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    Three words plastered across the world like an echo through the darkness, spoken in every language and drilled into the minds of billions on a daily basis. Metropolis, a once great city, left in ruins by the events of that day twenty five years ago: the day the Man of Steel lost to the Clown Prince of Crime. His city lay in ruins, his wife battered and bloodied, and his child: murdered. For the first time in his life, Kal'El, "Superman", was vulnerable. They say that all of his rage and aggression turned to willpower, to strength. It helped him become more then just a Superman. It let him become a God.

    Joker was rightfully brought to justice, his corpse hung high over Arkham as a sign to warn those who would dare commit criminal acts in the wake of Metropolis. No longer would the heroes of Earth allow criminal scum to roam free and spread terror in the heats of the innocent: they would be punished, severely, permanently. Debates arose among the heroes on wether or not Kal'El's methods were beneficial to the world at large. Some sided with the Man of Steel, who saw that killing criminals was the only way to truly save the world, and some sided with the Dark Knight, who stuck to his principles: that if the meta-humans acted like Gods, then they would eventually become the very criminals they sought to defeat. The world was in turmoil, the people required new leadership in this troubling time: and they believed the Meta Humans held the answer.

    Thus, the One Earth Government came to be. Those who did not follow Superman were labeled Insurgents against peace and were hunted down. Batman and his Insurgents took to the shadows, striking at Superman's operations with extreme precision and expert timing. But as the years drew on, Superman's forces began to win. They conquered the planet, enforcing a government at which Kal'El placed himself atop. Batman and his Insurgents were outmatched, outgunned, and losing members fast. But they continued to fight even in the face of adversity. They would not sit by idly and let the mad Kryptonian take over their home.

    Now, with their numbers dwindling and old age catching up to most of the Insurgents, no one is quite sure wether or not they will succeed in their endeavour. Most of those who once resisted Superman have gone into hiding, or have been killed in the line of fire. There are still those who stand by Batman, and there are those who now side with the Insurgents. It is a dark time for the planet.

    But hope may yet lie within the legacy of heroes past. Bruce Wayne, now a tired old man struggling with the pains of his many mistakes, cannot go on for much longer. He and other like minded Insurgents now must put their trust in a group of young heroes and former villains who have their own reasons for aiding in the defeat of Superman.

    It's time to rise up, to prove that justice does not need to be lethal to be successful, to show that no good can come from hero worship, to free those who have been oppressed for so long... To reignite the spark in the flames of Justice, and allow the legacy of heroes to be reborn.

    It is time, to save the world.


    So, the core idea behind this is that we would be playing the newest incarnation of the Insurgents (or, as we would prefer to call it, "Justice Reborn").

    Now, since it's been Twenty Five years since Superman rose to power in this story, some of the characters we know and love from DC comics are probably dead or just really old. The idea was to play the next generation of well known superheroes (ex. Batgirl, Superboy, Wonder Woman II, etc), but I also had it in mind that we can toy around with the continuity a little bit.

    I'll use Robin for this next example since he's had so many people taking up the mantle (5 Canon, 1 Frank Miller-verse).

    Now, let's say you wanted to play Robin in this RP (which is who I'll be playing :3). You have the option of making a completely original version of the character (ex. Allen Shwartz, an African American youth who spent most of his life in military school after his parents abandoned him at birth, as the new Robin), or you can mess with the continuity to use a pre-existing version of the character (ex. Instead of getting a sidekick four years into his career, Batman did not find Dick Grayson until 10 years after Superman took over. Richard's parents were once circus acrobats before the One Earth government, but after they started to speak out against Superman and his meta humans, they suddenly went 'missing'. Until Bruce Wayne found him, he was a street orphan who stole for a living. Seeing a boy who reminded him of a particular youth from his own past, Batman took Richard in as his ward and offered to train him to use his anger and rage to protect those who couldn't protect themselves).

    The same thing can be done with a few other characters without messing with their continuity too much (ex. Starfire only now escapes her captors and lands on Earth, but she was meant as a peace gift for Superman from Tamarian. Doctor Victor Friez could have been a genetic scientist working with the Insurgents (and his wife) to help clone Superman's abilities for temporary use in other Meta Humans, but after a raid on the Insurgent base forced him to go through his famous incident (and result in the death of his wife), the Ice-Wielding "Doctor Freeze" would now fight alongside the metas to try and beat Superman).

    You could even tweak things around if you'd like (ex. Victor Friez could be swapped out for his wife, Nora. You could also theoretically do the same thing with other incarnations of a hero, such as the previously mentioned Robin example. Maybe you want Damien to be the first Robin?)

    Anyways, if you have any questions for me then post below. If you're interested, then post below. If you already have a character in mind you want to play for this... Well, you get the idea.

    I'll start this off when we have at least 6 players (which will also be the cut off number), but each of us can play Two characters if we want (a total of 12 characters if we all play two heroes/villains). So, get'a posting!
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  2. I didn't read it yet but I'm down.
  3. Sweeeet.

    When you read through it, let me know what hero/villain you want to reserve
  4. Alright sounds good!
  5. @Merlin, since we're still waiting on other people to join up, do you mind telling me what you had in mind for your Supergirl?
  6. Seems pretty interesting.
  7. I'm so glad there's a new DC thread going on here, and with a fascinating idea, too. As I do in all my DC roleplays, I'm most likely going with Superboy. Haven't decided if I want to make any changes, though.

    So, count me interested.
  8. Sweetness, any ideas about what character you want to play?

    Thanks! I try to be as original with my plots as possible, but I got back into 'Injustice' a while ago and was like 'Hmm... This could make for a neat narrative'.

    Superboy works for me!
  9. Well pibbs I'm glad you asked, I'll write it up.
  10. I'm down. Can I reserve Dr.fate?
  11. Sure!
  12. I'm all for this too, I was wondering if I could play as Etrigan, or someone who became the new Etrigan...or somehow a son/daughter of the Frieze's?
  13. Yeah that works!
  14. I'm thinking of going with a clone of superman's daughter secretly created by Ray Palmer(The Atom) and Mr.Terrific.(Micheal Holt). This was a kept hidden, even from Batman knowing he would not approve of it for obvious reasons. They were able to steal some DNA from the very fetus of Lois Lane. Supergirl is more of a Phycological weapon then a physical one. She would be shown to Superman during a battle and realize how much she looks like Lois. The plane was abandon 5 years into it when Ray couldn't bare doing what he was doing. Micheal Holt soon come to think the same thing as it was a horrible to disrespect his wife's and daughters grave. He heard once before Superman destroyed a Clone Luthor once created.

    Micheal tries to kill the clone still in it's infancy but couldn't find himself to do it. He isn't sure of it being because of wasted effort or pity for the young being. Micheal decided that he would go along with this plan and joined Superman's Regime. He then trains here under Superman's nose as well and spying for batman. This Supergirl will be only able to Flight, Invulnerability, Super Strength along with Super Senses.
  15. Sounds good for me!

  16. I'd most likely play a version of The Question if anyone.
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  17. Oh nice!

    So aside from Supergirl, do we feasibly have any female characters?
  18. Alright so it looks like we've got our limit down, I'll get to work on the OoC and hopefully have it up this week!
  19. Im interested if you dont mind a I would like to reserve a Captain marvel relative
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