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  1. Okay, I'm a bit new to the forums, so why not kick it off with a little artwork? Here's a few pictures I've done, starting with my take on the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The first one's a bit big...


    And here's a picture of a little half-elf of mine, Linwe.


    Hope you like them. :)
  2. Woah. o_o

    These are gorgeous pictures. Those centaurs are badass and that half-elf is adorable! <3
    You'd better share some more. You got talent, love.
  3. Thank you very much! Here are a couple more, starting with my dragon man Miir.


    And his brother, the angora goat Vince. :D

  4. Kai. I believe you are now an instant hit. Do you have the one of Arte and Miir done?

    And I think you blew Fluffy's mind.
  5. Not yet, I'm working on it though. :)
  6. Yeah... I'm a big time art appreciator. These masterpieces are just so wonderful. <3

    I want to hug Vince. c__c
  7. Thanks, that means a lot to me. And I wouldn't mind hugging him either. He can be a bit hot headed at times though.
  8. Damn, thats all I wanna say......
  9. I take it you approve?
  11. Interesting art work!
    I'm a sucker for horror and for the embodiments of ideas, so the first one grabbed me.
  12. Glad you both like them! Other artist's depiction of the Four Horsemen were mostly the same. But when I think 'horsemen' I think centaur.

    They are pretty manly, aren't they? Larger hands and feet, wider shoulders, angular faces and wider mouths are how I get them to look more masculine. :)

    And narrower eyes in comparison to the ladies.
  13. :) Thanks~. Shall go off to practice hands now~ x) Pshaw. I can't wait to see moore~. /shot
  14. Well. I'm jealous now. D:< Damn you.
  15. Approval is not what I feel, awe is closer to the truth.
  16. Ack, damnation!! Oh noes! O.o

    It took a lot of practice to get everything right, but with that practice comes improvement. I've been drawing since I was nine, so I have seventeen years of experience. (Yes, I'm twenty six. I'm probably older than most of the members here.) It's like writing, the more you do it, the more it becomes second nature. I'm sure there are a lot of writers here who are WAY more skilled than I am, and I really look forward to role playing with everyone. Bouncing ideas off other artists really helps to find shortcuts too and helps with artistic block.

    Here are a couple more, if you're interested.

    This is Shan, who's difficult - but fun - to draw.


    And some non-anime styled lineart of Brynn, my berserker. He really needs to be colored so I can add the rest of his freckles.

  17. ...Whoa.... o__o
    You are...
    As Fluffy said, you have talent. A lot of it. <3
    Love the details and the faces are just...perfect. >w<
  18. Thank you very much! Glad you captured me earlier? :D
  19. So do you only do fantasy races?

    Also yous work would look at home in shadowrun, you're only missing bodymods.
  20. No, I do any race that interests me at a certain point in time. I have a few art pieces in my profile area, if you'd like to see them. Afraid I'd never heard of Shadowrun. What is it?