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Welcome to Kabyt's Magick Hat!
About This Page
-- This won't be very long, for detailed information about me see my Profile and RP Resume. This page will be used to keep up with 1x1s I'm currently engaged in, as well as a place for keeping all my Character Sheets in one place. I will also broadcast the 1x1s Plots I'm trying to fill. --

In General I'm Looking For ::
✖ ✖ Long Term Rp - Something with Character Development and Detailed Plot Lines
✖ ✖ Active - Dedicated Role - Players who will stick with it even though you don't have to post everyday! We all have things to do other than rp! So I'm not that type but vanishing for weeks on end is a no - no
✖ ✖ Paragraph to Multi Paragraph Posts! I am trying to become an amateur novelist! I love substance, detail, and description within my posts. I may get overboard on posts and I normally range anywhere between 200 - 5000 words per posts. I am flexible and will work with my partners.
✖ ✖ I'm most active during 5 PM - 10 PM weeknights and ALL WEEKEND CENTRAL U.S.A TIME however, I also lurk on Skype 24/7 @ poe.etic.enigmis . And even when at work I am lurking normally here.
✖ ✖ I'm mostly looking for 1x1s on the Forum Threads, as I have come to realize my 1x1s in Private Messages keep getting deleted accidentally due to my OOC tendencies. So no PM rps sorry.

Inside The Magick Kabyt Hat . . .

1x1s In Progress
This is a work in progress section, gotta see who all is still wanting to rp with me, ^.^; Have been abscent as of late due to Novella November. So yeah WIP more coming here soon!

The List!
✖ ✖ Blue Moon Rising || kabyt's CYNDER x @Haru Michi 's SNOW
✖ ✖ Mad Chase & the Soldier Boy || Kabyt's KABYT x @dunruffle 's ARGUS
✖ ✖ Aether's Ends |x| Kabyt's ACEIA x @Uneasy Goat's FELIPE
✖ ✖ Draken Hunger |x| Kabyt's ESHKELL ERAGON VERSION x @Greased Smitening 's ELIAS
✖ ✖ The March of 1000 Yokai |x| Kabyt's KASAISORU x RaggingEskimo RaggingEskimo 's RUNE
✖ ✖ Demon Hunting |x| Kabyt's ARAVELIA WIP - CS x @~Lone~ 's SAVEN
✖ ✖ Treasure Planet |x| Kabyt's KABY x @SleepyxWriter 's ASHTON CARTER


✖ ✖ Sailor Moon: Noire Crystal |x| Kabyt's x @NyxTheNash x @UsagiCiel VARIOUS CHARACTER'S EACH!

What I'm Having a Sweet Tooth For. . .
✖ ✖ Pokemon Ginjinka-Morph: Not your average Pokemon Rp. Spy Games and Espionage : 1/4 USERS - BEFORE BEGIN
NON CANON / ADULT NATURE / VIOLENCE AND THEMES Krodyst Isle Region is thought to be mainly uninhabited, and cut off from the rest of the world. Only a few 'Villages / Towns' exist and many of them are styled more like the Hidden Villages from Naruto having ninjas that protect their island from each other. But Pokemon Do No Exist in this world. Instead Ninjas are trained to learn the art of PG (pokegenesis) an ability passed down from the pkmn themselves supposedly; allows for those trained to harness the power of Pokemon Fossils (all pkmn have fossils now obviously) and transform temporarily into a Gijinka (pkmn anthro). Harnessing the poweress of that long lost pokemon and battling to defeat gyms to keep peace. Rangers would be the higher level PokeMorphers. And the morph could be either of anthro style or magic armor. We'd also start with only 2 or 3 morphs and get more along the way as our abilities advanced.
--So the plot would advance from the Rangers going about their normal lives protecting their villages and then a massive army of bug pkmn show up and a new threat is realized one of the islands has living pkmn and what is worse they have Mega Evolving power and will be our bad guys. A team of mad scientists who are screwing with Megaevolution abilities and stones (like radiation) A small team of these PokeGenesis Rangers will be put together to fight and battle their way to the baddies and it will be adventure based.

✖ ✖ OOCity Brawl: Imagine a cartoon version of our own modern day reality that gets all the perks of anime / cartoon insanity. Now populate this city with our own avatars. Customize your avatar however you like. Then WOOP ASS AND BATTLE FOR GLORY! OOCITY BRAWL WHO WILL BE MAYOR! -STILL WIP will be GROUP RP SUPER CASUAL and just mostly for fun PM for interest and further development ideas you may have!

In Short & In Closing, I'd like to say this. I role - play to Write, my posts may be long, & I may be overly creative at times. But I have flaws; I do not have perfect grammar and i would like for those who consider themselves Grammar Nazi's to kindly Fuck Off. I don't have time for that crap I'm not an editor I'm a writer and a creative. Like everyone though I make mistakes.

Like Dragons or Dragon Riders ? Original Settings / RPs? Would you like to see a Brand New Fantasy Forum?
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Character Archive!
All my lil babies are found here. Please Treat them nicely and we'll all get along fine -CACKLES- Some of them do bite tho... so be wary with who you decide to play with ^.~


  • • Name •
    means : Soul of Fire

    • Age •
    566, can appear any range of age

    • Gender •

    • Sexuality •
    Bi - Sexual

    • Yōkai •

    • Element •
    Soul Flame - I have my own views on how the elements work I will be posting in my blog about that later. Will link it through here. But in essence think of it as all elements have a source Soul is that source and in my characters case that element imprinted with her natural alignment of fire. So at one time way in her past Kasai’s element was Fire alone, needless to say after 600 years she has evolved.

  • • The Wish •
    Shhh it’s a secret. No one is really sure What Kasaisoru’s wish was, this is due to the fact many believe her to be a true demon. One of the original Sin’s / Demons born into the world to create their ‘Families’. This of course is not the case, as other S-CLASS Yōkai would know, Kasai was once human Long Long LONGGG ago. Some believe she herself may have even forgotten what her wish was, and that she was once human.

    • Persona •
    The Good Side:
    -- Kasai when in a good mood is known to fall into fits of giggles, and generally act like a young adult, full of life, exuberant and happy for the most part. This being said she can also quickly switch her emotional ranges and states of mental stability in a the blink of an eye. Some would say she is a ... Bit Bi-Polar, and in fact when happy she is very much at the whim of her emotions. She always seems to wear her feelings on her sleeves. But some believe this Happy side of her is only a mask, and one of Many she is thought to wear. No one is Truely aware of the REAL Kasaisoru. But as a happy go lucky 16 - 25 year old she acts in ways that are sometimes immature and at other times extremely serious! This is however the persona she wears when in public most often. Her HUMAN Image demands that she appear for all public appearences that she is a simple Temple Maiden, Niece to the local C.E.O to Komic the big brand Mange and Game company in Osaka Japan. Do you think you can tell her mask?

    The Neutral Demon:
    -- When in the company of her true 'Family' those Yokai of the 'Seishin Hikari Troupe' she remains normally a neutral blank slate in which they converse with either through her Three Generals Or by way of audience with her. She keeps this neutral state until the doors close and she's with those closest to her. Then she become very much a immature, devious, mischief, and conniving little bitch. She avidly plays video games in her thrown room, avoiding her responsibilities seemingly while in truth she knows every little thing going on about her Shrine and with her Demons. She keeps a VERY close eye on things even though she seems to be completely ignoring life in general like a stupid teenager. But get her back in and around those who serve about her and she seems almost Cold in her commands and compliments to tasks done well for her. Put her into the public eye though and she reverts to that cheery happy 'Human-Self' she plays out.

    The Darkness Below the Surface:
    -- When you take things to the next level and decide to either decieve or betray 'Her Mistress' Things get down right fucking scary. Not only does it take ALOT to call out her dark / angry side, but if you cause her to take a full shift when in battle your ass better be ready. She is violent in full form and when pissed she can hail ANY of her powers even when in human form, with ease to which is just down right not normal. Kasaisoru tends to Ignore things that make her angry at first, but if things persist she will last out. Her violent nature is not only due to her bi - polar mental status, but also due to the fracture in her personality. Having taken so many human shapes to deceive manipulate and betray those throughout her life time has had an extreme effect on her persona. This , some say, is the reason behind her complete insanity. She has so many various personalities, masks, and shapes she's forgotten who she really is. But then again this could all be a mask itself... hard to say.

    In General However...

    -- Kasai is deception within deception within a fucking maze of deception. It's unclear if she is only playing at madness or is actually completely and absolutely insane; but those within her Family have a general 'Love' From her, even though she mostly seems like a twisted sister who can appear at any range of age in any shape at anytime. It's quite unnerving to those who try to go on with their normal lives. In fact turning down her Troupes March, joining with her battalion, is most welcome with her. She finds it absolutely fun to fuck with your 'Life' In fact it's one of her Hobbies if she has no one to trick and play with within her en-debted tabs then she simply screws around with those in her Family playing nasty tricks and being just quite a devious little prankster.

    • Short Bio •
    -- Very little is known about the True Kasaisoru, or where she came from, or even if her true age is correct, but her life is long and measured back by the Yokai she keeps company with now. Some think that even Kasai has forgotten her own history. But in truth she remembers every little tiny detail of every moment and her life haunts her. But in current times she has moved to Osaka Japan with her Family and opened a Shrine! in their honor. Like a slap in the face of the gods having taken over a Fox god's temple she figured it was Her's to take. HA! Settling in over a single night's full moon the Shrine seemed to blossom out of no where, whats weird is no one seems to ever remember when the shrine Wasn't like that.. How strange indeed. Kasaisoru is said to have just taken over as Head Temple Priestess and moved to be closer to her only living relative, her Uncle Kaza Noruyama. Kaza is the horrified young C.E.O of the local all star company 'Komic' a leader in the gaming and manga industry. Having just reached his goals and branching his company further winning awards he'd almost all but forgotten the deal that had gotten him this fame. History screams at him on the Day the Seishin Hikari Temple opens up and he seems to be the only person who realizes it wasn't all shiny and new the day before. Then all hell breaks loose as suddenly he receives a note that his Niece is coming to see him. Who the hell is this Niece?!?! I can't be her ... oh no please don't be her !!!

    • Like + Dislikes •
    • ♡ ♡ ♡ Sushi - Video Games - Cats / Animals - Reading - Napping - Children - Battle
    • ✖ ✖ ✖ Bullies - Most Human Men - To Much Snow / Cold Weather - Being put in Corners or made to make hard choices


  • • Monster Side •

    S - CLASS
    -- Kasai when in full Fox form is a 12 tailed kitsune, how she came to have so many tails at such an early age in life is unclear but her power is damn near godly when in this form. However to become her full Fox form takes a vast amount of her energy. After turning into this form for even a little while will cause her to need rest for three days. If she is in this form for a long time she will not recover from K.O. until the next full moon. At this point is her MOST vulnerable, but her right hand man is normally around to keep her safe as well as her other two Kitsune Generals.

    Latent Ability:
    -- This ability seems to revolve around her control of Fire and Darkness, abstract and physical opposites this strange power she has allows her form to pass into a strange shadowy smoke at will while still retaining a semblance of shape and form this smoky form can neither do harm or receive harm and is more of a latent ability most Kitsunes are said to be able to pass into smoke.

    • Abilties •

    ✖ 魂の炎 SOUL FLAME ( Tamashī no honō )
    -- Fire both Hot and Cold oddly gives her the ability to control the darkness or shadows around the fire as well. This fire act like a living entity when used and can burn indefinitely or until extinguished by Kasai. The fire appears in a mixture of blue and orange flames. This energy can be maintained for up to 8 posts.

    ✖ 罪食 SIN DEVOURER CHAIN ( Tsumibito Kuiiru chēn )
    -- Silver chains constructed from her very soul lift free from her skin to entangle, ensnare or to attach into. These chain's largest ability is that once attached to a targets soul that soul is practically ripped from the body and then turned into more links within her own chain. This lengthens her life, and allows her to call on that 'Persona' (that soul's bodily appearance). In cases when she has used this method to slaughter fellow Yokai it also grants her their powers for short time (up to 10 posts) The lesser form of this ability allows her to connect with someone and read their soul, or gain access to their abilities. For instance if she is wounded she could use a single chain to connect to a Yokai that heals and heal herself. This drains the host of power and depending on how much she uses she can still end up killing the host by accident.

    ✖ 構成要素 - 引き継ぐ Elemental Suffusion / Take Over ( Hikitsugu - Hikitsugu )
    -- This ability literally turns her body to fire. Being able to shift into a blazing kitsune of blue and orange fire. Whats most bizzarre about this ability is Fire isn't the only element she controls in this state. No in fact she controls all four of the base elements while in this form. It's said she has De-evolved her element to the base of Soul the very source of all elemental power. Harnessing this energy however switches the drain from Chi to actual Soul and life force. A dangerous form and state that will normally K.O her for 3 days. Lasts for 5 posts.
    ✖ 鏡 ごまかし Mirrors - Deception ( Kagami - Gomakashi )
    -- This ability is just that an illusion a deception in which she uses the raw heat of her element to create complete illusion. You can neither smell, nor taste, nor touch these illusions but by sight and sound alone they are real enough to fool some of the most gifted Yokai.

    • Weaknesses •
    ✖ Water Elementals are her bain, even though she has evolved her elemental spirit, she still has an extreme weakness to Ice and Water elemental based powers.
    ✖ Iron: Kasaisoru, unlike other demons is extremely weak to Iron, part of the reason she lives in a more ... Traditional setting, and doesn't spend long periods of time in the city.
    ✖ Inner Personality Fracture / Mental Status fractures due to memories arising that conflict with her belief in the past.
    ✖ Power Levier: She isn't very well at the Control to Amount Used when it comes in terms of her magic. Mostly she is alot like fire itself, explosive and swiftly destructive rather than drawing out a true power struggle she is much more friendly with the Overwhelm and decimate tactic. This is a bad thing as her energy does like all others have a limit on it and she normally uses that limit up quickly. After that she is practically defenseless. Only her cunning has kept her alive for so long.



  • • Family Relations •
    Isamu Fuki: Not long after she’d been a demon she fail to the corruption of herself and started to answer the Whispering Wishes that filtered into her head on a near incessant rate. One of these wishes she fulfilled in her early years was Isamu Fukui. A handsome young man who wanted only to protect his homelands, she couldn’t relate to such a cause and granting his wish decided to stick around and watch the fun she’d caste on the playing field. As blood was spilled and bodies rendered to pieces Kasai perhaps realized the lengths to which this man would go to protect what he cherished. What was surprising was at the end of the battle she called on his Tab and he’d already made his mind up to follow her. No persuasion needed. Since that day the two have grown close but Kasai keeps him like all at a distance from herself, though if any ARE considered close to her it is him.

    • Enemies •

Avae Kroev

  • • Name •

    Avae Kroev
    Name Means Violins Voice

    • Age •

    • Gender •

    • Sexuality •

    • Appearences •
    -- Avae's eyes are a strange heterchromia dark sapphire blue - her right eye - and a crystalline silver gray blue in her left eye. Other than that her hair is actually very long and simply tumbled into an intricate sorta bun style. When let loose her hair reaches down to her the back of her knees. Ever though she wears many Chime - Bells on her attire they hardly EVER make a noise when she is simply moving from point A to point B. Now if she is in a hurry lets be reasonable she does make jingling / chiming chingy sounds. --

    • Diagnosed w/ Eidetic Memory •
    Eidetic memory is an ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for some time after exposure,[1][2]without using mnemonics. It occurs in a small number of children and generally is not found in adults. – In Acae’s circumstance, she need only look at a page for a few moments to not only read the entire page but also to completely memorize it too. Now this strange gift comes in handy at times when she goes in to what I’m calling Checkmate Mode. This will not appear very often in the game but it will at some point and the way she thinks in this Mode is to her time slows to a stand still and she is able to visualize all possible threats, counter strikes, exits and strategies she needs to accomplish something. This ‘Gift’ also has a tendacy to give her personality a creepy vibe. Like she is always plotting something.

  • • Reality Persona •
    In Reality Ava seem plain, meek, quiet, timid, even just described as ordinary ole wall flower. But that is only the surface of the girl. In truth, and as seen while in game, this girl is more than meets the eye. Sure she acts quiet and plain, but she holds a passion deep inside that is just waiting to explode. Many find it hard to get close to Avae, she keeps herself well hidden, after years of ‘Proper Grooming’ and upbringing that the British instill in their youths is strong in her, you could say she’s almost programed to be polite. But this also keeps personal matters personal. Those she does let near to her heart know the real her, she’s and open book after the wall is surmounted.

    • Gamer Persona •

    --Ever heard the phrase Hell Cat? Well that is Her. In the Virtual Reality her true persona steps out a demon cat known as a Sidhe in Gaelic (irish) Lore. But she has a human form! Lucky! She also has a bit of an attitude and knowing how smart she is, finds a hard time connecting once she gets into the game. Bad thing brains don’t count for everything virtual reality. She will quickly find out she is Extremely Weak physically. And that the weapon she is gifted with has little to no effect in her weak hands.

    • Short Bio •
    Avae comes from a long line of Blue bloods, it’s proper this and manners behave that! Avae was utterly loosing her mind back in Prime London 6 months back, but then the BLESSED day came when the Higher Arts Academy came calling after her for her fine skills in Violin playing. Avae broke into her trust fund just to go; her parents believing this was the proper action of a young lady still would not fund her journey to a better life. Ha if they could get any the ‘Better’.
    -- Free from her gilded cage she finds herself in a dorm full of creatives just like her! Oh the joy of it all, not only that but she’s not the only +350 I.Q. range! So her gift of Eidetoc Memory isn’t seen as a freak power any longer. (see OTHER for what that means) But she still must troll the school schedule and make good marks in this fancy school of arts. But making friends and breaking out during curfew has kept her quite busy as of late.
    -- Not only is the girl a brilliant violinist, but she is also some what of a gamer geek and a little bit of a Hacker to boot! Beware of her feisty manner, in game and her false identity of wall flower in reality. She’s a lot more than she seems!

    • Like + Dislikes •
    • ♡ ♡ ♡ Sushi - Video Games - Cats / Animals - Reading
    • ✖ ✖ ✖ Shy Demeanor - Social Anxieties - Bullies

  • • Monster Side •

    GAMER NAME:: Kathe (pronounced K – thh sorta hissy on the end)
    AGE:: 22
    RACE:: Daemon Cat Sidhe
    GENDER:: Female
    -- In the game she appears rather... risk-keh! And much changed to say the least. She has a set of cat ears, and a long split end tail, her feet are also cat paws (unlike show above) She has black on on her right ear, her right eye is also ice blue, while her left ear and the rest of her hair is indigo blue and her left eye is magenta pink! --

    GAUNTLETS: (starter form only does fire explosive like shock waves and bursts. Later will have a more Gun like feature as image shows. If you want a preview of this weapon in action check out YELLOW TRAILER from RWBY ^.^ )


    Summons Abilities
    -- STELLAR FIRE BALL: Able to fire up to 3 rapid fire shots of stellar (star fire white and blue fire ) in one post or spread out in three posts, cool down is 2 posts.
    -- FLARE SHIELD: A flimsy shield of raw heat that melts small projectiles or can halt the projection of a thrown fist or kick for One post. Anything that comes into contact with the shield will get SUPA burned.
    -- SOLAR TALONS: Burning slashes of fire flash and flicker across and before the Summon’s body towards intended target, super hot white fire normally has 5 slashes or Licks. Cool down is 5 posts.
    ••Summon Weapon:
    Able to extend to nearly 200 feet in length. Has inner mechinisms that retract and pull, so she can maneuver like spider man with this weapon as well as grab, crack, and snap which will make fire lashes.

    -- Strength ✪ ✪ ✪
    -- Agility ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    -- Defense ✪
    -- Health ✪
    -- Magic ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

    •• Other: Not really other than she is a little swift of foot in the game because in reality she practices Parkour in her spare time. It is a Hobby / Sport? To her and a good reason why her cat form is so swift and nimble.

Played By: Multiple Art?
Name: Aceiasolae - AKA - Aceia / Ace​
Age: Appears 22
Gender: Female
Race: Al'kerian
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Summoner + Space Pirate ( Escaped Experimental Clone)

Appearance: Wall Flower Personified . . .
<< Aceia stands only 5'3" tall and short though she may be, she has all the right curves to make people stare. However, she is so meek and quiet, she seems to go unnoticed. Her traits are hard to miss though - silvery white hair sweeping down to close to her knees. Her skin is lightly tanned and holds tribal like archaic scripture of some long lost race in the form of darker tanned tattoos. Her eyes are a startling magenta pink and hide behind pitch black lashes and her lids seem naturally black which adds startling contrast to her already unique eye color.

-- Shimmer: This ability allows Ace to change her hair, eye, and skin coloration. This includes her hair's length and style. This ability was quickly learned after her escape from the facility she was created in though she is unsure exactly where this ability came from.

  • : Optima Force Maul! :
    No.374 ENTRY. Dr. Jaeden Emersyn. We took the essence from the Aceia Star Embryo today. So far so good, after replication and duplication of this process nearly 57 times I feel confident that this will be the successful trial we will see in a few days if the surrogate takes. Or like so many of the others passes away. It's sad that so many lives have been lost to this, but for this we'll do what must be done. The energy needed to hold this precious cargo is just to influx. We'll see how this trial goes.

    No.402 ENTRY. Dr. Jaeden Emersyn. There was success finally in trail 62, lucky number 62. However, the rate at which growth is progressing is a little startling. There have already been many health complications to the Surrogate and a Bio-Embro Unit was constructed to ensure the survival. The host is gone now, nothing but a vegetable forced to live on by machines. But still Aceia grows. That is the name we've given her. A funny thing she appears to have some anomalies in her growth patterns. But only time will tell just how She will look.

    No.512 ENTRY. Dr. Jaeden Emersyn. Birth was rather unsettling for Aceia. The entire team was roused out of bed when alarms exploded in our dreams to drag us back to the lab. Blood and gore was all that remained of the surrogate, and the chamber's capsule had been broken through. Fearing ... gods know what we feared, we were soon brought to calm as we found her. Little Aceia, nearly 3 years of age already it appeared. She has the strangest anomalies in form. But after only a week they have vanished. Large cat like rabbit structures extend from human structured knees, while retractable claws and a bobbed plume tail were also exhibited. What was most intriguing were her ears. Long tapered at the ends with a soft coat of fur covering them they moved in similar ways to a cats or perhaps more a rabbits as they often laid back along her skull or drooping just past her shoulders.

    No.662 ENTRY. Dr. Jaeden Emersyn. She has excelled swiftly this first few months. Nearly 16 in appearances already she speaks and converses with those she's allowed access to. She is far beyond intelligent though and seems to be watching us more than we are studying her. I'm just not sure we should have done this... She is so innocent all the Coalition will use her for is war. I should find a means for her to escape...

    - COMING SOON ^.~. -​

  • Fighting Styles: Gentle Fist and Sol Propel Form

    ☆ Roaring Fists : LOOKS LIKE CLICK : Energy from her Sol reserves projects about her hands in the shape of two wolves. These energy phantasms are actually electrical energy and can pack a punch. Using this energy she can literally taser people. Lasts up to 7 posts. Low amount of Energy to use and the first ability she knew of.

    FLASH'SCHRITT || FLASH'SCHRITT :: Same power, just different uses of that ability. Latent ability she was born with allows her to hurl an energy ball forward and then 'Dash' through that energy and appear else where.
    FLASH-HOP: Can only appear in places within a 4 yard vicinity, normally only within locations viewed. Long distance portals to places unknown impossible for now. Later on she will be able to portal hop to anywhere in the universe that either SHE or someone Else has been and can recall through memory PRECISELY.

    ☆ SUMMONING: Various parts to this power.
    1ST LOCK: Using her Soul Energy pulls Chains constructed of her very soul into battle. These chains (2- 1 to either hand clawed end) Will whip out and lash out like whips but if they connect to a weakened Aether / Celestial / Ghasts beings they will fuse through the body to their very soul and slowly start to retract. By the end of this process the chains decimate the host being's body and leaves only new links to Aceia's soul chain all connected. This ability not only consumes nearly ALL of her energy but inevitably extends Aceia's very life. When this ability is used on humans it kills them in only 6 posts get unattached or die. She gains only a little energy from this drain and has only done it ONCE. (HUMAN DRAIN FLAW BELOW) When used on other advanced beings or paranormal beings it gives her a bigger energy boost and will not kill them. This can be used to save her life in cases where she KO's (KO normally means she is about to die)
    2ND LOCK: SUMMONS SOL - Using her Sol energy she pulls beings that she has 'captured / absorbed' out into the corporeal realm. She currently has only the twin summon, Sky Guardians, which were her original summons gifted to her just before she was sent to this realm.

    1. Sky Guardians (twins BLAKJAK AND WYTETYR)

    -- BLAKJAK: Controls the element of Sound.
    -- WYTETYR: Controls the Element of Electricity
    The twins stand almost 4'3" at the shoulder and are large enough to carry Aceia if necessary, the twins LOOK like wolves but do not be fooled they are no ordinary canines. A little more like demon cloud hyena wolves (heh I know weird!) They can run on air for up to three posts and can actually use lesser abilities of their twin. They are COMPLETELY LOYAL to Aceia and don't even have to hear her commands vocally to do her bidding.

    ✖ Human Energy Drain Flaw: Will leave her sickly for about a month, and her moral values shifted, not only that but her mind is invaded with the human's very soul and personality. This has caused Aceia to have a split personality at times shortly after doing this ability (as stated earlier she only did this once and it fucked her up so much she is terrified to do it again)
    ✖ Contracting : Or absorbing a celestial spirit will also leave her extremely weak for nearly a weak. She normally suffers sever migraines and lethargic patterns of sleep. She can become very ... vicious in personality during this time and will consume ALOT of Coffee.
    ✖ Though she seems powerful she has little to no control over her abilities yet. This being said her energy flow needs to learn control until this happens her energy comes quickly and extinguished just as fast. Causing KO's more often than she would like to admit. This is also due to the fact that her Energy source is not elemental or mystical but her very soul, weaved into magic.

  • Her True Past is unknown to her at this time in the game. However, she is getting glimpses of it in her sleep and in sharp sudden emotional traumas. At the time of her Escape however, her only wish is to find 'Home' where she has to go and what she has to do to accomplish this is still unclear but the driving force of Find Home is rooted deep in her soul. She is only roughly 3 years old time line speaking, but her physical age appearance is roughly that of a young adult (late teens early 20s). She is set up to be a little bit of a wild card once she escapes her prison and a bit of a Space Pirate. So if you want high flying adventure and crazy themes she is the gal for you.

Played By: Multiple Art?
Name: Eshkell Lyte - Call me Esh and I'll fucking stomp your face in!​
Age: Looks Early 20' || 213 EARTH YEARS
Gender: Female
Race: Saede Shade
Sexuality: Bi - Sexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: J-SA:A Class VT Agent. Strike Class of Team Dark-Lock.
(( J-SA:A = Junior-Special Agent : Anomaly. Strike Class means she is the anomaly of the two man team in which the other half is a Special (from earth / born on earth original) a human who normally has abilities of some form. Or has attained them through VT's meddling. This Duo of Special Agents normally lead / have at their disposal when needed a team of 15 grunts / soldiers ))

Appearance: Duality Has it's Charms
Human Stage - Even though she is a petit little ole thing when in human form, looks can be VERY deceiving. She is not only nimble as a cat, flexible as a snake, and cunning as a fox, but she also has that side that walks the line between sweet and innocent and devilish demon slut. Standing barely 5'3" tall she has a short and slight hourglass shaped torso, and long and toned legs and arms. Long raven - blue hair sweeps to her belt line when left free down her back though is normally pulled into a loose braid, strands always slipping free to tickle her face. Her eyes during the day light hours become blood crimson, almost mistakable as Dark Chocolate Brown, then at night her eyes are a radiant turquoise blue, but the pupils of her eyes are always a foggy gray color that seem blind, yet see all to well. Her skin is not flawless, and her scars tell many a tale her lips refuse to whisper.
Beastia Form #1 >>

    Standing 6'3" at the shoulder when fully shifted, her body is both corporeal and incorporeal simualtaneously; this does not mean she is untouchable, however this odd genetic adaptation comes in handy at times (see powers)Her full body length is roughly 5'3" and give an extra 4' for her long bladed tail. This tail is semi - prehensile and the blades actually can shift or tug back SLIGHTLY to allow for easier retraction one anchored into something. Her front paws still have a little bit of a grip / human styled thumb, but it's to far up the wrist to have any major grip. Hind legs are extremely powerful and have adapted for near flawless running structure. The long feather tipped ears normally lay back along the arch of the neck. Fur looks both spiked yet soft and moves freely with motion. Lighter fur is bioluminescent and glows brightest at night but still has a hazy affect to the light. Blades that protrude from elbow joints in for legs can retract Slightly, though normally kept extended for reasons unknown. Claws are retractable and vision is best at night day light hours she cannot shift to this form unless under Solar Eclipse, or a Blood Lunar Eclipse - in which You REALLY don't want to be around her the lack of complete darkness fuels this form and is pretty much her greatest strength and her greatest weakness.

    Clothing >>
    She wears mostly black clothes, things that may be tight but are also stretchy to, her clothes has to be, her body in many ways moves more like a snake or a cat's being able to angle about her body and move in much the same way contortionists perform. When she DOES decide to dress up though, look out she goes for knock out, but sometimes comes across as devious delights.​

    : Cricket Bat From Hell! :
    - That's Right! Having phased into this dimension from her own realm she first arrived in Merry Ole London Town. So needless to say one of the first things she picked up was a hella ole school cricket bat made of fine ole black walnut, that shit don't break and she can wield it with a heft you wouldn't believe. Normally her weapon of choice in Human form. Over her time owning this beauty she has carved in the words bark and bite claiming often in fights that you really don't want her to use the Bite End of her Stick. She also claims that the BITE side is the only side she has performed killing blows with and that the BARK side is not stained with the blood of her enemies... Riiight <.<; -​

    : Twin Hornet :
    - No one Knows where in the hell she got these fucking things. Though the winning rumor is that she had these back on her home world. This of course however, is not true. For on her home Plain she did not have a humanoid form. N-E-ways . . .The Hornets are well shit just look at the chart up there do I need to further explain what two of these bay boy acidic - radioactive blasters can do? - But just where did she get them from?​

  • Fighting Styles: Hakke Sho mixed Hika Ken (see Ling Xiaoyu TEKKEN for more)

    ☆ Saede Latent Ability (means born with) : Complete control over the physical - demonic embodiment of shadow energy. She is most powerful at night due to this power, or when under ground / in really dark places. ( stay to the light ! ) She normally can wield up to four "tentacles" - even when at her weakest moments - that can can extend up to 10 feet from any direction of her body. This ability paired to the Phade ability below can be deadly so do not think you're ahead if you get distance from her. This ability also allows for full shadow take over in which they can remain incorporeal for up to a limited time (5 posts) .
    ☆ The Phade: Being a creature born of a world where Very Little light comes from her species has evolved to use the Shadow Verse as a means of escape from their predators. This ability is called the Phade and allows her kind to slip into a mirror shadow plain through any shadow large enough for them to slip through.
    ☆ Shadow Stitch: As seen in the picture just after this her shadows can absorb into material and can Absorb the energy from pretty much anything. Some say it is soul sucking but this ability has a nifty side effect of EMP like qualities. Meaning she can destroy mostly anything electrical and / or battery powered. The only light she CANNOT absorb/extinguish is natural sunlight. This being said using this ability to kill electrical shit also greatly weakens her.

    ✖ Light: It can be a bitch man! It weakens her, mostly natural sunlight, to a sluggish rate during the day time hours. If she uses her Shadow Stitch to extinguish light it also weakens her greatly. To much light and she loses all shadow bending abilities. It can also be an instant K.O. if she is to weak from battle. Normally won't KILL though unless in EXTREME situations.
    ✖ Physical Damage / Exertion: She can take a whoop'n more than a human anyways, but her limits when met, or when fully exhausted can kill her. Mostly due to shock like reasons. When she has over used /extended her abilities her body will start to tremor and shake until finally her whole form will lock in a fetal position and sleep it off or die it's normally a 50 - 50 % chance when she does this.
    ✖ Dual Mind: Some think it's a blessing but it's mostly a curse, having two complete persona's living together within the hull of one body can be very demanding and distracting. If one can 'Poke the Bear' so to speak then they can throw her gam off in battle completely. Though she appears human - coughsometimescough- others around her should remember she is first a beast and second a shifted camouflage.

  • Bio:

    Eshkell is not from this world, not from this galaxy or this verse, however you want to think of your world - she would tell you you are wrong. The Universe doesn't grow in singular shape, it takes on multitudes of forms, each form like a bubble, each dimension it's own space within space, while moved about and rubbing against this which Eshkell once called home. Think of a dull charcoal gray sky with demi-white clouds rolling with ash for days on end always raining ash, while the only true physical form is shadow - rock which shift and moves precariously in an ever changing crumble of itself. This desert like place exists in endless directions and is filled with the things nightmares are made of. Eshkell is one of those nightmares. Some call her the Hell Hound, but she prefers Esh or Eshkell, at least that is ever since she first took a human shape. Let's go back a year...

    London was experiencing a mass black out, as if someone had dropped an EMP dead in the center of it. Not even battery powered devices seemed to work. But during that first night everyone realized it Definitely wasn't a Human attack or bombing of any kind. Veritae Tueri was dispatched soon there after and upon arriving in London proper they found what some called the Hell Hound. Esh's beastly form was a sight to behold, and fear of course, upon first looks they thought her little more than a creature. They learned quickly that she learned way to fast for any animal.

    After about half a month they finally managed to Bag and Tag her while she tried to escape back into the sewers to ride out the day light hours, only to return the next night. This time they nailed her ass... quiet litterally to a wall in fact before finally being able to subdue her. When next she woke she was in a bright ass room with no way out and no darkness to hide in. Over the course of 6 months she watched them watch her through one way glass, idiots. She could sense the very darkness within, if she'd had the energy she'd slaughtered them easily by her latent ability alone. But she grew to understand the humans and one morning walking into the observation they found a girl nude as it were standing on the opposite side of the glass with a hand lifted to and her head following their every movement. "Let me the fuck out now..." Were her first words.

    Soon after that she was offered a deal, after many many negotiations with her and the company - namely her true freedom from them - she settled on upgrading from Lab Rat to Puppet a Chained Dog, and with a new and shiny collar to keep her flux form fixed... Fuckers.

    Now-A-Days Esh is partnered to ---- (pm to be her partner) who watches her every move and guides her like a rookie half the bloodeh time keeping her on a tight leash and all is a chore! But she deals with the leash for the partial freedom she gets from the lock and key of her 'Cell' quarters in the Company. Often being moved about from branch to branch when 'Need' arises for her 'Unique' skills. (slaughter mayhem and blood gore) SO she travels light and keeps all that she owns in a single rook sake.

    >> Esh has TWO personalities. Her human self and the Saede she truly is. She as an eidetic memory (means never forgets anything she has either seen, heard, or read.) She speed reads and functions as a genius level I.Q. but you wouldn't think it most times, she is either quiet like a cat stalking it's prey from a shadowy corner in whatever room she is in. Other times she is spurting obscenities and cursing or attacking anyone who gets on her nerves. The only person safe from her insane rampages is her partner honestly, and the big boss... sometimes. She's um... how do you say 'Hard to get along with'


FULL NAME: Denimique Rune
:: Color :: #800060
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Bi - Sexual
RACE: Arctic Fox Faunus
OCCUPATION: 1st Year Student : Beacon Academy

-- A Mane of white silky soft hair falls long past her rear while shaggy bangs and layers frame her doll like face. Large magenta eyes stare out at the world from behind darkly outlined eye lids; this is her natural skin tone - it helps to reflect light from her day sensitive pink auras. Cat like pupils lie in the center of magenta irises and normally remain slightly dilated to fake a humans’ ocular appearance. Her skin is a soft tan color decorated in tribal tattoos that shift from black to the color of her aura. Though all of these tats are normally hidden only the mark on around her right eye is visible.
-- Having such a long and fluffy mane of hair has caused her much grief in the past but she keeps it in this style to hide something else about her appearance. A large set of fluffy white fox ears nearly the side of her head when put together. They stay tucked back along her skull - the tips nearly tucking behind her neck. While her hair is down her ears nearly Can’t Stand up, yet another thing she has been teased for throughout her life.
-- Her other Faunus quality is a fluffy tail she normally keeps ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ wrapping it about her waist it seems an accessory to her outfit and nothing more. When agitated this tail of hers will twitch sporadically until finally it ends up flailing about as if it has a mind of its own. She RARELY swishes or Wags her tail though. Its’ just improper!

  • :: Cold Flame ::
    Her ability allows her to control up to four handfuls worth of Blue Cold Fire at one time. With this amount of energy to start she can do elemental bending in very much similar style to ‘Avatar the Last Air Bender’s’ WATER benders as the energy trails her hands or feet or is projected onto a weapon. This fire is not only blue in color but is simultaneously hot and freezing cold at the same time.

    - Limits: 5 Foot Radius from her body but will retract like a yo – yo when cast from her body or weapon in swipes and slashes. She can also attach up to 3 bolts worth of the fire energy for firing with her bow. Energy drains her QUICKLY ( 3 post active use limit and 4 post limit cool down before use again) If used back to back in three limiter / cool-downs she will loose partial eye sight and gain an killer migraine. Normally takes about two days to fully recover from these headaches and partial blindness.
    - Side Effects: Her eyes light from pink to bright turquoise blue.
    - Future Possibilities: In time and with LOTS of training she hopes to gain better control of this ability. As she currently sets things ablaze on nearly a daily basis she has little to no control over the ghostly blue fire. With time this energy will also grow to expand further from her and she will learn to control more of it at one time. However in essence this is her SOUL’s very presence outside her body, she only has so much of it. She may also learn in time the secondary form of this cold – hot flame. And will be able to partially freeze things.

    Special Talent to Manifest a Fox Claw and that works as a short distance grappling hook
    Color: Dark Magenta : Manifests

  • Comes with an Accessory to be able to use, she is rarely seen without this accessory. It is a Dust Chambered Bowman’s Arm Guard. Made of soft leather and attached to the forearm of her right arm at all times I would seem.
    FORM ONE: Twin Fangs Form
    - A pair of Short swords that support curved back sweeps built along the hilt that protects the outer forearms (that’s from elbow to hands ). She uses these dual blades in quick strikes and jabs never to heavy of a hit however, her dual – singular attacks can pack a bite if they land.

    - Firearm form: The hilts of the sword combine over Fire Dust – Shard (is replaced about once every two weeks) that fuses the two weapons together while the blades and ‘Sweeps’ shift and position themselves into the wings of the bow. The String itself is a charged tether of Wind Dust for firing bolts. She uses various Arrow Head Dust Tips but never gets fire or explosives seeing as her semblance takes care of that.

    FUTURE POSSIBILITIES: Hmm not sure it would have another form, however, she would probably create some sorta MOD bolts eventually as her experience with dust mixing produces different results.

  • Demi is...
    -- To say she is a fire cracker would be an understatement, to say she were a hell raiser would be more appropriate; in fact Denim is a little bit of a bi – polar, she goes from happy to sad at the drop of a hat but nearly always seems energetic. When challenged she steps up, she doesn’t back down lightly and to protect those she calls Friend she would do just about anything. She doesn’t try to Hide her Faunus self because she is afraid of the ridicule, just sick of it, day in and day out it was but she’s at Beacon Now! A fresh start her brother had said before sending her away again. So that is what she wanted perhaps she’ll find Beacon is different.
    -- Some think it is strange that she shows no true remorse in her parents passing. She adores her elder brother, and sees him as Brother, Father and Best Friend. Her parents absence in her life is more a fact than a feeling to her and when asked about it she only gives a gentle smile and replies. I was to young to really remember them, then derail and tell you about something her brother is good at.

    > placement – Found on center of spine on the back of her neck just beneath hairline.
    Tattoos = SEE HERE Her brother always told her the runic markings were inherited, he also has them, some ancient story telling passed down their family line and a part of the reason for their last name being Rune. Though there parents passed at a young age sometimes Demi feels her brother has hidden something from her.
    Likes: Napping, Reading, Drawing, day - dreaming, exploring, and practicing her archery, OH AND SUSHI!
    Dislike: Bullies, Canine Type Faunus, Being woken up, being rushed, being picked on, the White Fang

  • THEME SONG(S): Lindsey Sterling's || Take Flight

    + Be My Friend?
    + Be My Friend?

    NONE CURRENTLY She does have a Very Strong Dislike of the White Fang however.
    x. Hate Me?
    x. Hate Me?

    PARENTS: Deceased
    Turk'Quoise Rune: Older brother who is 25 years old (or 8 years her senior) already a well known Hunter back in their homelands. Brothers nick names are Turk and Quoi

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NAME: Everytte S. Koel
AGE: 245 appears 17-19
SEXUALITY: Non – Sexual – See Persona
SPECIES: Anomaly - Star Elf
-- CLASS: Faerye
R&D Chief

•• Poe stands an odd 6’3” built from a body that is lean, toned and limber. He actually appears to be weak physically but then again he also looks like a teenager. All a simple ruses that keep people oblivious to the true POE. In truth he is 245 and though he is still considered a teenager by his own race’s standards he is in no way comparable to a human’s teenage era. Everything about him though in appearance looked young; from the cloths that he wears to the playful illuminated turquoise eyes that gaze in both this reality and Virtua’s as well. His skin is a bit pale but in no way the most lurid or dingy of his species.

•• Poe is almost always found in a pair of antique High-Tops converse sneakers, though no two days does he repeat the same shoe, a constant question on where he finds them is one of the many Office Mysteries that passes rumors about in spare time. He also prefers a pair of skinny-legged cargo pants with the many pockets to hide goodies he may have taken in passing. His shirts vary between anti – government banners and graphic novel tees but always worn under a charcoal hoody with black fur rimmed hood and a ghostly white Placebo eyes blinking out at the world before him.

•• Poe’s hair is a shaggy mop of gray- white hair that changes depending on the lighting in a room, it’s easy to say his hair rarely gets a good brushing and is often more messy on the one side from him scratching his head when he goes into deep though. He also keeps a pair of NET-link head phones wrapped about the back of his head, the ear pieces hide his elongated ears rather well and allow for him to sink into VIRTUA

- Arrogance abounds where genius lays its claim. Poe is very much an arrogant little bastard. Being slight of frame he appears weak and nerdy to some. But these are more ruse’s he throws on to gain information or Intel he may need. He often times plays the arrogant dick as a charade as well and often allows for people to relate to him easily.

- Brilliance still comes with a price, as far as it comes to making true friends, or really allowing anyone near is simply hard for him. He is so set on his objective of returning home that he notices little else in the day-to-day events. Many a fine lady have also thrown themselves at him only to go by unnoticed. He can remember every book, every picture, every scene, even every conversation he has ever had word for word. But when it comes to connecting to others his overly active mind just stumbles about and he ends up being bastard in the end due to his frustrations with the entire thing. By the way this is considered an actual ability some people with high IQs have so please do not say I’m GodModing in this.

Eidetic memory (/aɪˈdɛtɪk/) is an ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for some time after exposure,[1][2] without using mnemonics. It occurs in a small number of children and generally is not found in adults.[1] The word eidetic comes from the Greek word εἶδος (pronounced [êːdos], eidos, "seen").[3]

-- Poe is thought to be from behind the Faerye Gate, and in fact he does appear to be of medieval elven fantasy heritage; but in truth he was only dragged through while jumping spaces in his home reality.

-- His home is Averatheis, or just Aver for short, his species of Elf are born from the stars and use the energies of such solar / star light to survive and wield strange abilities. Poe himself is only a teenager in his kinds standards however they do not compare to human standards at all.

-- Poe was against his family’s ways and had been seeking the means to ‘Fix’ their government system for some time. He never realized the problem wouldn’t matter anymore as he was taken away from it all. He now lives his life pursuing a way home, and a way to fix the universe. He dreams big and on the verge of madness this seemingly young man is also in control of the entire R&D department.

-- It is thought that Poe’s ability comes from water and ice, and in ways it does. The very moisture around him, or conjured by him and ‘Infect’ and hack any Electronic he needs to tinker with, or control. His kind of elf actually control water on the molecular level, which also allows for their heightened Psychic Sensory System to ‘Link’ with TECH through a wireless type of interface with their very brains. Hard to do? Yes but Poe is actually a genius even by his own races standards and is sort of an Internet junkie to say the least.

ABILITY – TECH EMPATH : CLASS RANK – OMEGA: A latent ability he and most of his kind are born with. Allows him to Interface with Any tech within a mile radius of himself wirelessly. He uses a set of NET-link headphones to smooth this process but he can use it without them (most don’t realize this) Physical contact with tech upon Uplink will have a stronger connection and control over. Example of what he can do = Control a Bloody Big ass Robot, or create one from scrap around him and control it still, does not need an energy source. When in control of Mobile / Fighting Tech it will illuminate with Turquoise blue lighting which means Poe is present in tech. : POST 5 limiter + POST 6 cool down.

ABILITY – SPARK TOUCH: CLASS RANK – HYPER: Allows Poe to convert electrical currents from his brain and amplify them to any part of his body. This creates pretty much a high-powered Taser effect, may immobilize limbs or full body depending on strength used. He can also amplify and send these jolts down metallic weapons. : POST 8 limiter + POST 4 cool down.

ABILITY – EIDECTIC MEMORY : CLASS RANK – GAMA : See Above : POST # limiter + POST# cool down. = NA Latent ability always active, but will have moments of more ‘Pure Clarity’ In which he plays a chess game in his mind.



    • • Senshi Name •
      Sailor Moon
      • Name •

      Akikozuki Chiba
      • Gender •
      • Age •

      • Height •
      • Weight •
      103 lbs
      • Build •
      Petit, Toned, Curvy
      • Eyes •
      • Hair •
      Long Twin Tails, a strange sky blue color falls down to ankle length, often worn with various charms, trinkets, and accessories.
      • Style •
      Trend Queen, she loves to mix and match the things she wears, but somehow always comes out looking put together. She wears various trends and still makes it work!

      • Occupation In New World •
      Cafe Barista​

    • • Shattered Form •

      - Luna Prism Flare -
      Rainbow Aura shines around her hands and feet adding an explosive power to her punches and kicks. Lasts 5 Posts. 3 Post Recharge
      • Charged Form •

      - Luna Prism Explode -
      Rainbow Aura now extends up to 5 feet from body in yo - yo affect. Explosive quality and throw a Single rainbow ball but will loose rest of turns. Lasts 5 Posts - 3 Posts Recharge.

      • Stardust Make •

      - Moon Aura Shine -
      Projects a lotus or hexagonal shaped crystal shield before her body or any intended target. If shield breaks still takes 50% force from attack. Last 3 Posts. 3 post recharge.

      • Expand Form •

      - Moon Aura Radiate -
      Complete crystal bubble forms around her takes 60% force from attack if broke. Also has secondary ability to heal / cleanse anything within the bubble for up to 3 posts. Shield Lasts 4 posts. 3 post recharge.

      • Eternal Blossom •

      - Lunar Ribbon Enblaze -
      Crystal handles appear that when used in battle create a rainbow ribbon trail behind them that is sorta like a fire whip. Last 5 Post, recharge rate 4 posts.

      • Blooming Form •

      - Lunar Inferno Ribbon -
      Rings of rainbow aura appear about her form and 'Bloom' outwards in waves, this accompanies with her original Lunar Ribbon. Causes Explosive and cold fire damage. Lasts 6 posts recharge 4 posts.

      • Crystal Power •

      - Lunar Princess Smash -
      A Crystalline war hammer appears in her hand shining with the many colors like a prism she attacks with double attack strength. Anything the hammer touches gains double gravitational force and will double with every strike. Lasts 7 Posts recharge 5 posts.

      • Shine Form •

      - Lunar Princess Demise -
      Crystalline war hammer shatters and she gains a pair of crystalline fighters gloves they have the same affects that the war hammer held but now she has double speed as well as strength and a bonus of crystalizing places on her target. Lasts for as long as Original Power.

      Secondary Ability Natural Talent with : Moon Shine Illusion : Allows her to change the color of her hair and eyes and switch outfits. Luna always said Aki got this ability since Queen Serena used the Transformation pen so damn much while carrying Aki.

    • --Bynxis in Celestial Form, Aki age 4 : meeting for the first time. -

      Akikozuki was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth - she was royalty after all - but this did not mean she was spoiled. Aki lived by an extreme sense of duty and loyalty even at the early ages of 3 to 5. Queen Serenity Usagi always accused her Husband Endymion Chiba that their youngest's Knightly Purpose came from him. She was a Daddies girl from an early age, realizing that Princess Small Lady - her older sister by 4 years would hold most of her Mother's attention. Her father has always said it was because they had been through so much and that she had nearly lost Small Lady. Aki didn't mind though. She was her Daddy's sparkle moon!

      As she got up into her defiant teen's however she started making friends with other of the other Royal Senshi's Children. Namely her friends were Shakaku / Mars, Kagami / Saturn, and her sparing buddy Chiharu / Jupiter. She went to school with the other Senshi council kids and they all got along within a group, like being a part of a club before you were even born actually. They were happy in a little band to with Tamotsu / Unicorn back up vocalist and lead guitarist, Yasuo and Yayoi were also in the band Yayoi her back up vocals with Aki while Yasuo played drums and Aki played bass. Her favorite hobbies in those days were training in Parkour and Kickboxing with Chi. Visiting with Kagami or taking her out for ice cream after she was released from the hospital. Or running around with Shakaku at the mall while Diana, Princess Small Lady's guardian watching over them.

      Close to the Ascension Ceremony for Princess Small Lady Aki became more distant and started training with swords with her father. She even pulled away from Shakaku! They may have had a fight but they realize now as they wake up that their fights and nerves were all linked to what was coming. Had they only listened to what the signs where telling them both.

      Ceremonial Attire​

    • Normal Attire
      Aki’s Strange Naming! Akiko = Bright / Sparkle | Zuki = Moon | Chiba = Love

      Personality Type 2: The Helper : warm – concerned – nurturing – sensitive to others
      Personality Type 3: The Achiever – energetic – optimistic – self-assured – goal oriented

      ~~ Aki can be a little bit… aggressive in her need to please others, or show out for them. She only wanted to be a star while Small Lady seemed to get all the limelight as children. But as they grew older her personality turned more tom – boyish and she grew to be Daddies little girl, a little boy trapped as a young lady! This has led to a more quiet and reserved Aki who tends to her own passions in life rather than following in her mother’s and sisters footsteps. But don’t be fooled, that spunky spirit is still there and her temper is quick to ignite. ~~

      Aki’s Favorite Foods: Sushi! Chocolate! Lollipops!
      Aki’s Favorite Past Times: Playing her handheld video games, training in martial arts with Jupiter’s Kid. Napping

      Transformation Device: Broach
      Pet: Bynxis
      Affinity: Not truly a power, but she has a way with most animals.

      ✖ 01

      ✖ 02

      ✖ 03​

      ✖ 04

      ✖ 05

      ✖ 06​

      ✖ 07

      ✖ 08

      ✖ 09

      ✖ 10

      ✖ 11

      ✖ 12

      ✖ 13

      ✖ 14

      ✖ 15

      ✖ 16

      ✖ 17

      ✖ 18

    • • Mercury’s Kid • Impression • Relationship •
      ★ Umiko ★ Acquaintance mostly, Aki had to study with her for some time when her math scores were failing but she kept her attitude in check and was polite to Umi, its strange but they just sorta hit it off as friends though they are still no where as close as Shakaku, Kagami, or Chiharu are to her.

      •Venus’ Kid • Impression • Relationship •
      ★ Miho ★ It's not that she hates Miho, it's just ... well a friendly rivalry that it! Though the two go head to head with one another every chance they get Miho normally succeeds in out doing Akikozuki which infuriates her even further!

      • Mar’s Kid • Impression • Relationship •
      ★ Shakaku ★ BFF ! The two were in - separable in school and sometimes outside of school too. Their normal Senshi lessons' were always taken together and the two were like sisters. Closer to the time just before they were locked in crystal, Aki had draw away from her and the two had - had many fights leading up to the end of the Crystal Era of Peace.

      • Jupiter’s Kid • Impression • Relationship •
      ★ Chiharu ★ A Good Friend to Aki and long time sparing partner. Their dad's had figured it would be good practice for the two. They both had a secret passion for following in the footsteps of the Senshi before them, even if they pretended it was all just simple training.

      • Uranus’ Kid • Impression • Relationship •
      ★ Yasou ★ She's not sure why but the Drummer in her band has always given her ... the looks? Maybe he likes her she's not sure but he always seem to stoic to say anything. She'd be to embarrassed to ever approach him first. So they stay in stale mate. (only if Nyx is okay with this)

      • Neptune’s Kid • Impression • Relationship •
      ★ Yayoi ★ She's not really sure about Yayoi... nor does she really know her other than the facts, she's Yasou's twin, she's Senshi Neptune's Heir, and she's got the best vocals she's EVER heard. Part of the reason why the twins were in the band to begin with!

      • Saturn’s Kid • Impression • Relationship •
      ★ Kagami ★ Or sometimes just Lil Amii to Aki, she is seen as a little sister, and Aki has always felt the urge to protect her. Ever since the girl was small. Maybe it's the same for both Aki's connections to Shakaku and Kagami seem to be echos of their own parents past.

    Name: Eiskalt Fauzt
    Nickname: Eis (pernounced Ice )
    Age: 18 || Gender: Female || Sexuality: Bi Sexual

    : Appearance :

    Eis stands as a thin silhouette of 5ʼ5” tall, sure she is a little petit but then again she uses her size and lack of muscular bulk to her advantage when fighting. Her long hair is sky blue and her eyes a strange umber orange coloration while contrasting sharply against her lightly tanned skin. Seen normally in the outfit above, she can’t help but often times shredding her cloths as she goes about her day, not like she is a klutz or anything. Oddly enough though she is NEVER seen without the left arm armor as seen above. What’s stranger is this arm seems to pain her more often than not. Another oddity of her body is that she hasn’t a single scar marring her body… anywhere as if she were born the day before.

    : Personality :
    Shy, Quiet, and Contemplative

    Eis is known as the forever Wall Flower, she never seems to have anything to say, and yet, she is nearly Always where the action or events are taking place. She has been compared to a Conniving Cat – always waiting to try and trip you up- But in truth she is once for knowledge. She wants to learn all that she can and though she is quiet it is just because she is listening. When she does speak Eis seems to have a near prophetic view on the world, as though she has aged far past her years and is trapped in the innocence of a young body. She puts people on edge but not on purpose and her most favorite things to do are read and sleep. Which came in handy when her guild was still around.

    : Short Bio :
    Eiskalt has little to no memories from her childhood. Ten years old and found at the end of an intricate Dungeon she was ‘Rescued’ by the Slyph Labyrinth’s Guild. They were actually unaware at the time, but they were taking the Ice Dragon’s baby! And a fact that would haunt them for the next two years while they constantly battled away the Icy terror. Finally as Eiskalt aged during those two years she realized the dilemma and offer to .. ‘Fix things’ Meeting with the cloudy white and feathered Dragon she was gone for only a day but when she came back the Dragon Never returned, and from that day forward Eis has worn the strange armor on her arm and though she doesn’t show it often her left arm will often times ache and pain her when she over uses her magic.
    - - -
    From ten to 13 she was under ‘forced protection’ of the Slyphs, always fearful the Dragon would come back but after a time they loosened their grip on the young girl, no longer viewing her as some Prized Treasure to keep hidden away they allowed her to FINALLY go on missions. Sadly by this time, her forced isolation both with her Dragon Father and her new guild had already done it’s damage on her maturing mind and is a main cause to her social awkwardness.

    Title/Rank: Dragon Slayer – Peoples Guild
    Former member of: Slyph Labyrinth
    Magic Ice Dragon Slayer Magic : 1ST GEN

    About her Magic: Eiskalt would at first seem very much the same as an Ice Make Wizard, but in time and with observation you may notice the key differences in their magic’s. Her Ice is pulled from the very moisture in the air as well as being formed by her own energies. Like other Dragon Slayers she has the practical and known attacks such as Ice Dragon’s Roar, Ice Razor Wings, and Ice Dragon Claw, but she has also learned to Craft / Mold her element now too. Though she is extremely limited to the things she makes, and everything is Static made (inanimate) Her main forms are blades, in which she actually excels.

    Weakness: Earthen type magic’s sap the energy right out of her, and when put head to head against Earthen styles of magic she will nearly always lose. Her other greatest weakness is herself. She is unsure about the use of her Dragon Magic, should she fight for the people? This indecision comes up as a natural flinch when she tries to grasp her abilities which when handled wrong saps her energy twice as fact. Often times leads to fainting at the worst moment possible.

    Non magical skill: Eidetic memory (/aɪˈdɛtɪk/) is an ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for some time after exposure,[1][2] without using mnemonics. It occurs in a small number of children and generally is not found in adults.[1] The word eidetic comes from the Greek word εἶδος (pronounced[êːdos], eidos, "seen").[3] This skill allows Eis to not only speed read like crazy, but it ALSO allows her to retain EVERYTHING she has ever seen in damn near picture perfect precision. However this also means she is a bit Off in other ways. Slow to pick up on the nuisances of social hierarchies, and norms that everyone else seems to have. She just wants to fit in.

    OTHER: Name means Ice Cold, which stands for how their guild found her in a really Cold Icy Labyrinth.

    • C.Y.N.D.E.R - S.O.L.T.E.K
      AGE: 21 - Juvenile
      Species: Lyshian
      -- A Werewolf in the purest of form having three true forms from human to anthro - morphic wolf to full lupin form in which they still retain opposable thumbs and the ability to walk on hind legs when necessary. Species of Lyshian also free to shift at will, though during full moons it is hard not to undergo change. Extreme Shift in emotional status will also cause partial changes to full changes.

      Job: Cafe Barista : With Write Ups Galore! - Plays Bass Guitar for a Shitty Garage Band
      School: Going to school for Graphic Design / Minor in Photography - She would love nothing more than to kick her Director Down a flight of stairs.

      MATE: um GR! -is opposed to being Mated! Believe's she is the one and only original Lone Wolf
      -- Flank Mate: Hunts with... ???

      -- Cynder is very agile and swift of foot to say the least. She also has excellent night vision no matter what form she is. However, this great night sight is extremely sensitive to light and so she is normally seen with sun shades on. Another thing she has that is a little better then most wolves are her tracking abilities. She can track ANYTHING if she get's the scent it's over she won't stop until she finds what she'd hunting down. Her brother thinks that she has some sorta inner compass that allows her to find her prey so easily.

      --Cynder prefers to spend her life alone, and AWAY from her pack mates. Odd for a wolf? Sure whatever, but the only thing she cares about is doing her art and retaining some semblance of normalcy in her heckish life. Sure she has a position as the second strongest member of her pack, but Cyn only appears to her brothers when they are in dire need and their calls get... annoying. She has told her brother time and time to get another to be his second in command but will he of course not. So she spends her time doing art, working her shit job and spending the little down time she has partying her ass off.

      -- Cyn understands that her home territory is under their pack's protection so when the Wolfoz start to haunt their territory the Pack must figure out what's drawing them in and fight the bastards back. (( Wolfoz = Humans turned by Lyshians or other Wolfoz do NOT have control over their wolfen form, and only change on the three nights of full moon. They are more like rabid beasts and even when in human form they have a primal need to seek out any and all Lyshians and completely rip them to shreds; sadly humans normally notice THESE beasts before they would ever spot a Lyshian. ))

      This character is Open for Group Invites and or 1x1's! Private Message Kabyt to Play with Me!!! Or Post below!

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Name: Rune Setaree
Nickname: Iron Horn
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 15
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair: shaggy black hair
Eyes: Green
Attire: Light armored when in combat when out wears wore out jeans T-shirt and hoodies

Other: Has a tattoo of a bull skull on his back

Personality: To begin with, Rune is perverted. He would be found extremely tempted to peep into a girls' locker-room or twitching to grope a woman's breasts, but he has it under control to a point. To counteract, he's very caring of his friends and family. He would be the first to offer a hug when it calls for it. There is a protective attitude if the people he loves are in danger.

History: Rune is a Minotaur that's life was distorted by a monster of the sea since this meeting and since then seems like the gods them self's enjoy the clash they play them like toys reincarnating them every time to see if anything changes. Through time though he has met different people learned new skills and with magic he first learned to turn himself human to blend in learning from the humans learning to love them and wanting to protect them.

Physical: His magic can't get rid of his horns just make them small nubs his hair does fine covering it, but when people see them they think he the devil himself.
Mental: breaks down when losing someone he truly cars about. And some times there a moment when in battle he'll snap and go berserk

Physical: He built pretty well able wield a battle ax one handed or two
Emotional: He a caring person willing to do what it takes to save a friend even at the cost of his own life.

note: Hows this sorry if it's not good I'm still sort of new as well >.>
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Original poster

Name: Rune Setaree
Nickname: Iron Horn
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 15
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair: shaggy black hair
Eyes: Green
Attire: Light armored when in combat when out wears wore out jeans T-shirt and hoodies

Other: Has a tattoo of a bull skull on his back

Personality: To begin with, Rune is perverted. He would be found extremely tempted to peep into a girls' locker-room or twitching to grope a woman's breasts, but he has it under control to a point. To counteract, he's very caring of his friends and family. He would be the first to offer a hug when it calls for it. There is a protective attitude if the people he loves are in danger.

History: Rune is a Minotaur that's life was distorted by a monster of the sea since this meeting and since then seems like the gods them self's enjoy the clash they play them like toys reincarnating them every time to see if anything changes. Through time though he has met different people learned new skills and with magic he first learned to turn himself human to blend in learning from the humans learning to love them and wanting to protect them.

Physical: His magic can't get rid of his horns just make them small nubs his hair does fine covering it, but when people see them they think he the devil himself.
Mental: breaks down when losing someone he truly cars about. And some times there a moment when in battle he'll snap and go berserk

Physical: He built pretty well able wield a battle ax one handed or two
Emotional: He a caring person willing to do what it takes to save a friend even at the cost of his own life.

note: Hows this sorry if it's not good I'm still sort of new as well >.>
Which character would you like to me to rp with?


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Kasaisoru is that alright? :3
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Hehehh thatl work will be back online soon eating real quick


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Alright I start work at five tonight so i can rp till then :)


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Anything that actually has, you know, a good plot. I prefer RPs with fantastical elements, however, so generally, a bit of fantasy goes a long way.
Gonna plop down my interest here, but it'll take a bit til I work through all these CSes. Nice stuff you got here.
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Original poster
Gonna plop down my interest here, but it'll take a bit til I work through all these CSes. Nice stuff you got here.
Thank you so much for your interest if you have any questions feel free to pm me!

Avalon Knight

Original poster
Hi, I'd definitely be interested in RPing with you

Avalon Knight

Original poster
I'm thinking Eis or Avae, if that's cool with you.


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A lot of interesting characters. I'm certainly interested. I'll send you a PM.
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Eiskalt is in a Post Canon Fairy Tale rp.

Avae is in my own Idea / spin off what have you / of Sword Art Online.
Hmm, well since I don't know too much about SAO and you're using the character elsewhere, I'll do one with Eiskalt. Send me a PM to talk details?
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Original poster
Hmm, well since I don't know too much about SAO and you're using the character elsewhere, I'll do one with Eiskalt. Send me a PM to talk details?
Maybe til this weekend before I can. I have had a Hellish week and next week may be just as bad. Though I will have Thursday - Monday off next weekend so yay! Sorry for the wait it's been bad IRL for me lately!


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FULL NAME: Nymere Vyngard

AGE: Seems Late Teens Early 20s
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Bi - Sexual
RACE: Drakonian Hybrid Sun Elf
-- HUMAN FORM -- Standing only 5'4" and with slim curves and an elegant tone to her Nym seems, when in human form to be an Exotic European half breed. Her almond shaped eyes and long black hair and lashes cast her as orient, but the cream of her skin and the shape of her jawline and high cheekbones call for the european cast. Her height however can pass as a shorter euro, taller orient. Long raven's blue-black hair cascasdes in shapely bangs and long lays that flow down to her waist line. Her only discernible markings on her body are a pattern of scale like birthmarks that run across her right collar bone. Her Master ALWAYS wears/carries a crimson silk - corded neck lanyard that holds a large flawless black pearl this pearl. Thid pearl holds all of Nymere's power and transformation abiltiies, never supposed to be far from her body as in essence her very soul is confined within the object. This allows for her body to withstand ungodly amounts of damage and yet for her to live on. She is technically supposed to be in control of this object but as she was taken from her father's kingdom she was made a slave swiftly the Lord of Isumo Lord Jigoku

--- Nym's eyes are often times in flux. Going between swirling pools of aqua with deep sapphire blue cat pupils, to blazing crimson depths with a fiery bright red cat pupils. She is unsure why her eyes change in such a manner, and has no control over it nor does she understand what causes them to change. But in truth it is due to her Libra Nature. Being a Shenlong Dragon you often have to choose a side light or dark. within young Nym this very battle is happening forher pearl.

-- DRACONIA FORM -- Her body only morphs a little, gaining the wings, horn, tail and sparse scaling to protect her body. Her scales - as black as night and as hard as diamonds; they have an iridescent hue about them that cast in the right light will display rainbow fluxes across their surface. Her eyes hands and feet transform to hold claw like talons and her feet can grip in much the same way hands can. This makes movement across the ground hard. As to her wings though she has them in this form she Cannot maintain any form of long distance flight, she can only remain aerial for roughly 3 posts (my own posts) Her tail on the other hand is nearly as strong as it is in dragon form as it is in this form. Prensile and able to coil about she can actually sit while standing just by leaning on to her tail. The furred tassels often flick to and fro when she is unhappy. Her scales make it so that she really doesn't NEED clothes in this form, but she often times will adorn some form of clothing. Also while in this form due to her taloned feet she gained roughly a foot making her height around 6'. Her muscle tone also clearly defines in this form as it is needed to operate both tail, and wings and carry the added weight. Her skin is more tough in this form and a little leathery to the feel.

-- DRAGON FORM -- Shenlong, the Spiritual Dragons of duality, control over wind, and rain; storms and sound. This form is considered a Celestial form and she can only take it when in DIRE need. So don't expect this form to show up a lot, but when it does steer clear of her wrath. She CAN however be FORCED into this form if someone holds her pearl. Also as displayed by the image her dragon form's coloration will be determined in the moment of the turn. White dragon has more control over lightning, wind and rain, black form has control over thunder / sounder, and Black Flames.

The Demon Dragon Within . . .
A half Breed Shenlong Dragon Oni~ She is still young and without the possession of her Pearl is unable to influence the duality in her Dragon-spirit. So her main abilities of being able to Shift are not currently at her own command. Sadly depending on which state she takes upon half change, she has found with her current lord her scales are black. She fears one day fully turning into a black pure blood Demon Dragon. She must escape her current bonds to pursue a meaning of light before it is to late and her pearl remains black forever.

-- Dark Dragon: Black - Ever Burning fire and the Tempest of Thunder( elements black fire and sound bender) become her weapons. While darkened scales, talons and tail become her defense. Horns sprout and slap of her tail can slice a man clean through to the bone.


In General Nym is...
-- Calm quiet, calculating and peaceful seeming. She also puts off a meek or timid air that confuses those who know what she truly is. Being a Dragon of course she has a Fiery Temper and a Short Fuse, but at the same time she keeps it well within herself. Having endured a life or hardship in which she is a prisoner for a Lords pleasure has been taxing on her Dragon Spirit to say the least. She of course dreams of the skies and of freedom, of her father, wondering if ever she will return to her fathers lands. However, she is not delusional nor does she pine after illusions of escape. She has been beaten into her submissive place and remains a faithful guardian and pet to her Master. Loyalty to a fault, enforced by her own Soul Pearl.

When She is Pushed to Far...

When She Cares for Others She Normally...[/Tab]




Name: Nymere || Nickname: Nym || Age: 17

5’3” tall 103 lbs, slender build with long legs. Build tall but is short. Long choppy layers of ravens black hair and deep crimson eyes. She keepers her hands, and arms covered by long gloves and stocking topped boots. Large golden bangles encircle her wrists and are said to be linked to her Dragons collar through the explosive - magma magic they control together.

Quiet and calm she is a wall flower through to the core having a almost shy or timid personality she flips the coin on the battle field her Dragon Shinerai seems to give her a confidence she doesn’t even realize she possesses. She is book smart though and doesn’t truly understand battle relying more on her Dragon’s smarts when in battle than her own.

: POSITIVE TRAITS : Loyal, Caring, Kind, Great Cook
: NEGATIVE TRAITS : Backs Down, Some what Timid, Shy, indecisive battle – ground tactics.

  • : LIKES :
    Cooking, Dragons / Animals, Maps and Books, Travel

    : DISLIKES :
    Bullies, Roughians and Arrogant behavior, was raised to be a proper lady so rudeness is just intolerable!

    : PET HATE :

    : ASTRO SIGN SAYS : Sagittarius

    : HOBBIES :
    Cooking! She not only cooks but she hunts what she cooks. Her mother always said she had to know the ingredients before you could know the quality of the food you would make with them. She is great at foraging and hunting though anything beyond a bow and pairing knife she isn’t all that great with weapons.

    : Favorite Song :

    : EXTRAS :
    She loves all Animals, but seems to have a deeper connection personally with the Dragons, (nothing actually special here maybe just her own adoration towards them makes her understand their body language )

  • : GOALS :
    To follow in her Mother’s footsteps and be the best Cook in all the Lands! But sadly she must first become a great Dragon Tamer! It’s what her father wishes for her at least since she was invited to this school. Surely she can be both! She hopes… Maybe?

    : HISTORY / BIO :
    Raised in the city proper of Lyndel her father a Master Book and Map Cartographer often spent his time away from their tavern and inn, while her mother is a famous chief who people come far and wide to taste a bit of her stews! At least In Nym’s eyes her mother is the Greatest cook in the world and strived to follow in her footsteps every day. But then fortunes and fates changed, she’s been invited to attend this School, why had she only heard of it now? What’s more can she be both? Her father wishes her to be a Dragon Tamer and her mothers wished for her to follow her heart. Nym just wants to reach the stars!

  • : DRAGON EGG #4 :
    Shinerai ♂ ( Shin )
    : DRAGON APPEARANCE : (image above)
    : DRAGON SPECIES : Molten Blade
    Dragon’s said to be born deep the magma chambers of volcanoes. The breed is vary dominate and aggressive in nature.
    : Dragon Breath Type : Infernace White Fire

    >> Dragon Size : Small / Medium (Just larger than the largest horse breed the Shire) Nym still has a bit of trouble climbing up him.
    >> Dragon Weight : 2,200 lbs

    Shinerai has an aggressive nature, and a bad attitude, nearly the opposite of Nym he seems to be the one in control when on the battle field. Shin is also very protective over Nymere for some odd reason. Be wary about him he nips… A lot.

    #1 Haelfyr Bender
    : DESCRIBE : Control and mastery of fire bending. (yes like Avatar the Last Air Benders ^.^ loves their elemental magic ^.^ ) Fire said to burn as hot as the stars, can melt but has an explosive nature. Creating smaller orbs of molten lava, she can cast them at enemies and upon impact an explosion of fire and molten lava radiates from the orgin.
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