Keagan's on the hunt for SOULS.

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  1. Okay so um, I'm not really sure what to put here other than that I am searching for a roleplay so HERE IT GOES.

    I'm looking for a few roleplay partners for hopefully decent length stories. I'm not interested in sci-fi or fantasy things though, it's a really minor thing. What I'm saying is I'm not looking for Tolkien epic fantasies or Star War sagas. I'm mostly interested in roleplaying human beings being human beings. I like roleplaying as young adults in their 20's. Occasionally I will do high school RPs depending on circumstance, but prefer college level and adults in the "real" world for lack of a better term.

    Now, if it's one thing about me, it's that I *adore* characterization and character relationships. I enjoy characters that seem real to me, that connect with me on an emotional level. I don't like roleplaying based solely on tropes and stereotypes. So for example, if we are doing a roleplay which involves slash, do not ask me "Who's the uke/bottom and who's the seme/top". Unless they are fricking, there is no such thing.

    That said, I really love roleplaying male on male romance. ; A; I have a strong preference to playing male characters, but I don't mind females either.

    Themes I enjoy can be found in my resume thing, but to summarize I enjoy angst and drama. Of course, some comic relief is needed as well. C: I love dysfunctional relationships, taboo themes/relationships, addictions, mental illness (please if we roleplay with such themes, DO NOT GLORIFY IT OKAY. There is nothing glamorous about mental illness. Actually, don't glorify any of this stuff what am I saying >_> I prefer to approach these in a realistic sense and not in a way that glorifies or shames.)

    Oh, gender non-conformity is a huge bonus. Being trans myself, I love playing characters that don't fit the gender binary. :)

    So umm...look at my resume and entertain me? Q AQ

    Also, I'm not looking for fan based roleplay UNLESS it is Evangelion roleplay, to which case I want to be Shinji. If you could be my Kaworu you'll forever be loved okay. ; u;