JWC: Jump-In Wrestling Co.



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The Sun Has Risen On the Battlefield...

…Prepare for Combat!



The JWC is a wrestling company that has been known for it's ability to help newcomers in their humble beginnings, before they leave to join much bigger promotions…It's spat out dozens of names in the business, and YOU could be next!

The JWC features wrestlers with superhuman abilities, the most basic including Super Strength, Super Speed, and Agility that'll let you jump hundreds of feet into the air for the ultimate fighting techniques.

There'll be plenty of alliances between wrestlers who form new friendships, romances between ladies and the men, and conflicts between dozens more, and you seriously get paid for all of this.

So get out there, and give 'em a good show!


Alignment: ('Faces,' are the good guys. 'Heels' are villains. there are also 'tweeners,' who stand in the middle…)

Appearance: (Can include alternate outfits and appearances, etc.)


Wrestler Type: (See Below sheet for wrestler types)


Signature Moves: (Start with two. gradually get more. The max for Signature moves is 5.)

Finishing Moves: (Start off with one. gradually get more. The Max for Finishers is 3.)

Fun Facts:


Theme Song:





Wrestler Types-

Mariposa: Think of the Luchadors' and their amazing acrobatics. Mariposa Types not only use regular attacks, but various moves that require light steps and flexibility. They have fair amount of technique, and have the best acrobatics, and their strength varies, often being lowest.

Heavyweight: The classic musclemen like Hulk Hogan or The Rock, the very same you see on the WWE. They've got the best strength, and a fair to low amount of technique. Their acrobatics are rather restricted, however...

Puro: Puro's are well known, especially in All Japan Pro for their prior experience in martial arts, and integrating their techniques. They're amazing with technique, and are fairly balanced with acrobatics and strength.



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Name: Nash
Nicknames: Satsujinken (Murder Fist), Raging Tiger
Alignment: Faces
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 20

Appearance: I'm Alistair Macleod. But I prefer 'Nash.' I'm a Caucasian skinned young man of 17 years, standing at 6ft. My hair is dark brown, and my eyes are also dark brown. I dress in casual clothing most of the time, T-shirts, Jeans, Track Pants, sneakers, you get the idea.




History: Nash was originally a bored martial artist who trains currently in both Chinese Kung Fu, and Japanese Karate. He has worried often about his grappling, and coincidentally, gained an invitation to the JWC, and joined after hearing about Japanese Puroresu fighters utilizing martial arts in matches, which won him instantly. Since then, he's become one of the best strikers the JWC has to offer. He plans to join the Triple F, AKA the Fiery Friday Night Fury Wrestling Circuit once he feels he's a better wrestler...

Wrestler Type: Puro

Skills/Abilities: Nash is well trained in the martial arts of Kyokushin Karate and Wing Chun, primarily making him a good striker...

Signature Moves:

1. Rolling Savate:

2. Kyuusoken (Rush Fist):

Finishing Moves:

1. Ashura Satsu (Deity Killer): A Flying German Suplex...

Fun Facts: Loves Potato Chips and other snacks, and never had a girlfriend.

Quote(s): "Feel the Raging Tiger's Fist!" "Satsujin Waza! (Killer Technique!)" "WATAAAAH!!!" "You can't hope to fight if you're nothing but a brute!"

Theme Song: Streets Of Desolation (Megadriver, Batman NES stage 1 remix.)

Extra: "Omae Wa Mou, Shin Deiru…"