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The JWC: Jump In Wrestling Co., is a place for beginning wrestlers to make a name for themselves before moving onto bigger promotions. Here, you can sharpen your skills, and gain popularity with fans.

Our matches are strictly for fighters that at least have superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Plenty of other powers are also allowed, and may even be used in conjunction with moves.

And that's just the matches: outside the match, you can stir up drama with others, forming alliances with new friends, falling in love with that special someone who also happens to be in the same biz, or picking fights and starting a conflict with another wrestler or two.

Wrestler Class System

We Classify our wrestlers into three types, based on the most well known types in the world:

Wrestler Types-

Mariposa: Think of the Luchadors' and their amazing acrobatics. Mariposa Types not only use regular attacks, but various moves that require light steps and flexibility. They have fair amount of technique, and have the best acrobatics, and their strength varies, often being lowest.

Heavyweight: The classic musclemen like Hulk Hogan or The Rock, the very same you see on the WWE. They've got the best strength, and a fair to low amount of technique. Their acrobatics are rather restricted, however...

Puro: Puro's are well known, especially in All Japan Pro for their prior experience in martial arts, and integrating their techniques. They're amazing with technique, and are fairly balanced with acrobatics and strength.

And Like I Said: It's Freeform. Feel free to help create story arcs, suggest ideas, and everything!