*Keeps forgetting her passwords* T^T

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  1. Hi hi fellow Iwaku pplz. I'm back again.. with a new name.. again. XD I'm Wiccan Akuma Dukun and Vanya (insert rest of name here) in disguise!!!!! XD I keep forgetting my freakin password... T^T But this time i won't forget!!!! ^.^ So... how is everyone? Sorry abou7t my long absence.. *feels really really bad* (And yes.. about has a 7 in it. XD) And for all the new members who don't even know who I am, HELLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all may either call me WAD, vanya, or Dukun.. doesn't matter. (although i didn't really like the WAD one... >.>) OMG!!! THERE'S A COW EMOTE!!!!!!! *squees* :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: XD
  2. Welcome back. You should get Diana to merge your accounts so that you just have one name again.
  3. She can do that?!?!?! OMG!!!! awesome!!!!
  4. Welcome back again, WAD.
  5. ty. ^.^ omg ish so hard to type with fake nails.... DX
  6. Welcome!!! If you're really a belly dancer, there's something we have in common; I used to belly dance. ^__^

    Either way, I'm sure we'll get along~ I'm Fluffy! If you wanna ever talk about anything, track me down.
  7. Why yes, yes I CAN do that. :D

    Stop forgetting your password! D: And welcome back!
  8. If you do forget again e-mail Diana she can also reset passwords.
  9. Welcome back