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  1. First things first, since people usually have trouble tagging me because I used a letter definitely not in the English alphabet here is my username written out: Fæ Feel free to tag me for whatever. Even if we haven't RPed at all yet :P

    Writing Style:
    The length of my posts and how quick I respond on the RP all depends on 3 key factors.
    • My inspiration
    • The amount of time I have put aside
    • The others length of post as well
    The last of those three apply the least since while I am a mimic writer I am capable of responding to a one-liner with a decent two paragraphs but please don't do that to me ^^;

    But whatever the case you can always count on a whole paragraph with a minimum of 5 sentences from me.

    What I'm looking for:
    I'm not that much of a picky person or at least in my point of view ^^; so I'll keep this relatively short.

    ⊗Refrain from writing one-liners. I know that everyone get's busy from time to time so I don't mind this occasionally but if you can I'd like to avoid one sentence responses. It's a real creativity wrecker.
    ⊗Someone who can respond quickly to OOC messages. Like I said we all get busy and I understand that unexpected circumstances can arise where you might not be able to respond to the RP or through private message for a while. All I'm asking is that if you can let me know beforehand.

    See I told you I'd keep it short ;p

    A bit of Q&A:
    Are you willing to do MxM or FxF?
    • Oh yea, definitely. In fact I prefer gay ships to straight ones but again I can swing both ways ;P The only iffy thing I have is with FxF where I will most likely only play the submissive. On the other hand for MxM I'm willing to do most anything.
    What's your time zone (so I can respond to you quicker)?
    • My time zone is Pacific Standard Time ^^
    Is sex allowed? (& what are your kink pref.?)
    • Since Iwaku has strict rules against minors and adults roleplaying smut together I have to refuse any illicit writing if you are an adult member (unless you're willing to RP outside of Iwaku). For any teen members however hit me up. As for the kink be honest with you I haven't formally RPed with anyone that has ever wanted to try anything out but I'm willing to try anything new ^^
    Are Crossovers possible?
    • Yes :) If you suggest a fandom I don't know about I can still very much do it if you don't mind me being a bit of a noob.
    What about AU (alternate universe)?
    • Yes to that to. As you can see at this point I'm pretty lax about most things so whatever plot you wanna do I can work with (most of the time).
    Can we do any original plots?
    • 3 yes' in a row! We most definitely can but as you can see I don't really have much to offer (unless I've already added some but I'm just too lazy to edit this). If you've got any ideas that we can mull over and expand I can very much do that ^^

    Bold - Fandom Title
    Strike Through - Taken//still RPing
    Italic - I personally favor this ship//Craving to do

    Sinister 2
    Milo x Dylan
    Milo x OC

    Milo x Any character
    Bughuul x Deputy So&So
    Bughuul x OC

    Aro x OC
    Aro x Jane
    Aro x Any of the three Volutri kings
    Jane x Alec
    Caius x OC
    Caius x Alec

    Ai no Kusabi
    Any Blondie x OC

    Harry Potter
    Young!Tom Riddle (Teen or child) x OC
    Young!Tom Riddle x Harry Potter
    Harry Potter x Draco

    American Horror Story
    Tate Langdon x OC
    Donovan (Hotel) x OC

    Lord of the Rings
    Thranduil x Legolas
    Thranduil x OC
    Legolas x OC

    X-men: First Class
    Charles x Eric

    Danny Phantom
    Danny x OC
    Danny x Vladimir
    Danny x Phantom (Basically Danny's human ver. x Ghost ver.)

    Disney (lots of crossovers)
    Elsa x Jack Frost
    Male!Elsa x Jack Frost
    Rapunzel x Jack Frost
    Hiro x Tadashi

    Adventure Time
    Marshall Lee x Gumball
    Marshall Lee x OC

    VIXX (oh yea the Kpop ver)
    Leo x Any Member :D
    Leo x OC
    Leo x N
    (My bias is showing.)

    These are all the fandoms I could think of on the spot but I will definitely be adding more as I go. Check this thread regularly if you like ^^
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  2. Im totally interested, um I like the Young Tom riddle(Teen) and Oc. I also like the Elsa and Jack Frost pairing.
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