Keelhauled ( Pirates ? Pirates ! ) 3 Spots Open !

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  1. Ah yes,the high seas. More like my seas.

    Cartagena is a mystical world set in the age of pirates. Ossirus was at the biggest tavern in the world.
    It was time. He needed a CREW ! It was phase one.
    Here we go, gotta unravel the list ...

    1. Acquire badass crew of badass pirates
    2. Buy ( Steal ? ) Kickass Ship
    3. Go to a shitload of crazy and mystical places
    4. Gain the biggest pirate hoard of all time

    He saw no flaws.
    Envy was the bane of his life. Dumped him right infront of his ex-crew.
    After slaughtering the crewmates that laughed at him,he devised a master plan to make her pay.
    He would get a small crew of three people,and he would kick major ass and be famous and shit.
    It was perfect. Now,people should be arriving any minute.

    You've made it this far. Welcome to Keelhauled !
    Like mentioned,Cartagena is full of pirates. But,it also has magic,and some steampunk. Basicly, I act as the overseer while I play my character, Ossirus. I will prefix my entries with O or RP to see it.
    Q : Why would we need an overseer ?
    A : The way this works,is when the crew gets here , we make certain actions with dice rolling ! Let's say we sail off in a random direction.
    We have four options.
    1. You end up in a dark world with an evil robotic mastermind controlling it.
    2. You end up in a world overrun by plant people.
    3. You end up in a large island village full of lizard people.
    4. You end up in a sinkhole,and your crew wakes up in an underwater city.
    I roll a dice,and we 'end up' somewhere.
    Now,like I said,the goal is to end up with a massive hoard of items. When we complete a quest, and we get an item,you can do /Hoard to see your current hoard of items , with pictures and descriptions of what they do !
    You can use these items in any way you want,and /Hoard also lets you see your gold count.
    Want to fill a spot ? Here's the character guidelines :
    Don't be thinking you have to be some kind of regular pirate. Be special ! You want your character to be a fucking ghost ninja ? Do it ! I wan't varied and cool characters, and I wan't everyone roleplaying as who they want to.
    Here's the required details :

    Name :
    Age :
    Personality :
    Weapons :
    And a picture would be nice.

    SET SAIL !
  2. [​IMG]
    Name : Ossirus { Known by pirates as the Squid King }
    Age : 37
    Personality : Ossirus is a mean,hardboiled man. He isn't one much for mercy,and enjoys sparring anyone who dares challenge him. He used to be feared through the seas,untill his gold was stolen by his wench Envy and his heart broken,and embarrassed in front of the crew by the same woman. Before his downfall,he was the Squid King. It was said he could make the Kraken and Cthulu bow down before him,and Cthulu isn't even full squid.
    Weapons : He has two revolvers,and a long silver rapier. He can also, once every twenty-six years on a blue moon,call upon the Kraken to devour whoever he chooses.
    Unfortunately,he tried doing it to Envy and found he had three years left. Soon,you wench, soon !
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