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  1. Karma

    Do you believe that a persons actions directly influence the good or bad fortune in their life? Do you live life hoping that good things you do will come back to you in one way or another?


    Like, majorly believe in karma. I've seen it in work. c__c People being super vindictive having it come back to bite them in the ass, or how a spontaneous good deed comes back in the form of something awesome later.
  3. I'm split on it, I think that karma isn't perfect and evil things can go unpunished and good deeds can go unrewarded but for the most part evil people get what they deserve in the end.
  4. I can't believe in it after all that's happened to my dad. He's had a whole assload of stuff unloaded on him throughout his life and done absolutely nothing to deserve it. The way I see it you either have good luck or bad. I've got relatively good luck, dad's got really bum luck. I tend to attempt to be good for the sake of it, and not because I think that it's going to define my luck.
  5. I totally stick around to see things bite jackasses right in the kiester.
  6. Karma is a wheel. That is all.
  7. ah, yes I do believe so that it exists
  8. Mhm. What goes around, comes around. :/ Enough has happened for me to believe it.

    Just some days ago, a guy I knew in high school was found dead in San Francisco. Sad to say, he had somethin' comin'. He was always an asshole to people and I'm sure he's had a share of crimes. It all came back to bite him. If that ain't karma, I don't know what is.
  9. I believe I've been given everything I deserve. The good and the bad. I can't say why I deserve it or how I earned it, but it's mine and I'll take it. All of it.