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  1. So I have two that I have been slowly working on. While these aren't complete builds (as I am still working on them) I was hoping to bother enough people to read them and see what they think.

    I have the Arahitogami which is based off of Japanese lore of the Arahitogami, and the Arc which are based loosely on the Atlantean/Minoan legends. I've been working on the Arahitogami for a few years now, while the Arc have been a work of just a few months.

    Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas are welcomed.
  2. DANG. 30 views and not a single comment.

    They must really be sucky ideas or something.
  3. They looked okay to me... I'm not much for humanoids, myself, but it looks like you've put some thought into them. Have you RPed characters from either/both of these races yet?
  4. Yes, unfortunately not on this site though.

    What types of characters do you roleplay if you don't roleplay humanoids?
  5. Well, characters like in this RP I'm GMing.

    All of my "critters", whether I've played them in RP or not, are extensively detailed, biologically, anatomically, socially, culturally... and personally, for the individual character involved. I have everything from an aerosquirrel, genetically engineered combo of squirrel and bird (and some other bits) made in a lab, to an adaptimorphic techno-biological creature who lives on a giant torroid "donut"... for want of a better descriptor. On another site, I'm presently playing my character Sev Ornil, a Kah'Saun, in another RP I'm GMing. Nice thing? I "discovered" new things about him and his species in this particular story, details which have now cemented details about Kah'Saun physiology, related to their Spiritual perceptions (they have a literal "Third Eye") and to the differences between males and females. Didn't expect that when I started the thread, but it shows how you can "find things out" through RP. One of the reasons I roleplay, to begin with.
  6. A lot of that which I see looks brilliant to me. Seriously.

    And yeah, I have learned or discovered things about my characters from roleplay as well. Its actually really fun! I just don't think I will be able to do that here, because my races probably aren't all that interesting for roleplaying.

  7. Thank you... :bsmile:

    And you can never know, if you don't play them. My main problem is, I have so many critters, and not enough time. Heh...
  8. Well what I mean, for me, is that other people probably avoid my characters because they seem too "powerful" or "perfect".

    Though that isn't the case.. The Arahitogami are very strong, resilient as individuals. But they haven't lived on the surface in so long, any time period they come up in they are very confused and in awe of what they see. It actually makes for very fun scenes.

    One of my characters ran into a pill bug and it rolled up, and he started yelling at it for having bad manners.

    Just things like that are fun to me. Idk why.
  9. Heh...

    It's things like that... makes the whole "creation" effort worthwhile. Being I'm already human/humanoid, I like to play "critters" just so I can throw in "alien" perspectives like that. As you may have noted with Peet, he doesn't have the same viewpoint about nudity that humans have, amongst other differences in how he sees the universe. My namesake Roose, for instance. For mature you males not yet mated, covering their newly emerged wings is more important than covering anything else. So, after a shower, he'd be wrapping a towel around his shoulders, rather than around his waist...

    ... and comp is about to shut, so see you later.

    Edit: Public computing is a pain, but I'm here again, with a question... In what way am I brilliant? Knowing that answer would help me to grow as a writer... to know what I'm doing right, at the very least. Always helps to have one's work critiqued. Thanks... :cookie:
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