Katekyo Hitman! Reborn!: One's Dying Will

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  1. Prologue
    The Italian Mafia days still continue as a new generation soars between the rock hard surface. New enemies appear and families from many generations ago still live on but with new bosses and gaurdians. There are new families introduced to the Italian Mafia but it’s hard to fit in when you’re the newbie family that re-appeared out of nowhere. As always, the Vongola Family still carries on with a strong legacy of past generation bosses such as Vongola Primo and Vongola Decimo.

    Main Plot
    The Vongola family is on the brink of destruction. A new family, the Dioucci, have captured the Mare rings and have set their sights on the Vongola Rings and Pacifiers, seeing to continue the 7 (exponent 3) Policy. They had killed each of the Decimo guardians in their path. Before they could do this, the Vongola Rings were sent to the chosen Guardians. Now, the Guardians assemble, learning about their destiny and beginning they're training. Their teacher: Hibari Kyoya, the only living Decimo Guardian in the world. Their Goal: Destroy the Dioucci.

    Character Sheet

    Age: (Between 14 and 16)
    Dethsperation Flame:
    Box Weapons: (Must be your Flame Attribute)

    Sky Guardian (Dioucci) / Leader of Dioucci - Overcast
  2. Name: Yuma Sukai
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Dethsperation Flame: Sky
    History: Born into the Millefore, his father went by the name Byakuran. He looks more like his mother, whose name is unknown. He was cast into hatred of the Vongola when Tsunayoshi Sawada put huge shame on his father, which caused Byakuran to later commit suicide. He mainly blames all of the Vongola. His powers are ten-fold that of Sawada before he began training, this is what caused him to so easily kill Tsuna. After his fathers' death, he founded the Dioucci.

    Box Weapons:
    Sky Gloves (Prev. owned by Tsunayoshi Sawada)

    Family: Dioucci
  4. Is this okay so far?

    Name: Felicity de la Stella
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Dethsperation Flame: Lightning (also known as thunder)
    History: When she was 9 her mafia parents were killed by people in Dioucci, leading her to hate Dioucci. Fuuta found her on the streets the next day, and took her on as an student she ranked '#3 most compatible with ranking planet' and "#4 Fuuta fan girl". He adopted her, and while raising her taught her how to connect to ranking planet. When Hibari met Fuuta for information to help save the Vongola family, he decided to let her join Vongola as a guardian.
    Box Weapons: -Vongola sky box weapon
    -Astral box ranking rabbit
    -Astral box ranking book
    Family: Vongola
  5. Well, I'd rather have someone who was found by Hibari himself. Perhaps she could be the Guardian of Lightning?
  6. Sure, or i'll try and find the mostfitting one