was lost in the forest was the day his life changed for ever. Navigating through familiar territory, he slowly comes to a part of the forest he had not previously explored and with no signs of land marks what so ever, Christ was deep into territory unfamiliar to him self or his family. He became scared after a while, moving across the area of woods that he had seen more then twenty times. That's when he saw it, the wolf who changed his life.

    It leaped from a downed log and began to walk around the young lad, keeping it's hungry eyes on the boy the hole time. Waiting for him to make a move, the wolf growls at him to start running, so it could toy with it's food like the monster it was. Christ wasn't afraid of the wolf, but was afraid of the situation he was in. He slowly took a step back and cough a twig with the heal of his foot, making it snap under it's weight. The wolf jumped and dug it's teeth into his shoulder, making him yell in pain.

    His scream must of gotten the attention from someone near by, seeing how the last thing he remembered was that someone tackled the dog off of his body and began to fight it, killing it and wounding it's self in the process. It was his father, his neck was bitten and had only enough energy to check to see if his son was still alive. When his father saw that he was fine, he gave a peaceful sigh and fell to the ground, next to the wolf and the young boy there, who knelt down next to his father sobbing greatly.

    That night, he went back home and was welcomed by his brother Martin. Cleaned and bandaged, his brother took care of him from then on out, Christ has yet to tell him what happened to their father.

    List of Aquaintences:
    Martin Le-Chance: Brother.
    Inwe Ancalimon: Mage who was suggested to them, was told that she might have a cure for Christ's "illness."


    Inwe Ancalimon

    Inwe Ancalimon (open)

    Name: Inwe Ancalimon

    Gender: Female

    Race: Wood Elf

    Appearance: 27​
    Because of her race and where she grew up, she has been blessed with never-aging, making her age very slowly. She is roughly the age of 176 years old.

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 80 Lbs

    Occupation: Witch Doctor / Mage

    Home Location: Forest off of the outskirts of the South-Eastern town of Renwold.

    Allegiance: None

    Magical Affiliation: Nature

    Goals: "To keep an eye on the two humans and to make sure they don't try anything stupid."


    List of Aquaintences:
    Martin and Christopher Le-Chance: Found them in a pub and asked for her to help them find a cure for the Ware wolf illness plaguing the regions South of Renwold.

    (( Saved only to continue later ))
  4. Character Name: Llyr Pryderi
    Gender: Male

    Race: Half-giant (Part orc part giant)

    Age: 24 years old

    Height: 8'9

    Weight: 723 lbs

    Half giant.jpg

    Occupation: Spellsinger / Barbarian / Wanderer

    Home Location: Both of his people live within the Azrithen mountains, they rarely ever leave their hidden settlements and high fortresses.

    Allegiance: Currently a wanderer... may change

    Magical Affiliation: The unpredictable power of his voice. All magic needs an outlet to be used, for some it is mystical chants, for others magic diagrams, intricate movements, just about anything can be used to channel ones magic... The power of a spell singer, however, is extremely strong... but unimaginably hard to control. A single word, uttered with a gust of power, could have any number of effects, from stopping one dead in their tracks, to merely tripping them and sending that person sprawling.... It certainly does make for interesting conversation no?

    Goals: To find what he was born for

    Orcs, a surprisingly sophisticated society of barbarian warriors, renowned for their fighting skills, berserk rages, forging skills, and harsh justice. Fomorian giants, the scholarly rulers of the high fastness, 12 to 15 feet tall as a norm, masters of stonework, builders of some of the most impenetrable fortresses in all the world. Two of the most frightening of the humanoid races.... so why are they bound to their mountain homes? Why do they not fall upon the world in a bloody wave?

    The answer is simple... they are already at war. For centuries they have had more than enough of it, constantly battling each other, constant death, slavery, fire and destruction... This is what keeps their power at bay, unbeknownst to those who wander the lowlands, the mountains teem with the dark clouds of death. A never ending feud that crashes into each new generation.

    Thus is the beginning of Llyr's story, the foundation of his life.....

    The Beginning (open)

    We shall start with his mother, once a revered leader, later to be known as the traitor queen.... Her story starts with a particular magic, an uncertain power..... love, or maybe... mercy. A born leader, master of one influential tribe of giants... though admittedly one of the smallest. The Queen of Mercy.

    For two whole centuries she managed to keep her people out of the wars, neutral, and therefore unharmed... A driving wish for peace, burning in the center of her soul. An implacable fire that would not be dampened by any hardship. A burning passion not unnoticed by others. From clan to clan she lobbied for peace, she called for an end to the wars, the death. Always was she turned away.

    With all attempts at swaying her own people thwarted, she turned her passionate gaze upon another.... The shaman king of the orcs. Under a banner of peace she called and, honor bound, the great king answered. A meeting was arranged. Two peoples, locked in an endless embrace of death, meeting peacefully for the first time in centuries. The meeting of royalty.

    With fiery eyes and purposeful step did she greet the great king... And an imposing figure did she strike. Eyes of blue ice that still, somehow, managed to burn with the very strength of her will, hair golden, flowing silk, skin of pure white satin, and a voice more musical than the trilling of a songbird..

    A king whose reign has been steeped in nothing but blood, a ruthless warlord whose ancestors swore oaths of vengeance... for the first time he was forced to see another solution... The possibility of peace and a dream bigger than any mere conquest...

    Thus sparked the mans vision, a future shining more brightly than any of the previous kings had foreseen... His people, whom, by necessity, had been nomadic for centuries with the possibility for a home of their own.. So a spark of reason was passed between the two, Orc king and Fomorian queen in agreement.

    Day upon day did the two plan, back and forth, possible solutions spit-firing between them continuously. Slowly.. oh so slowly a plan began to form and a gathering of the orcish clans was called. Yet the idea of peace was once again scorned, the orcs as blinded by the endless cycle of revenge as the giant tribes... none would be swayed.

    Once again the two secluded themselves, plotting for every contingency until, weeks later, they emerged seemingly deflated and beaten... Nothing either could do would avoid the bloodshed they knew to come, and so the queen returned to her tribes fortress, secluding herself and many of her tribe away from the problems of the world... at least for now.

    With the ineffectiveness of the peace talks on either side, the wars resumed, orcish clans rallying to battle, giant tribes repairing fallen walls and both sides polishing the instruments of death. The queen hidden in her tribal fortress looked on through tear obscured eyes. The Shaman King stared over his amassed armies, his lips curled in disgust...

    But still the red tide refused to be stopped..

    We now come to the orc kings leading role in this tale, and the fall of the giant tribes. The orcs, in their frenzy for battle, swarmed the mountains like ants on the march. At the behest of the shaman king, all the clans moved on the giants at the same time. For the first time in history.

    The giants, who had previously only dealt with small coalitions of clans, now faced the entire orcish hoard. And they knew fear for the first time. Once, maybe twice in the history of their tribes had there been a force to match the giants fierce skill, and high battlements... Yet these orcs were more than they had ever dared to dream would come against them.

    And at their head rode the Shaman King. He watched, as clan after clan broke themselves upon the giants walls. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, months to years. On and on for 4 years the battles raged all across the mountain, without even a single giant holding being lost... but food stores run out, and hunger is a dangerous enemy.

    But it was an enemy that both sides were becoming acquainted with. The orcs in their great horde were devouring the countryside, and day by day, their food also began to run out. The King looked on from his high seat and smiled. He had them all in the palm of his hand.

    His eyes roamed over his people, haggard, hungry, their anger and blood-lust lost in the years of battle. Just as his eyes roamed across the giants battlements to spy the occasional sentry's dull eyes, hopeless and exhausted. And he knew. It was time.

    With a flag of truce he marched unto the fields of slaughter. The giants, who once would have turned him away in their pride, looked at one another in stunned disbelief. The orcs, who once would have clamored and raged, sat in wary anticipation.

    A flick of his wrist and a bit of magic ensured that his voice would ring across the mountains as he called out," We are wary! Tired and hungry are the clans. Your stores have run dry. Your people starve and die." For years to come his steely gaze and blazoned features would be remembered by those who laid eyes upon him in his fury..."These mountains have devoured my blood as they have devoured yours. For generations our two peoples have fought and died upon this soil. I WILL HAVE NO MORE!!!"

    His voice echoed across every mountaintop. Through every fortress and clan-hold. His anger at their folly felt by every denizen of those snowy ranges. He gave out his terms in a voice clouded in ice," I call for a truce. An end to the hostilities. One that was called for four years ago, but ignored by both sides. Now I demand it. I will see no more blood upon these mountains."

    With his words came an odd miracle. The bloodthirsty orcs, worriers and hunters all, looked upon one another and came to an agreement. Their voices rose in a thunderous cry," PEACE! Peace! Peace!" And the giants in their holds looked upon one another and wept. Their elders finally relented in their stubbornness. They would speak of peace.

    Peace at last (open)
    And so the negotiation began. The Shaman Kings terms you ask? They were as he stated before. An end to hostility. The end of the blood feuds. The return of those captured during times of war... and one more thing... He wanted the Giants to help his people. To bring them from their lives as hunter gatherers. To help and teach them to build great buildings, to work the land. And specifically he asked for the help of the Merciful Queen.

    The elders of the giant tribes were dumbstruck. Such simple terms for the end of a terrible war. Most readily agreed, The Merciful Queen herself, nearly overjoyed at being able to be a part in the wars end. And so the pact was signed. The war over. The giants free and the orcs dispersed.

    But most importantly for our story.... The Shaman King, and the Merciful Queen were brought together once more. A year passed, and then another. All the while the orc clans learned and built, the giants teaching and pointing out mistakes, until at last the orcs had their first permanent settlement, small though it was. They named it Bae' Arrook. Or, in common, Peace on the Mountain. It was over these two years that Llyr's parents continued their journey down a winding path...

    Love between two races who hated each other. Th[SIZE=4]rough[SIZE=4] protest and scorn, discomfort and [SIZE=4]insecurity[SIZE=4], they fought for each other... and Llyr [SIZE=4]was the result.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]





    Character Name:
    Queen Verna Cordell

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 139lbs

    PURDEH ELF (open)

    Occupation: Queen of Kelton

    Home Location: Kelton

    Allegiance: Her allegiance is with herself and her people! She also allies herself with Brenden Stonewall

    Magical Affiliation: As a pure elf, she has the Divine Attribute for magic. However, as is said, her element is Light.

    Goals: Trying to band a large group together to return to Kelton and stop Pinewood's tyranny. She is not in the position to appear back on her doorstep after leaving her people so suddenly, which is why she seeks assistance. Mainly through Brenden can she find a way to bring her people to light and see the error of Pinewood's ways: tricking them into treating others of different backgrounds and appearances different. The only choice she has left is to go to the land in the west, Renwold, consult Stonewall and the others of the castle to help her in her quest to regain control and peace in Kelton.

    Biography: Verna was never raised to be the Queen. It was just something she learned by taking baby steps. She had the occasional family member or two to help her out with manners, etiquette and all of that jazz, but running the country was sure to take patience. In the years, she slowly got used to the royal life. She knew witched conversations were suitable in which places and how to make sure the people of her land were both happy and pleased with how their life was going.

    It was a great accomplishment for such a young Queen. That was just the thing. Verna was young. She had her entire life ahead of her, ready to take it by the arms and do whatever women her age did. However, it was hard to ask for that when she had a country to run. Instead, Verna remained silent about her true wishes, smiling in the faces of people around her, pretending she was content. Without warning, the rift in Kelton began and, suddenly, so many people demanded so much for her. Verna was only one woman; a terrified and fearful one, at that! Without the support of friends, a lover that didn't exist, or parents, Verna felt herself caving in.

    There was only so much she could do, but that 'so much' didn't seem like too much. With her heart heavy and her head in scrambles, Verna sought out the only person she thought would understand her: Brenden Stonewall.

  6. Rhea Cybele Drennon

    Gender: Female

    Race: Vampire

    Age: 120; yet looks 26

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Occupation: Warrior

    Home Location: Renwold

    Allegiance: None

    Magic: Fire elemental.

    Wishes: To return to Earth for her werewolf slaying, human drinking and burning down forests life style.

    Rhea's childhood wasn't as bright as her element, it was much more depressing. Her parents were murdered at the age of five, she was in an orphanage for the most of her childhood. She never got to go to a decent school, she was taught by her carers in the orphanage, and they never knew much. Rhea never seemed as a happy child, not even when she got the things she wanted.

    As Rhea grew up, she became much more darker. She was always trying to make herself perfect. She hated women her were much more beautiful than she was, so she hunted them down and killed them. No one knew the things Rosalind had done...
    By then, her future suddenly became brighter. Someone had finally took interest in her, and that person was Christopher. They became fiancees, but there was another depressing twist. Rhea had found out that Christopher was being unfaithful to her.
    Full of rage already, Christopher just added more to the flame.

    Rhea murdered Christopher's mistress, along with him. No one ever suspected that it was mentally sick Rhea.

    How Rhea Got to Renwold: Rhea was out hunting when she saw something shine in the forest. She decided to follow the shining object, and found some type of quicksilver in a large oval shape dripping on a tree. She touched the liquid and ended up being warped into Renwold.
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