K Project Roleplay?

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  1. I've just got done with watching the anime 'K' and I instantly wanted to create a roleplay of it. I don't really have a set idea for it. Either a new generation plot (new Kings, clansman, etc.) or conflict with one of the Seven Kings that have yet to be mentioned...? I'm probably leaning toward new generation, though.

    Any who, yeah. I just really want a K Project roleplay, but I don't want to GM it so...Can someone else GM it, please?! >.< I really want the idea to take off.
  2. Alright, NOW you've got my attention.

    Well, I've been interested in its lore for a while, but I need to look at the movies to ensure that I'm not looping any holes.
  3. Might be interested. Depending on further developments. I also favour a new generation. Although I haven't seen the movie either, yet.
  4. I just found out there was a movie right after I finished it. So I definitely haven't seen it.
  5. Let's list what I remember

    The top of the crop

    Silver & Gold
    Colourless & Black
    Red, Blue, Green.

    That's all the factions I can remember. Green is mentioned-only and their potential is unspoken of. Theories imply that the members appear but they're seekrit agents.

    There's also... whatever term was used to describe Neko. Humans with powers without the need of a king or being a king.
  6. Ah, yes. Strains.

    And there's a Black King? Woah...
  7. There was. Kuro served him.

    Wait, that was the colourless king before the evil one.
  8. Oh, I see now.
  9. I'd be interested and hi kitsune i would love to be the colorless king. Plus it's already kinda my title.
  10. I'm just gotta pop in and say, i'd be down if you do a new generation!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.