Kawaki Island

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  1. Here is what I have so far.
    You will become part of a small village, you each will have jobs made from what you are good at. Scraps of materials will wash up on the main shore often and other things can be found around the island. Your group needs to supply the needs. Though clothing and fresh water will be supplied if your group can't find any water or your group doesn't have enough stuff for clothing. Serious Injurys, Medical issues and other
    Issues will be sorted out by our doctors that will make routine check ups every two weeks on Saturday. Your group will have major things to worry out but we can talk about that later. Right now we need you to sign these papers, here, here and at the bottom of the last page please... there now we need to get you ready to leave if you want to be in the first bunch of Survivors.

    Your will be heading to a island know as Kawaki Island. This is my island so my crew will set things up. Hidden cameras will be around valuable item's just to make sure I can know if the natives are stealing my stuff. Though they are not harmful to humans you should be careful not to set up camp to close as the youngsters steal food and valuables.

    Kawaki Island is a beautiful place. It is as you can tell surrounded by salt water with three beach faces and one Rocky one. A bit inland from the Rocky one is a large mountain, which can give a great view to those who are willing to climb it. Inland from the beach next to the Rocky cliff is the starting edge of a forest which gets split off in the middle to become a plains biomedical which goes on and then after that it becomes a line forest. The mountain touches all the different boomers from the regular forest to the sides of the beach. The natives live on the side of the mountain looking out over the ocean.
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  2. This could be interesting. I'm guessing it's some kind of social experiment / reality TV show thing? Also, given the setting is relatively small and will get explored pretty thoroughly, I hope you'll let me come up with some realistic geology for it.
  3. The island isn't that small and new things will be added and moved around as it is like a social experiment type of thing. Parts will come and new things will pop up so the characters will have endless things to explore. And remember what's on tv isn't always what really going on. A few tree may randomly dissipearor move around. Ruins will open and close. It's probably gonna get very imteresting.

    Do you have any things you think need to be described better here?

    More details will be added when I draw up a map of have someone draw up a map for me. Oh and if anyone has questions about the natives there camp moves around a lot so that's another thing.
  4. Yeah, the natives need better explaining, although I think a map is kinda pointless. If things are going to be moving around anyway, plus most people agree a map is just restrictive on the imagination.
  5. Ok so no map.

    Everything will be better explained when I make the sign up thread. I may need help with the tabs though. Oh well back to working out links and details.
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