Justice League International (Or Some Other comic series?)

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  1. …Yeah. I'm in the mood to do something regarding the JLI.

    If not that, I'm up for other stuff. Superman, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Shazam!, Iron Fist(/Power Man), ETC.

    In terms of other teams, I also don't mind doing some Avengers. Or perhaps…THE GREAT LAKES AVENGERS?!

    Yeah, I'd really prefer a team type thing. Preferably Justice League International

  2. Interested.
  3. I am usually not a superhero type girl, but recently I saw the Green Lantern film, and I would be interested in doing a roleplay like the film.....
  4. Oh God.

    The Green Lantern Movie.

    My stomach is churning.
  5. Cool, JLI, or something else?
  6. JLI, is fine. Oh and are we going to use heroes from the comics or are we going to make our own?
  7. I was hoping to mostly use canons. But we'll have to see...
  8. I had the same reaction. Interested.

    EDIT: I'm also working on a submission for your latest vigilante themed RP. I really like your ideas.
  9. Hey! thanks for everything!

    Especially GL movie dislike.