Justin Bieber to be Robin in Batman vs Superman

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  1. Justin Bieber said that he would be Robin for the Batman vs Superman movie, also Dwayne "The Rock" Johson is rumored to be the Green Lantern.
  2. Nice troll, Bieber. Nice troll.

    ...At least I hope it's just a troll. I believe the world can handle the Rock being the Green Lantern, but Justin Bieber being in anything else beyond a brat in CSI is just too much.
  3. I will stab a unicorn if that is true.
    And that means something if I'll hurt one of my own kind.
  4. Welp, I need a flight to Hollywood and a bag of C-4... does anyone know where to get the C-4, I can get the flight.
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  5. On nice, they're giving that little scrotum more money so he can go around acting like he can't be told. Jokes aside, Bieber really is the living embodiment of hubris and brattiness. I don't think I've ever seen him act in a film though. To be honest, he could blow me away with his performance and I'll still dislike him.

    As for The Rock... I'm giving him a solid "eh?" He's handsome and a decent actor so maybe he'll be alright as G. Lantern. I'd much prefer Idris Elba as John Stewart though. That guy looks like what cologne smells like <3.
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  6. I second Idris Elba.
    I mean

    Mmmm-mmmm good.
  7. I do hope the JB thing is just a false rumour, I mean it would seriously suck if it were true, and I was seriously wanting to watch that movie.

    The Rock as the Green Lantern? The dude's a good actor, but isn't he a bit too big to be playing the Green Lantern? I second Idris Elba, though; he'd make an awesome John Stewart.
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  8. Only one pop idol named Justin is allowed in the media, and it's Justin Timberlake after that Put A Ring On It parody.
    That little douche Beiber will only become even more annoying.
  9. At first I thought you said JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! And I was all "Ooooh. I wanna see HIM in some tight... >>"

    And then I was disappointed. >:[
  10. I can't resist any longer.
    New news: (Because I watch this type of thing on the web) Lex Luther might be played by Bryan Cranston. If you care about this kind of thing. But that's still unconfirmed. Like Dwayne Johnson being GL John Stewart. According to the man who started the rumor, by accident,
    But it stands likely that...
    Sources: http://screenrant.com/bryan-cranston-lex-luthor-batman-superman-movie-2015/
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  11. I know that it's not still a Nolan film (which in itself is a shame) but I think they should keep Joseph Gordon-Levitt's role as "Robin" from Dark Knight Rises.