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  1. Hey all!

    I have an idea for a Justice League RP that I've been playing around with for a while. I've tried it out before but want to give a stab at it again.

    Here's the idea and the setup that I have so far:

    It was the death seen around the world. Many say that --as cliche as it sounds-- time paused for just a moment as he fell. Reality set in when he didn’t rise. Reactions were as varied as a choked gasp to a slack jaw, wrought in disbelief. But the realization was the same and it dawned on all eventually:

    ‘The Man of Steel is no more.’

    The White Martians had come from nowhere, but with fervor. Operating so precisely, the Earth was unaware until the enemy was at their door. Green Lantern was the first on the scene, quickly followed by Wonder Woman and Superman. Hawkgirl charged in, a personal army all her own. The Martian Manhunter arrived almost last, but attacked with an intensity that carried him to the center of the fray quickly. Batman soon came to aid, gunning for the Warship that was beginning to move for Earth.

    The battle was quickly picked up by news stations as the first foot soldiers came in over the city of Los Angeles, but they were quickly met with the might over the King of the Seas himself. The second set appeared in the Nevada desert, over a small nondescript town. They seemed to be plagued by a blur of red and yellow that no camera was able to accurately catch. But the White Martians fell nonetheless.

    In the outer atmosphere, the heroes held their ground, but the slew continued. Batman steadily made progress through the Warship, hoping to end this quickly. The Manhunter relayed orders, moving the group as a cohesive unit.

    But the White Martians pressed on. No one can say when the overwhelming started, nor when things started to get worse outside the atmosphere. Batman hadn’t been heard from for a few moments and the Lantern appeared more frustrated than usual. Superman became a bit more focused and the Manhunter found himself relaying orders continuously. Diana could feel the heat of an explosion as Hawkgirl brought down a smaller airship with the might only she could muster.

    Aquaman held back the enemy with the power that his title held. And the Flash struck hard, without mercy and invisible to the naked eye. His flurry of legs and arms created such a dust storm that he almost missed it. He didn’t know what had made him look up, but he did. His eyes could see fire, an object falling to Earth, a meteorite? An attack? It was small, but it didn’t stop burning. Soon there was a small, almost indistinctible flash of light. It hit the burning object with such force that a seismic boom was the result.

    “Flash! It’s him, it’s Kal!”

    'J’onn! What did that mean? What was he--'

    “Superman is down!”

    Barry didn’t need anything else, his mind put it together almost before J’onn spoke, and he was gone. He pushed himself, willed himself to move faster than he ever had before. Diana flew after Kal, a determination to reach him. At that moment, something else could be seen. Much larger, much more terrifying. The warship descended into the earth, a blaze of fire, smoke and debris like a cloud of gnats.

    Things had officially gotten worse.


    Though the battle was eventually won, there was little joy among many. A sense of hopelessness took its place for a time. What else could happen? The Flash was gone, taken somehow. Superman was no more. Batman was on Death’s door. Green Lantern had disappeared without a trace. The Earth seemed vulnerable.

    It’ll be one year tomorrow since Kal-El left the world. Bruce has worked tirelessly alongside the Manhunter to make sure nothing of the sort ever befalls the Earth again. With salvaged alien tech, his mettle, J’onn and Shayera’s knowledge and others, they were able to build it.

    The Watchtower. A sentinel floating over the Earth where Earth’s mightiest would keep a watchful eye over her. They’ve become wise, knowing that another attack might yield an even worse fate, and they couldn’t risk that. All of Earth’s heroes would need to stand together.

    Will you answer the call?
  2. I'm interested to play barry *^*

    I just had an idea really
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  3. Would it be characters already in the universe, or could we make our own characters? Either way I'm interested!
  4. It would be characters already in the universe, ideally. If you have any tweaks you would like to make to them (like a change in backstory or something to that effect), I'm pretty open to it, just ask me about it :)
  5. And Noceur, I responded to your PM
  6. @Stein I'll probably play one of the Zatara's..or both { Zachary and zatara } but I'm pondering if I'll be left out though. I feel like I will <-<
  7. I call Superboy in none mind but only if i can join.

    Is this based off New 52 or Pre-Flashpoint universes.
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  8. Would we be able to bring back the characters that had disappeared in your opener? Like Green Lantern or nah?
  9. @Noceur Well for right now, I'm limiting people to one character. Though, that may change as the RP progresses if it gets that far.

    @Kid Jesus I'm basing this more off of the New-52, for what it's worth with all the liberties that are being taken in the story.

    @EMajyyks No because there's a reason that those characters are gone. Without giving away too much, most of the characters play a role in how the RP unfolds
  10. Well I suggest for all who do not keep up with the comics you should brush up on the new 52 version that character if you they have appeared yet. I believe I know my Superboy, He is my favorite hero along with Red Hood.
  11. I'll probably play zatanna then... :3 one of batman's careful friends that care for each other as seen in the comics and few new 52 pages <_<
    I can't exactly explain the relationship as much as I know about it to you though.. So I can only hope you understand what relationship they have when I play her (i don't plan on making them lovers right away moreover I just go with the flow), if not I'll play Zachary. A character who needs to be more known.
  12. Alright alright thats what I thought
    Wait, so we could play any New 52 character?
  13. @Noceur I believe zantanna is messing with Constatine right now.

    @EMajyyks I Believe she or he may be basing it of off 52 but is cool with character that have not appeared yet.
  14. @Kid Jesus: Okay thanks :)
    I was thinking Beast Boy or Catwoman or maybe Supergirl
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  15. [​IMG]

    My Nigga, My Nigga, My Nigga, My Nigga
  16. Care if I shoot you a PM @Stein ???
  17. Yep.

    Of course!
  18. I'm going to try and draft up an OOC sometime in the next couple of days. Maybe even today if a couple more people sign up. If you have any friends you think might be interested, feel free to let them know!
  19. Since DC is going to do something akin to it, would I be able to make Richard Grayson, Agent of Argus (or some other such DC government agency?) who could act as a liaison between the team and the government.
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