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    The extradimensional Board Monsters, originating from the Board Realm. Their motive - conquer the planets of our realm, and turn these worlds into zones where they can frolick freely.

    The Board King, Maou, was pleased with the expansion of his realm by using his minions to transform bits of ours into Labyrinths, expansive distortions that can potentially alter time and space enough to make the living conditions suitable for his fellow Board Monsters.

    His daughter, the Board Princess Tiamat, felt that it was enough. A few of her subjects agreed with her, and thus, awaited her orders. Upon learning that Maou was ready to begin his invasion of Earth starting from the town 'Karasuma City', Tiamat and her few subjects decided to head there before he did.


    Kamen Rider Step


    The Board Monsters. They use structures known as 'Roll Die' and 'Toss Coin' as catalysts to anchor themselves to our plane. These resemble simple dices or simple coins, but these little toys can attach themselves to humans in order to gain access to combat-based forms, and eventually, fully take over the human and summon their Labyrinth from the controlled mind into the very fabric of reality.

    The Board Princess Tiamat, along with a few of her subjects, wish to stop this. While she has used a formerly-comatose woman as a host, her subjects are still anchored to their Roll Die and Toss Coins.

    Now, she is attempting to find hosts for her subjects, so that they too, can fight against the incoming threats of her father, the Board King Maou.

    While the invaders who follow Maou turn humans into Board Monsters, the ones who follow Tiamat cooperate with humans and willingly transform their host humans into Kamen Riders.

    Well, let the games begin.​
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    • 1. Oh, the usual rules of Iwaku.
      2. No godmodding, powerplaying, etc.
      3. A little warning - this is a mildly dice-based Roleplay. Dice rolls are important mainly in these actions - Transformation, Special Attacks(Rider Kicks and the like) and summoning your Board Monster inside a Labyrinth.
      4. One Rider character per Roleplayer. I will consider allowing max. 7 Riders.
      5. If you have read this, turn towards the IC thread and post the application there instead.
      6. Have fun!
    • Board Monsters are the main antagonists of this Roleplay. They are extradimensional beings that require Roll Die and Toss Coins to anchor themselves to our plane. Their leader is the Board King Maou, who will be an NPC in this Roleplay.

      Their anchors can be absorbed into humans, and in time, the human's minds will transform into a Labyrinth, an internal mind-based reality that only Kamen Riders or other Board Monsters can access through special means. In other words, the mind will be taken over by the Board Monster, allowing the Board Monster to gradually transform its surroundings to that of its Labyrinth.

      The other beings that inhabit the Labyrinth are known as Game Pieces, minions of the Board Monsters. They are weak compared to the Board Monsters, but they are very huge in numbers.

      Board Monsters, like the ones following Tiamat, can be allies to Kamen Riders, functioning as transformation devices. Certain Board Monsters that do not follow Tiamat can also allow transformation into a Kamen Rider. These Board Monsters are known as Board Assists. They cooperate with the human as opposed to fully controlling them. While they are mostly friendly, some seem to be more anti-heroic.
    • In this Roleplay, Kamen Riders gain their power from Roll Die, which are shaped like cubes with measurements of 3cmX3cmX3cm(although there are 8-sided, 10-sided and 4-sided variants, which are rarer) and Toss Coin, which are cylindrical discs of 3cm diameter and 0.2cm height.

      When transforming, Roll the Die to assume your form, while including the reason 'HENSHIN'.

      When performing a special attack such as a Rider Kick, roll the 3 six-sided die to determine the magnitude of your attack. 3 identical numbers is equivalent to rolling a total of 30, as opposed to the maximum possible 18. An attack equal to your current form's full strength is a total roll of 6, with anything lower being weaker.

      While inside a Labyrinth, you can summon your Board Assists in the same way Wizard and Beast summon their imprisoned Phantoms. Your Board Assists can aid you in battle, or if they're rather aggressive, attack you at the slightest sign of weakness.

      Do note that in this Roleplay, the motif is - Traditional Tabletop Games. Games like Poker, games like Chess, etc.
    • Roll Die and Toss Coin are the main transformation devices in this Roleplay. They are the anchors for Board Monsters to exist in this realm. At the start of the Roleplay, each Rider will have one Roll Die OR Toss Coin.

      They may come in sets with Support Die and Support Coin, which are just glorified names for the additional gadgets used to determine the magnitude or even type of Special Attack you will use. Needless to say, these do not contain any sentient beings.
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    • Name:
      Assumed Gender:
      Character Type: Board Monster
      Appearance: If possible, both human host and real form
      Abilities: What can he do?
      Labyrinth: Describe the appearance of your Labyrinth, its effects, hazards and even the terrain and weather. Do note that Kamen Rider are essentially humans infused with Board Monsters, just like your character, just in a different way.
      Game Pieces: What Game Pieces are present in your Labyrinth? How many of each can you summon into the mortal plane?
      History of Host: Clearly optional.
      Other Information:
    • Name:
      Kamen Rider Alias:
      Character Type: Kamen Rider
      Rider Information (open)
      Put everything here in a spoiler like this. Every Rider is different, so feel free to customize this to fit your character. For example, if there are two levels of transformation, do state so.

      Rider motif: What is the basis of your Rider?
      Driver Name: A Driver is basically your transformation belt.
      Driver Appearance:

      Form Name: Copy and paste this a number of times equal to the number of faces on your little toy.
      Dice Face: The emblem on your Roll Die or Toss Coin when this is activated. Do note that your Roll Die or Toss Coin do not have numbers, but unique emblems.
      Form Appearance:
      Height: In metres.
      Weight: In kilograms.
      Punching Power: In tons.
      Kicking Power: In tons.
      Form Abilities:

      Weaponry: Describe and display any weapons you have. Feel free to add dice roll mechanics. For example, a four-sided die where you roll a 1 to get Diamonds, a 2 to get Spades, etc., while in-RP it's actually drawing cards as a form of weaponry.

      Equipment: Everything else, really. From Assistant Robots(Disc Beasts, PlaMon...) to vehicles, especially your Rider Bike.
      History: Additionally, explain how he got a Roll Die/Toss Coin.

      Board Assist name:
      Assumed Gender:
      Roll Die/Toss Coin form appearance:
      True form appearance: The form when summoned in Labyrinths.
      Abilities: While summoned in a Labyrinth. Once again, you are allowed to customize this using dice mechanics.
    • Name:
      Character Type:
      Skills and Abilities:
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  2. Kamen Rider Reserves

    Crow - Kamen Rider Step - Snakes & Ladders
    digiexpert - Kamen Rider Match - Chess
    Aiva - Kamen Rider ??? - 52 card deck​
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  5. Just saying, the luck mechanic kind of goes against typical narrative convention. Think, did Beast EVER roll a 3 or 4? I think he even only rolled a 2 and 5 once each. Usually, it was a 1 or 6, as dramatically appropriate. It was a six to save the day, or a 1 to screw him over, as needed dramatically. He never rolled a 3 or 4 because he never needed to only-kinda save the day.
  6. Well, it's either make dramatic rolls which are basically god modding or have it purely luck and have fun with the results.
  7. With Beast's "Stronger with higher numbers" rolls, I'd agree: we'd have to make drama from how the die landed. But other than a gag, when has, say, OOO put in the wrong medals, or W selected the wrong Gaia Memories? I don't mean "The right ones to get the job done best", just "the one they meant to use". And since this one isn't always numbers based (Though I Could totally see a Liars Dice themed rider who's attacks were fuled by higher numbers, but he'd probably only be one form, just varriable attacks), just like "Oh, I can get King, Queen, Jack, or Ace form, which are all different rather than just stronger", random chance feels out of place for the genre.
  8. Well, while I am still pondering, I have now decided to remove the dice roll mechanics from transformation. Among all the things up there mentioned, this is the one that has to go the most. I can accept Special Attack power levels to be luck based(although I might modify it).

    In other words, in-RP, you toss the Roll Die, then turn into whichever form you want.
  9. Good. Still totally okay with Power Level rolls for specials, it does things like easily let monsters escape for Round Two, which is totally in genre.
  10. I should probably make the banner ad and stuff to boost popularity later.
  11. Wow I am so sorry I've not posted. Brother got in an accident so I've been busy with that. I'm working on it, but slowly because almost no time.
  12. Final Form Ride.
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  14. I hope ya'll are still taking interest.
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