Kagerou Days:New Eyes

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  1. Intro
    In an alternate universe of Mekakucity, there is a different Mekakushi Dan. They aren't anyone we have seen in the previous story. Although, they are still kids who ended up with an eye power with a past not to be discussed. Kids who ended up meeting each other by chance.

    In Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Days(Daze), people have died on August 15th with someone they loved. As a result, they were sucked into something called the Kagerou Daze. After reliving the tragedy over and over, one of the people were able to escape after being possessed by a snake, and received an eye power. Leaving their loved one in the daze by themselves. Their power is uncontrollable in the beginning and their eyes now turn red when ever using their power because of the snake.

    Where you come in
    If you are actually interested, you would probably suspect you are a member of the Mekakushi Dan in this AU. Think of the Dan as some sort of club that isn't in school, but instead an abandoned building they made into a home. The goal of everyone in this Dan is to get back their loves ones, if possible, and end the daze. Each member had a number for a code name and a position. (Subplots are welcomed)

    Needed Positions
    Leader-Like the name says they were named lead the group. They were nominated by everyone else. They are #01
    Sub-leader-If the leader isn't there. They would most likely be in charge. They are #02

    Queen/King of Snakes-This isn't their real potion title. They are 1/2 Medusae(Can only turn people into stone). Anything else about them is unknown. They are #05. (Have this talk to me)

    Everyone else can make up their own position in the CS or be a normal member. These are the only ones needed.

    -All Iwaku rules
    -No fighting, just dicussions
    -Need to drop out, just say so.
    -I want some sort of reply at least once a week or longer if notified.
    -If it comes to it, I will make the final call.
    -Maximum of two members per a person

    -I might be grounded sometime so I want a Co-GM. (Never know)
    -Not an entirely strict RP, but if rules are needed, they will be made
    -I'm not expecting this to be long term, but if wanted I can
    -Add more to the CS if you want, like a theme song.

    Name: (Any type or language is fine)
    Age: (10-19)
    Height & Weight:
    Appearance: (Picture or description)
    Personality: (Make sure to add at least 1 flaw)
    Position:(Make up your own, one of the above, or put normal member)
    Number: (Like your code name. The ones above are assigned one.)
    Eye Power: (Power that is activated. These usually are based off the eyes and their personalities. Also have names like 'Concealing eyes' or 'Hidden eyes'.)
    Loved one:(Loved one that died with you and is stuck in the heat haze)
    Past:(Doesn't have to be big)
    Special Associations with Members: (Not required, but you can put someone else's character if you agreed)
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  2. I think this is an interesting idea.... would we follow the same pattern as in Actors, where they are all vocaloid? Or is it going to be free reign?
  3. More free reign. You just have to figure out how to get your loved ones out of the heat haze yourself
  4. Got it.... now time to get my other things out of the way so I can write up a cs.