Karaoke Night!!!

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  1. [​IMG]
    When! May 18
    Where! Skype
    What time! 8:00 pm Iwaku time
    Theme! Duet

    Last karaoke night was a success and allowed me to see what problems needed to be fixed. Thanks all of you who came! This next night is going to be just as great!! I just need your Skype names; if I don't have them, PM me. Also, we need a line up. Please, click the link for the group and post what order you would like to go in, and we also record this night. If you do not want to be recorded then you need to post your name in the "Do Not Record" thread that I will make in the group.

    Besides that... look over the rules in the group, pick your songs, everything will be jolly and we will have a night of fun!

    Official Karaoke Group!
  2. ... I am so up for this.. but Duet's sometimes don't work due to the timing and lag that skype has from one place to the next :( x
  3. Yeaahhh. It isn't a perfect system, but it worked pretty alright last time. You don't need to worry about it.
  4. UPDATE!!! The night is being moved to the 17th!
  5. It has come! Karaoke night! Make sure you find songs that work for two people since it is duet night!! If you have yet to PM me your name.. do so now. I will not go looking for your name on the site ^.^

    Anywho!! I hope to see y'all tonight!
  6. :c I don't know that many people here D: -sighs- I would have loved to sing "Need you Now"
  7. Okay guys.. It has just now been brought to my attention that I should probably move the night to tomorrow since it is Friday. I apologize for already moving it once.


    Tomorrow... SAME TIME

    Once again.. I'm sorry you guys.