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Hello, everyone!

You can call me Chey or any variation or nickname you come up with. I'm rather new here and looking for someone to roleplay one on one with me.

I will probably reply rather quickly, I'm on my phone and don't have much to do. I love drama and angst and humor and romance all combined. I tend to write around one to two paragraphs per reply, unless some serious stuff is going on. I prefer moving the plot forward over a ton of details.

I have a lot of vague ideas, some with a small plot idea attached. I'll list some of the pairings I have in mind, but I'm okay with apart everything you have in mind. I can play male or female and will do mxm or fxm. No smut, we can time skip.

Possible pairings:
Demon x summoner (accidental or purposeful)
Band members
Assassin x target
Royal x peasant/non royal
Royal x assassin
Demon that causes nightmares x person they have caused nightmares for
Homeless teen x person that takes them in
Beauty and the Beast AU

I'm open for pretty much any ideas! Comment or PM me if interested!
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Hi Chey,
I'm also new to the site though I've done a lot of role play in the past. I'm good with playing any kind of character, regardless of gender, though I tend to lean more towards somewhat angst ridden male characters with messy pasts. I'd love to try any of your plot ideas or come up with something new, I'm most familiar with historical or mythological role-plays. It might take me a little bit to reintegrate myself to the role-play forms and etiquette but I'm very devoted to the quality of the story and characters. I have a fairly busy work schedule but I could certainly respond at least twice a day if not more. - Caepio
What are your ideas behind the RoyalxAssassin? I am interested in hearing it
Neat, someone else who'd do a demonxsummoner! Actually had an idea that might fit that one; the demon is summoned by a bunch of teens doing a Bloody Mary-esque ritual, the demon chews them out for doing something so foolish with so little preparation (they made the binding ring with silly string or something equally lazy) when they could have gotten something that would have made Freddy Krueger look like a fluffy bunny. It leaves, only to get summoned back later by the only one to take things seriously, and the demon starts teaching them real magic. Assassinxtarget could also be fun.
Is royal x assassin still an option?
Hey Chey,
I'm still new in this site and interested in your idea of Demon that causes nightmares x person they have caused nightmares for. I'm good with playing any character and am open to any negotiation. I'd like to hear from you more about this idea.
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