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Kole woke up in his room. He kept the blinds closed and covered with curtains. He hated being waken by the sun. He would always sleep until noon, if not later, even if he had school or work. One of the few voices he hears tells him it's a waste of time.
Any visitor to his room or even house, could see that it was a mess. Furniture was turned over, portraits and picture frames would be cracked.
The mess was would be the consequences of him having intermittent explosive disorder. Kole is supposed to take mood stabilizers to keep from getting too worked up and making a scene. He is to take other medications as well to keep the voices he hears out of his head.
He hasn't taken any of his medications after the voice in his head convinced it was bad.

Kole got out out of bed and made his way downstairs and towards the kitchen. On his way there, he tripped over a guitar missing it's high E string. "Urgh! Dammit!" Kole quietly cursed before kicked the guitar, causing it to slide and couple feet away.
Kole rummaged through the fridge and pantry, only to find everything to be empty. He let out a deep sigh and went back up to his room and through on some clothes. He only put on sweat pants, a black T-shirt, and a black Adidas zipup jacket.
Kole looked in the mirror and ran a hand through his long hair. He had black hair with bangs that fell over his eyes.
He checked himself over before finally going back downstairs and out the front door. He doesn't usually eat out, due to lack of money. This time he took money his parents gave him that were meant for emergencies only.
His parents are never around. His mom died in a car crash a few years back and his father was always working or out sleeping with some woman.

Kole made his way to a small cafe to get himself a muffin and a small coffee.
She hated working shifts, always dealing with some high strung people or complicated orders that she could barely remember. But that was working at a cafe for you, and a bit of advice...never work at a cafe. Walking into the shop before it had even opened Kathryn had looked around and began to prepare. She only got this job because her friend Jaccob also worked here so she wasn't dead bored throughout the day. They always joke around during the day, and that always pisses their boss off so they keep doing it just to get a cheap laugh. But Jaccob wasn't coming in today cause he was in Maine with his famliy cause his mom had gotten sick. And now she was alone and the day was already crappy cause she had ran through her stash over the weekend and had nothing else to smoke,sniff, or take.

Waiting for the day to start she took of her leather jacket and scarf then placed her apron on with the cafe's logo. Then she placed all her thick black hair in a messy bun and went back to the door switching the light on that declared the shop open. After a while more workers began to come in and customers were just pushing their way in the door for high priced coffe that hadn't even tasted good in her opinion. Their were the iconic blondes that ordered the most complicated things, the business people that rushed her to go faster, and always that one person that ended back up at the counter to annoy her with why their order was wrong. She was one her last string already when a boy with sweatpants and a black zipup came and ordered a simple muffin and coffee.

It was like someone up there finally heard her plea and gave a customer that was okay with simple. "Okay sir I'll get that right out to you" she gave her iconic fake smile and made her way to the back grabbing a freshly made muffin placing it in a bag then went back up to the front to make his coffee. Walking back over to him as she was placing the top on, everything has gone wrong and she felt seine bump into the back of her forcing the coffee to fall out of her hands on onto the simple guy who had just ordered it. "Shit I am so sorry..." She instantly went to apologizing as a small bubble of laughter escaped her mouth. Grabbing some napkins she handed them to him as she tried her hardest to stifle her laugher so she hadn't seemed so mean.

"I can get you another coffee on the house if you like..."
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Kole waited patiently for his muffin and coffee. As he waited, his eyes moved all over the room, as though examining everything.
He quickly turned his gaze back to the girl behind the counter when she handed him his muffin.
Kole nodded his thanks before she walked away to get his coffee. He began to shuffle his feet, waiting for his coffee.
Right when he was about to get his coffee, the girl behind the counter seemed to have tripped, causing the coffee to fly out her hands and all over him.
"What the fu-!" Kole stopped himself from bursting out in anger. A couple heads turned after hearing him call out. The girl's laughter only made him feel worst. He began clenching and clenching his fists in anger. Kole snatched the napkins and rubbed his Adidas jacket a bit roughly.
"Yes," he said through clenched teeth, accepting her offer.
She did that on purpose... A voice within his head told him.
"Okay I'll be right out with your coffee sir again I'm so sorry" Kathryn honestly had felt horrible but it was hilarious. In fact is Jaccob was here she probably would have busted out in laughter instead of trying to hide it. Heading back over she made another cup of coffee this time making sure that she put the top on and handed him the coffee. "Here you go this time I put the top on before handing to you...how about next time you come in I get you a free coffee...my boss doesn't need to find out about this" she smiled hopefully at the guy that looked extremely pissed off at her. But she needed to bargain with him because if her boss found out she would loose her job and if she lost her job then nothing. Nothing to keep her high and she already felt herself lowering in her mood. All she needed to do was stay charming enough so that he hadn't complained, geez why wasn't Jaccob here today. Kathryn sighed silently to herself and rang up his order butting her lower lip as she took of the price for the coffee. "Your total is 3.49 for the muffin would that be cash or credit?" She asked a bit afraid that he would blow up on her for the little mistake that was made.
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Kole took the coffee, not saying anything about the free coffee. He didn't grab his coffee due to his hands still clenching.
If he were to grab his coffee, he'd most likely end up crushing the cup.
"Ca--" Kole was just about to answer as he took out his wallet when someone behind him starting laughing. It was a young man, about the age of twenty.
Kole had no time to think. He was getting extremely mad and irritated. He could have been able to leave without doing any harm without the man's laughter. Now he felt as though everyone was laughing at him, even though only two have laughed.
Without thinking, Kole punched him in the face.
After him in pain and his nose bleeding, Kole began running his hands through head and tightly gripping his hair.
On top of Kole's known personality disorders, he always felt as though everyone was out to get him. He was paranoid often due to being hurt in the past. Hurt physically by his older brother, and hurt mentally by people he thought were his friends. His parents hardly gave spent any time with him because they were either busy or scared after learning about his anger issues.
She hadn't known what to say to the guy who had just committed assault to the other male. But then she just sucked in a bit of breath and held her hand out smiling softly. "I need the money know sir" her voice was shaken since she had just seen what happened to the male that had just laughed. Even if it was towards him assault had never been the option. She bit her lower lip and started to tap her finger in the counter getting as annoyed as the male standing in front of her. Yeah she may have spilt coffee on him but had he needed to punch the guy standing behind him. "I won't need to tell my boss what just happened if you just give me the money and leave...Kathy there's a guy laying on the floor clean him up so Bull doesn't find out" everything was silent in the cafe as everyone watched on to see what was going to happen next. But whatever this guy's problem was she definitely needed to make sure that she hadn't kissed him off more than she already had. A blonde girl had sighed walking out from the back and went to clean up the guy that had just been punched. "Well..." She kept her hand extended waiting for the money he had owed.
Kole was just about to take out his wallet when he heard the voice in his head again.
She doesn't deserve her pay...just give it back...
Kole angrily through whatever he was given onto the counter. "You can take this shit back. It isn't worth my money," he said angrily.
He pushed his hair back, out of his face to show greenish blue eyes, obviously filled with anger towards the girl. "I hope you do get fired," Kole stated before slamming his hand on the counter and turning around to leave. He took one last look at the guy he ended up hitting. He didn't even feel sorry for he'd done. He's been hurt so many times in the past that he didn't care how others felt anymore.
Kathryn jumped back once she saw the coffee being thrown back on the counter causing it to spill everywhere and the muffin followed right after. His words causing her to chuckle darkly as she rolled her eyes, "yeah and I hope you get that damn stain out of your shirt....prick" she mumbled last part to herself but the first part was loud enough for everyone to hear. But she didn't care she hated this damn job anyway so if she got fired it wouldn't be the end of the world. Kathy had come back out with a cleaned up brunette and she sighed looking over at her. "What the hell is his issue" Kathy had asked her and she shrugged her shoulders getting back to work. "Hell if I know but next time e comes back needs to be on someone else's schedule" Kathryn complained rolling her eyes once more as she let the brunette man order then leave once he had been taken care of. The last thing she needed to see was that anger management issue back here while she was.
Kole stopped without turning around as the girl spoke. He only gritted his teeth before walking out the door.
He was too angry to even think about going back home, he only wanted to quickly take a seat.
Kole walked straight to the ally next to the coffee shop and sat down against the brick wall.
His hand ran through his hair a couple times before clenching it in his fists. It seemed like he had trouble keeping his breathing steady. He was made a fool of in front everyone in that coffee shop. He couldn't help but worry about what people thought about him.
{I'm just going to time skip so I'm not roleplaying her whole day at work and I'm so sorry about my late reply I though I had already replied to this a looong time ago}

Kathryn bit her lip as she pulled her uniform off and changed back into her simple skinny jeans with a black shirt and converse. "Sure I'm cool with partying tonight....I need something and Vincent isn't going to be in town until tomorrow" she whined and turned back to her blonde co worker who rolled her eyes and rubbed her pointer and index finger together. "I'm playing my tiny violin for you..." She said sarcastically causing Kat to roll her eyes. "Shut the hell up Jessie, look just pick me up around eleven cause I need a nap and then I'll get ready alright" Jess nodded her head then gave Kathryn a small side hug. "Be safe walking home, I don't want to see you dead on the news tomorrow" Jess had called out to her as she was walking to the front and she turned calling back with a smile. "Be sure to make my funeral nice" she then headed outside pulling her leather jacket over her arms with a sigh as she made her way home.
(It's alright)

Kole was seated in the ally the majority of the day.
As the sun was setting and night came closer, his eye began to twitch. For hours now there has been a debate going on in his head.
One part of him wanted to take his anger out on the girl, another part of him was saying he need to be more reasonable.
Kole repeatedly ran his fingers through his hair, beginning to scratch at his scalp.
Just as he heard the door open to the cafe, that should be closing, Kole stopped moving his hands and looked up to the sidewalk.
That same girl was walking out.
Kole slowly stood up and shook his head violently. He brushed his hair out his eyes and straightened his clothes. He knew what he was doing, but also felt as though it wasn't completely him.
"H-hey? Y-you're the one who um, spilled my coffee." His voice grew quieter as he said the last part. Just the thought of the day's earlier events got him upset, but for once, was able to keep it to himself.
Kathryn walked quietly humming to herself until she heard a voice that stopped her movements all together. It was the guy from earlier apparently and she honestly hadn't wanted to deal with him of all people. But she sighed softly and turned to face him with one of her charismatic fake smiles. "I'm sorry about that earlier I really am...I was pushed and I couldnt catch it before it fell on you, that asshole shouldn't have laughed at you and I shouldn't have laughed either....but I don't care if you forgive or not cause I've had a long and stressful ass day so if you forgive me good you an amazing person if you don't, I'll live" she said and turned on her heels not wanting to continue the conversation with him. Yeah she had said words that shouldn't have been said but geez could you blame her, customer service was never her thing.
Kole's eye twitched and hands his clenched into fists.
"I'm not here to forgive. I was going to...apologize for my...previous actions," he stated with clenched teeth. He then added, just a bit more quietly, yet still audible, "and for any..future actions."
Kole took his hands from his pockets and wiped them on his jacket. He only stood there to wait and see if she would turn around.
She was already annoyed enough and this wasn't belong any. Turning around to face him she sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "Alright fine I forgive you..." She couldn't help but what he meant about the forgive me for my further actions since there was zero percent chance that she was going to ever speak to him again but she shook it off and nodding. "Alright so I'm going now...have a good night" Kathryn still was polity none the less though most people had a hard time believing that. She turned back the other way and began to walk his words still popping up in the back of her head.
Kole was a bit satisfied when she turned to face him, but he could sense the irritation in her voice.
It only got him more angry when she turned back around.
"I'm not finished with you," Kole said angrily, as his voice lowered. The more she spoke the more he got angry, so before another word was said, Kole hit the girl on the side of her head to knock her out.
He looked down at the girl as though he couldn't believe what he did, but quickly snapped out of it to bring her back to his until she woke up.
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