Kandos Rising (OOC/CS)

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  1. Are you prepared?
    Prepared for what you ask? Why... HIM of course.
    You don't know him? Then who are you?
    Welcome to the land of Zelos! This is a wonderful and peaceful place! For now... however, a great darkness is rising. (There are no cliche's here, whatever do you mean.)
    Now you, a hero (or villain) in the making, have been hit with a sudden message across every country within Zelos. The message comes from the name Kandos and it says to watch the public magic mirrors at 1:00.
    Now you must wait...
    (Position) [Races within]
    The World:
    Zelos, divided into 8 provinces.
    1: The Alliance ( Center of the continent) [Humans, Sylph, Amazons, Orcen, Veran]
    2: The Red Plains (The Southeast edge) [None/Unkown]
    3: The Grey Jungle (Directly East) [Veran, Carna]
    4: The Great Expanse ( The Entire Northern Border) [Orcen, Carna]
    5: The Midnight Forest (To the West) [Sylph, Carna]
    6: Silver Desert (Southwest) [Veran]
    7: The Underworld (Underground) [Demons and Dark Gods]
    *Rumored 8: Skyedge (In the Heavens) [The Gods]

    The Alliance (open)
    This province is the most greatly fortified area on Zelos and is home to the similarly named Grand Alliance Government. The terrain in this province is varied, changing slightly the closer you get to each border. In the middle, where the capital city lays, is what they call the Grand Vault Garden. This Oasis is approximately 1 1/2 miles long and wide and holds all the Alliance's governmental functions. Outside the garden is the public areas and the city itself, all grouped together by the cities 60 ft tall walls.

    The Red Plains (open)
    This aptly named wasteland is full of Volcanoes, Geysers, and Monsters. However, it is also home to the most rare and desirable minerals, gems, and natural alloys in the world. These include a large concentration of silver, gold, and platinum in the volcanoes themselves. Some have come to beleive that the monsters of this region are actually descendents of ancient demons that rose from the underworld through the volcanoes. As well as some actually being demons themselves.

    The Grey Jungle (open)
    This region is a thick jungle of trees, these trees are fed by the abundant nutrients in the ash that floats from the volcanoes in the Red Plains. As such, the leaves themselves are ashen white, along with ash that falls on them. The air is dry enough to dehydrate unaccustomed creatures in an hour, but the ash makes for a very good fertilizer, as well as a good source of class.

    The Great Expanse (open)


    The Races of Zelos:
    1: Humans
    2: Carna (Animal people)
    3: Sylph (Elves)
    4: Orcen (Grouping of Orcs, Goblins, and Ogre)
    5: Amazons ( All-female Giants)
    6: Veran (Insect People)
    Weapon, Magic, Abilities: (I will prevent anything overpowered here)
    As GM. I will be playing two characters, The World, and Kandos. (He's the villain if you haven't guessed.)
    You may play as many characteds as desired, I only ask you make sure you can handle however many you make.
    Currency of Zelos is a silver coin, with things like a sword or shield costing about 100 Coins.
    Ask me any questions you have!​
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  2. Character Sheet.

    Dercy Aitken.

    20. (( I honestly don't know what your age preference is so.. *^* ))



    Dercy is an out-going person, born within the Midnight Forest. Her mothered name her Dercy, due to the fact that her mother believed that the child whom was born in their family, the first child within a long time, they would become very.. Demented, evil almost. Of course, Dercy's now twenty and nothing really has changed about her. She's just an out-going, demanding, sassy young adult who hates the word no. Now, if that's 'Evil' in anyone's dictionary or mind, then so be it. Dercy, having been alone most of her childhood and teenage years, had become quite... Accustomed to having strange likings and to being alone. Loneliness didn't exist in her mind, she had many people talking to her all at once in her head, they always gave her advice on what she should do. No one knew about her little voices though, which Dercy liked to keep it that way.

    Weapon, Magic, Abilities:
    Dercy doesn't have any magic, nor any special abilities that she knows about. Her weapon consists of just a small dagger, the handle golden with a small purple crest in the middle. The blade, sharp, and had small designs engraved on it that meant luck and death from an old foreign language.

    -- If needed, I can always Edit and add more to the Bio, Magic, and Abilities. --​
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