Katrinka's: Another Story

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  1. Vanessa "Van" Williams stirred under the covers, half expecting Dinkley, her Great Dane to hop up on the bed and lick at her face to wake her but instead she was treated to the sound of light breathing next to her. Her mind swam with confusion, going over the events of the previous night.

    She was at the ballroom of Katrinka's Dating Service and everything was just gorgeous and there was Ebrille, offering his love and commitment to her in the form of a small crane statuette. Her heart swelled in love for the man, which she thought was crazy at the time, after all they hadn't known each other long enough but the longing she had felt for him seemed so very real.

    As they continued the night together she tried to tell him about her secret, their secret. The truth that she was pregnant and was carrying his child. She was afraid that he would reject the notion, that he wouldn't want anything to do with her, but the sooner she could tell him the happier she could be, no matter his response. When she had finally got him alone though panic broke out, the owner of the dating service, Katrinka, was found attacked in the wine cellar by one of the other girls at the dating service, April. One of the men, April's brother Van had later found out, went to take care of Katrinka and the ambulance and police had quickly arrived on the scene, making sure that everyone was safe and later found April in the hotel that was being built behind the one that Katrinka's service was held. Van had helped the paramedics to where Jon, April's brother, had been taking care of her. With all the confusion of the night it was understandable that Van hadn't had a chance to let Ebrille in on their secret.

    Van's eyes opened as she remembered the rest of the night. Next to her was Ebrille's adorable face, still asleep but Van couldn't tell how soundly. Afraid of being alone Van asked to stay with Ebrille, heading back to his home. That night they made love again, Van giving herself over to him without any resistance and this is where she found herself, in his bed, unclothed and waiting for him to open his eyes. A smile played across her lips as her eyes fluttered shut again, she'd let him wake up to find her there asleep. A contented sigh escaped her lips.
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    It had been comforting after the events of last night to be with Van. He had tried to keep his emotions pushed into the back of his mind about the subject. Everything had been divulged by the police and Ebrille was trying to keep his feelings from seeping into his relationship with Van. The night had been incredibly wonderful for him, though there was the nagging feeling of betrayal and karma. Ebrille kept these feelings bottled, that if Paris hadn't been cheating on him with other men then this wouldn't have happened to her.

    This sentiment, Ebrille swore he would never so much as whisper to another person. Even thinking it made him despise himself but he couldn't help that it was there at the back of his mind. He felt glad that Van had also been scared by the night, that she had wanted to stay with him, that he could not suppress his joy for her presence and gladly taken her back to his apartment.

    When Ebrille walked in the door, Avani had perked her head up over the arm of the couch and greeted them, as well as introducing them to the woman on the couch with her. Avani was, however, mercifully tame with her words and merely wished them a good night and said something gently that he couldn't remember, something uncannily nice for him. After going to his room, Ebrille did not spare a thought for anyone but Van. Van's acceptance of him after his expression of affection for her was thrilling, something that he could not begin to wrap his head around.

    Ebrille opened his eyes sleepily and the first thing that he saw made him smile broadly. The delicate sleeping form of Van next to him made his chest almost hurt. Ebrille reached a hand out to her, trying not to wake her but unable to keep his hands away. He slid his palm down the smooth plane of her stomach and over to her hips, adoring her form without her waking. Ebrille twined his fingers in Van's dark hair, watching her dreamily.
  3. Van felt his hands and fingers reach over and touch her body and a smile crept onto her face as she was coaxed lightly out of her slumber that she had slipped back into.

    "Mmm, good morning Ebby. Should we go get some breakfast?" Van groaned as she pulled herself up and stretched, rubbing her eyes with her clenched fists. She crossed her arms and looked down to him, "And I do have to get home at some point to feed and let Dinkley out. He's probably already made a mess somewhere in my apartment." She sighed, shaking her head and looking out the window at the warm and cheery day. It was strange how light and cheery everything seemed now that she knew the serial killer was killed by that girl April. I guess I should interview her for my next book... Another sigh issued from her lips, wishing she didn't have to go back to work but knowing that she would have to, the same went for Ebrille. "Maybe we can get lunch today if you have to work, I have to get ahold of that April girl and ask her some questions for work so if you're busy I can do that today..." She drifted off, looking into his eyes deeply, leaning in for another kiss.

    I'm never going to be able to tell him about this child...maybe I can ask him how he feels about kids at dinner some night soon, at least it wouldn't be a direct way of telling him... Van thought to herself.
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    To Ebrille, this entire morning was shaping up to be a dream for him. Van was reclining on his bed, her creamy skin a beautiful contrast to the vivid colors surrounding her and it occurred to him that he'd never considered the look of anyone's body against the royal purple of his comforter. The room in the was spacious and airy, a peculiarity for an apartment bedroom. The window was dressed with ivory curtains, a touch made by Avani, and Ebrille was oddly grateful for her touch in helping him to make his room more appealing. If he'd been left to his own devices, the room would be bare and not pretty. He'd likely be embarrassed to show it to Van, too, he reflected.

    "What time is it?" Ebrille asked groggily, searching around on his bedside table for the clock, since the question was one that Van couldn't answer and more a rhetorical. The clock face, adorned with monkeys, was a gift from his mother and he held it dearly in his hands while willing his eyes to focus on the time. At last, he placed it back down.

    "It's eight thirty, so we still have plenty of time to get some breakfast... if you don't mind me going in my work clothes" Ebrille smiled sheepishly. "Otherwise, I'm sure that I can cook you something here, if you'd rather that I not..." he knew full well that the beige overalls with a green paw print on the side could be embarrassing, especially when combined with the bright green tee shirt beneath it and green scrub boots.

    "Everything permitting, though, I can definitely do dinner at around nine, since the zoo closes at seven thirty. All of my duties definitely won't keep me longer than an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes so..."
  5. The dreamlike state that covered the room wasn't lost on Van either. From the way the light came through the ivory curtains and illuminated the royal purple of the covers. It was a bit of a surprise to Van, considering she'd only seen his room in the dark.

    She waited while he looked at the clock and offered to make her breakfast. "Not that I don't trust your cooking, I think we should go out for breakfast, because well..." she giggled and brought her knees to her chest and leaned in to whisper to Ebrille, "your roommate is kind of intimidating and I don't think she likes me too much..." She frowned as she sat back up and looked around the room for her clothes, the same ones from the party the previous night.

    "And I don't mind your uniform, it's cute, and I think it'd be wonderful to go out to dinner tonight too." Van smiled, brushing a few stray strands of hair from her face as she gingerly stepped out from underneath the covers and onto the floor, bending down to pick the dress that was puddled off to the side of the bed and began to pull it up over herself. "Maybe we can go to a cute little cafe by my house so I can let Dinkley out and change into...well, not the clothing I was wearing last night?" She said over her shoulder as she continued to root around for her shoes and wrap she was wearing. "Unless you know somewhere a woman in a cocktail dress and a guy in a zoo uniform wouldn't look out of place at?"

    And somewhere where I can tell you what I've been trying to tell you all last night...
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    Rubbing his chin, Ebrille had to concede that Van would be out of place at a restaurant in her cocktail dress. For this reason, he was more than happy to let her go home and change, even though he thought that she looked stunning in the dress. As for the bit about Avani, though, Ebrille chuckled a little bit as well.

    "I'm sure that she doesn't dislike you. We can go out to eat, my cooking is probably hazardous anyway. Avani, though, she's just a little bit wary... I do not have the best history with women." Ebrille stood up from the warm comfort of the bed and stretched languidly, completely baring himself before realizing that Van was there and he flushed red.

    From a nearby drawer, Ebrille seemed to conjure boxers almost instantly into his hands and had pulled them over his legs in a fluid movement. He would make sure to accompany Van outside the room if she felt embarrassed, which meant he had to pull on the many layers of work clothes quickly to not make Van wait.

    "Do you want to take my car, then?"
  7. Van smiled as she listened to Ebrille's explanation about Avani's protectiveness about him and she couldn't help but appreciate it, since she knew she felt the same way about him, although the night that Avani hit on her was still fresh and she really didn't like the idea that she was dating someone close to her.

    Van turned to Ebrille and blushed as she saw him bare in the broad daylight, a first for her but an enjoyable one none-the-less. She turned away to give him the proper amount of respect for his nudity and wondered again how she was going to bring up the news of their child. Maybe she would just stave it off until it was evident she was pregnant, at least then he would get the picture. Oh why is this so difficult...

    Shrugging the thought she nodded. "Yeah, your car it is, I took a cab to the party last night."
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    Completely dressed in his work clothes, Ebrille was perfectly ready now to go as far as clothes were concerned. Ebrille picked up his boots with one hand and searched through the clothes that he had discarded the night before for the one item left - his car keys. Having extracted the shimmering metal from the pockets of his clothes from the last night, Ebrille pocketed them somewhere in his overalls.

    Opening the door from his room, which led into the living room, Ebrille motioned to let Van exit before him. The room was, as usual, very quiet. Ebrille wouldn't have known that Avani was awake except for the fact that she was always awake this early. As expected, the only sign that there was anyone else in the apartment was the soothing aroma of percolating coffee. The smell was the symbol of morning to him - he'd been sharing an apartment with Avani since she turned eighteen and left her parent's house and this was as predictable as the sun rising.

    "You'll have to give me directions of course" Ebrille told Van, sitting down at the kitchen table to put on his boots. Van seemed tense, shifting from one foot to another and Ebrille hurried the process up. Just as quick as possible, Ebrille had finished and was opening the door leading out of the apartment. Before he exited, he turned back to the silent room.

    "BYE, INDIA."

    Ebrille's car was nothing spectacular but he was proud to have something with which to take her home. The old Chevy Impala was gray and a little beaten up but Ebrille happily opened the passenger side door for her. The smile on his face was more than enough evidence to how eager he was.
  9. Van hadn't meant to rush Ebrille, but she could see that he had noticed her discomfort. She patted his shoulder as he pulled on his boots, her own heels in her hand. She didn't have the urge to try and break her ankle so early in the morning, especially when she was so close to getting home so she could change.

    "Of course I'll guide you, it shouldn't be too bad, I don't actually live too far." She smiled as she stepped out the front door and waited for him to lock up, taking the chance to gaze at his handsome features. His car, though a bit older was much nicer than hers. Her mind wandered to her beat up old civic sitting in her parking garage under her apartment building. She didn't even think it could run anymore but she shrugged the thought and stepped into the passenger seat and waited for Ebrille the door for her. She smiled as he circled around and got in as well.

    "Okay, so we're just heading up to 3rd Avenue, towards the park." She smiled, and nodded to him before shifting her gaze out the window, her hand draped across her stomach in a very matronly manner.
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    If Ebrille noticed her maternal gesture in laying her hand over her stomach, it didn't register with his already whirring brain. Turning the keys in the ignition, he heard his car flare to life and, humming contentedly, he pulled the car away from the apartment buildings. The place that Van mentioned was not so far from here and he knew the park that she meant as she mentioned its location.

    Turning the radio on to some music, before turning the volume almost all the way down, Ebrille turned his focus to Van. The radio was a ritual, he liked the noise softly in the background while he drove. He was, however, unused to having someone in the car with him and he wasn't quite sure how to act. Of course, he thought, she wouldn't expect him to keep her entertained since he was driving. Still, he felt as though she might like to talk.

    "So, where do you want to eat? I'm not typically eating in this area, since when I go out, it's usually when I'm dead tired after work so..." Ebrille let his statement trail off, driving as though on autopilot and just now realizing that he'd considered what to say for so long, they were just a street away from Euphoria Park, the one that Van had mentioned.

    "Ah, also, where should I go now?"
  11. It had been a couple of months since Van and Ebrille had really started dating and things were really going well between them, in fact she was practically inviting him to live with her at this rate. It was strange though, how he hadn't noticed her growing belly, it was starting to pass from "just a bit of chub" to obvious baby bump, and she knew she'd have to tell him soon.

    Over the course of the past couple of months Van had started working on her newest book based on that crazy girl she had met a handful of times from Katrinka's, April Harvard and today she had to go on a meeting to meet with the girl. She had been trying to set it up for the past month but the girl seemed to have taken to traveling the world at a whim, of course that wasn't completely out of character for the young woman from what she had learned about her. As she rode in the taxi to the girl's "totes fave cute cafe shop" as she had put it she pulled out her phone and texted Ebrille quickly "Meeting with April for book stuff, meet me downtown in an hour?" She tapped out on her phone and placed it into her lap, waiting for a response, she was determined to tell him about her pregnancy now. It was time for him to know. She placed her hand in her purse and gently ran her fingers along the statuette he had given to her on their first date and smiled.
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    The morning was already mostly over already, but it was his day off after all, Ebrille justified to himself. After several minutes of attempting to extricate himself from the sheets and blankets that were wrapped around himself, Ebrille put his feet over the edge of the bed and yawned sleepily. Only a couple minutes away from ten in the morning. The sunlight was starting to filter through his window and he was glad for the fact that the sun was harassing him later in the day than it had in months prior. Rubbing his eyes, Ebrille scanned his room for the source of his awakening.

    Finally locating his phone on the top of his dresser, Ebrille flipped it open and scanned the message that Van had sent him. Though it wasn't laced with any sugary sweetness, Ebrille could still feel the affection radiating through the words. He felt a touch sappy for it, of course, but he was quite content with everything at the current point in time. He'd even considered talking with Avani about Van living with him. Knowing Avani, of course, she'd tell him that he was a lovesick puppy, but he knew that she'd be supportive.

    Pulling on his favorite gray jeans and a maroon button-up shirt, Ebrille stumbled into getting ready to head out and meet Van. It would take him a fair drive to get there and with the five minutes it took him to wake up and all, that took care of twenty minutes... he started ticking off things in his head that he had to do to make sure he had time. Showering, he thought suddenly, and regretted getting dressed already. Partway through getting unclothed again, he realized that he had yet to respond to the text. Ebrille flipped his phone back open and poked out a text to send to Van.

    "Where do you want to meet? I'll be there. Drive safely."

    Hopping into the shower, Ebrille hurried through his routine and was getting ready to leave when he realized that he didn't know his destination yet. Pressing his hand to his face, Ebrille dug through his pockets to grab his phone again.