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  1. Kageko in general have been around for eons but no one knows where they came from, and if they did have a life before their current existence, they don't remember it. They consider themselves incomplete creatures as they are always missing something whether it be the ability to feel compassion or simply the ability to read and comprehend written words. Their natural form is shapeless and shadowy but over the years they've became masters of shapeshifting, allowing them to be literally anything they want to be. Because of this they are rather crafty and creative creatures by nature, and yet tend to have obvious or otherwise unimaginative names for themselves (hence Nameless and Record Keeper).

    Another thing to note about Kageko, or Shadow Children, is that they often live in buildings built before the 1900's. This is because, more often than not, these buildings were built over magic pools and after a while the remnants of a magic pool begin forming a pocket dimension, or a replica of the building separated from the rest of the world. Though, in places were the barrier between the replica and the original are thinnest, sometimes what goes on in the replica effects the original, leading some humans to believe they are being haunted.

    As hinted at in the intro, there are angels and demons as well as other supernatural creatures but I would like to keep them to side characters and focus on the Kageko. But if need be the focus can change. Any further questions or otherwise feel free to comment below. I apologize in advance if the intro is awkward to reply and it's too big of a problem I'll edit it some.

  2. I might be interested in joining in on this. In fact, I might be very interested. But when you say they are "away from civilization" does that mean that they aren't going to have any contact with the human world? If I create a character who lives with yours, is it going to only be situated in the house? Or does the fact that they have no mass mean they can teleport, and I can send my character into the heart of civilization?
  3. They can still go between 'civilization' and their pocket dimension :) Take the image of the castle above. Inside the pocket dimension symbolized by a bubble, that's what the castle and it's surroundings look like, but once one steps out of the 'bubble' they're now in a completely new, modernized landscape. The castle might even look different or might not even be there. 'Away from civilization' might have been the wrong choice of words, it's more like they're separated from civilization and modern era entirely.

    Does that make sense?
  4. Ah! Yes, I see!

    Do you have a city that you would like this to take place in? Or is it just generic world-place A?
  5. [​IMG]

    I like the thought of creating our own city :3
  6. Sure! I'm up for that!

    Are we going sci-fi? Because I noticed a lot of floating cars in that first picture.
  7. Not exactly :) Most of the pictures are urban fantasy.
  8. Urban fantasy... I can work with that, although I don't have much experience with it. Is it a densely populated city? Or not so dense? Is it riddled with crime? Who is the mayor?
  9. Densely populated and riddled with crime. The last question in irrelevant to the roleplay.
  10. Oh, come on! The last question is hilarious!

    I'll get up a post tomorrow morning. It is getting late here, and I need to go to bed soon. But I'm sure you'll like my character. He's quite... well, a character!
  11. So, what kind of adventures will we have?
  12. I'll try to have a post sometime this week, but I'm hoping more people join this.

    Mistress, I have things planned but those things are more last resort types in case no one else comes up with anything, so it's pretty much up to you guys :)
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  13. Joining~
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  14. I'd like to join as well.
  15. Yehey!
    You've revived the rp!!
  16. Cool! Now I can actually post! I'm gunna do that at some point today.
  17. I'll wait for Noctis' post for one more day,
    and then I'll have Faceless leave the room and interact with the others.
  18. Freyy poses an interesting question. Do Kageko even have parents? The general impression I got from reading Noctis' description is "no", but anyone else got a take on it?
  19. The thought never crossed my mind.
    I figured they were humans in the past life,
    and turned into Kagekos...
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