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  1. @KayLove
    December 20, 2042. 1:35 PM. Technological advancement was brought to a stunning halt by civil war, but bio-logical weaponry had a boom 25 years ago and was mass produced. The war was ended by these bio-weapons as they became things capable of mass destruction with the perfect camouflage. After the war people having abnormal powers became common, to a point where they were no longer abnormal. With the new "weapons" living among us, technology flourished once again and its development much faster. This brings us to one of those dangerous mortal men, Sean Pinneti. A vigilante with the ability to control electricity to the extent of controlling computers with his mind. They call him Rogue, some know him as "Tunnel Rat."

    Sean was sitting criss-cross on the top of a Mega-Star Incorporated building, he held a juice box with a cartoon character on it winking and giving a thumbs up in his left hand, his right hand on the grip of a pistol of some sort. A big black gun the size of his torso rested on his back, secured with a strap. He fiddled around with the straw of his juice box looking out into the city. The building was high enough it made the people and cars seem like colorful pebbles bouncing across the ground. Sean, brought the straw to his lips taking a sip as he looked over to his side to see a pigeon had landed next to him. He stared at it for a while before turning his head to face forward. The pigeon hopped around for a while then flew off in search of food.

    Sean sat there for another ten minutes before finally getting up to leave. When Sean stood up and turned around there were 7 dead bodies and he had a mighty limp. His left pant leg was ripped and bloody at the shin, he had been shot by one of the 7 men. Passing by the one that had shot him he kicked him, a slight tear in his neck came from this violent kick.

    "Hope you rapists learn a good lesson in hell." Sean kept walking until he reached the roof access door pulling on surgical gloves. "But, I must thank you for the cash. It was very generous of you."

    Sean reached the door and waved the lock to open. It took a second, but the light flashed green unlocking the door for him. A book bag sat outside the door, it was not neatly placed however. It seemed as if someone had stomped on it repetitively, Sean bent over and picked it up. He examined its contents and pulled out a switch of some sorts, but dropped it and the bag in a sudden rush back out the roof access door. Sean started running while charging the electricity below him to launch him forward. Before he reached the roof edge a large explosion occurred at the bottom of the building, then the heat and force worked its way through the building shooting Sean even further then planned.

    Sean had jumped right as the explosion reached his back and it propelled him up and out with the combined force of his charge. Flipping and spinning towards a retail building, Sean made a last ditch effort and destroyed the buildings whole front. He sucked up every bit of energy he passed turning himself into a huge overcharged battery, when he collided with the building he released this energy stopping his flight in the process. Sean stood up coughing and quickly stumbled to the sewers while the smoke and dust covered him. He roamed the sewers until he came across a wall. He felt around on this wall for an odd brick, when he found it Sean pulled the brick out revealing a small handle. Sean surged energy through this handle until the wall section popped open and he ran inside.

    Inside this wall was Sean's safe haven. It was where he hid from disasters like today. A total of 56 people dead, only 22 walk away. 8 of those 22 friendly, 4 of those friendlies injured 2 scarred. Sean's goal was simple, take out the men that raped a woman. She reported this incident to the cops, but as usual they only threatened the same. Sean waltzed over to his couch and sat down rubbing his head.

    "Mission Complete." Just as fast as he sat down he got up and grabbed a beer from a refrigerator and leaned against the door of the machine drinking it. /But, at what cost.../
  2. Leon made an appearance to the over sized storage garage filled with crates.
    "We have new shipment coming in today! Be prepared," Leon doesn't like associating with the rest of the gang. His lack of words had them scared of what he might do.
    During the shooting that happened a couple years back, where is brother was killed, Leon lost his eye. It wasn't that serious. He was told the eye patch he wore made him appear scary.
    "Leon, what about the tunnel rat?" A member of The Forsaken came up to him.
    "That's Tibbit to you! Don't worry about the tunnel rat. If he comes he's dead," Leon said as he walked away.
    Leon was preparing for a shipment of, not only weapons, but drugs. The forsaken would deal drugs on the side for extra money.
  3. Sean's phone started ringing and he reached into his pocket, while looking to ceiling as if this would extend his reach. He pulled his phone out, it was a "remastered" Nokia. The caller name was hidden, he was hesitant to answer and let it ring. The unknown caller tried twice more before giving up. It was then that Sean's door was just blown to bits. Sean hid behind the couch as a man with a rocket launcher walked through, he started coughing and swatting the dust away.

    "I tried calling, but you wouldn't answer." He lifted the rocket launcher up on his shoulder looking at the hairs on Sean's head. "What the hell are you doing?"

    "Avoiding you. What else?"

    "You're still caught up on that?" Sean only glared back. The man raised his hands in defense, but lowered them shortly after. "You, could join us again."

    "Is that all you came to say?" The guy thought for a second then cautiously nodded his head. "Well, I'll see you then."

    "Yeah, see ya." The man turned and left and Sean pulled out a book and turned on a police box listening for something that might need his attention.
  4. Leon was in a little room in the back of the storage garage. He sat behind a desk waiting for his shipment.
    As he waited he looked in a notebook filled with names, the more names on the list more angrier he got.
    "Tibbit!" A member of The Forsaken entered the room. "Their outside waiting to discuss the deal."
    "Let them in. And tell Seth I need to see him."
    The gang opened the doors for the dealers outside. As they did that Seth, another member was talking with Leon.
    "Yes Tibbit, is something wrong?"
    "Take a look at this notebook. Do these names look familiar to you?"
    "Uh yes sir. They're the names of some costumers."
    "You are in charge of dealing those drugs, which also means you are in charge of handing me their money. Why haven't they payed?" Leon got mad the more he talked to Seth.
    "I'm trying to get the money, they hardly come on the streets when they know they have no money."
    "I need this money now! They had enough time. Find them and kill them and give me what they have."
    "Y-yes sir." Seth left the room and left out to find the people who have yet to pay.

    Seth (open)
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