Just your basic everyday highschool...or is it?

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  1. Jeffrey- *Enters the school with little to no interest apparent in his eyes. He sits at the round table nearest the door.*
    Lily- *Following her brother's lead; she walks slowly to the same table looking quite excited to be there.*

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  2. Arin took a deep sigh as she walked through the many doors of her new school. She clutched her book-bag strap as she walked to an empty round table, her eyes watching the floor as she stepped, but flicked around at other people once she was seated.

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  3. Ri walked into the school hoping that she wasn't late. She usually was but seeing as this was her first day at a new school she didn't want to make a bad first impression. She walked straight to the office noticing some kids sitting at random tables and lounging around the hall.
  4. Lily- *Sighs and takes out a candybar* Do you want a piece..?
    Jeffrey- *Glances at his sister quickly* I'll pass. *He looks back around the large cafeteria and frowns.*
    Lily- *Munching slightly on her candy bar* Why so serious? *She taunted her brother*
    Jeffrey- I hate it here already. *He gets up and walks to the restroom, leaving his sister to stare blankly after him.*
  5. Ri stared down at the papers that the lady in the office had given her. She was never good at maps and asking someone just made her nervous. So she walked around with her nose in her papers hoping to make sense of it all when she bumped into some guy probably on his way to the bathroom. She looked up, "Oh i'm so sorry."
  6. Arin sighed heavily as teens passed in and out of the area. She didnt particularly sigh from loneliness, but more because she missed the people she had just grown to know and love from the years past. She bit some of the skin away from the bottom right of her lip, glancing at a blonde girl watching a blonde boy leave. The both didn't seem entirely happy and that was the problem with this town. The people were way too depressed.
  7. Jeffrey- *Looks up at the girl who had bumped into him. He noticed immediately that she was quite attractive.* No, No you're fine. That was my fault. *He smiled slightly then continued on his way*
  8. Lily- *She looked up at the girl who had bumped into her brother and chuckled then turned her attention to the girl sitting just a few tables away. She smiled warmly; not wanting people to think that she was as irritated as her brother, for, she was used to moving around a lot by now.*
  9. Arin saw the girl smile to her, but she glanced back to make sure it wasn't for someone else. The other girl giggled a bit, Arin shyly lifted a relaxed hand, her fingers curling to her palm ever-so-slightly. She opened her hand fully to wave and returned the gentle smile.
  10. Well he seemed nice...and cute! Ri thought to herself as she continued down the hall still in search of her class. Finally finding her first period class with some help from a few people, she walked up to the teacher to introduce herself.
  11. Lily- *She returned the wave just as her brother returned*
    Who was that? *she spoke in a taunting manor*
    Jeffrey- I'm not quite sure.. but she was pretty hot!
    Lily- *She nodded* She was really pretty..
    Jeffrey- *Smirked slightly and gathered his things for class.*
  12. As the first bell rung, Arin already had her schedule out. She had already visited the school twice before so she almost knew where she was going. She had english first. "Whoopdedoo" she spoke aloud, but to herself.
  13. The teacher had told Ri to stand at the front while the rest of the class walked in and settled down. Something about wanting her to introduce herself. She really hoped that she wouldn't have to say anything. Speaking in front of crowds or to anyone in general frightened her. She clutched her papers closer to her chest as the rest of the class filed in.
  14. Jeff- *He walked his sister to her first class then walked to his. He took a seat in the back of his Chemisty class and began doodling in his notebook*
    Lily- *She entered her study hall and sat in the second row of the perfectly alligned seats.*
  15. Arin was first to her English class, that only made it a little less awkward, considering the fact the the seat were arranged in "tables" of four desks. At least she wouldn't have to awkwardly sit down when all the chairs were taken. And it's a good thing too, because soon enough the class was filled with teenagers hustling and bustling about. Tossing paper and talking loudly. Oh how this behavior bothered her, people wouldn't be in such trouble all the time if they just sat down and shut up.
  16. M'ar walked through the dreaded hall way. He received looks from what appeared to be jocks. M'ar laughed to himself. He knew he could take most mortals especially on an empty stomach. He licked his lips thinking of the blood bags around him. He took a wiff and almost fainted. The scent was overwhelming. M'ar was glad he had breakfast earlier. He licked his lips thinking of the poor homeless woman.

    He looked down at his schedule and frowned as he saw it was English. He truly despised the language. He walked in the classroom and sat all the way in the back.
  17. Lily- *She sighed wondering when more people would appear. She hated being alone. Her mother always called her a social butterfly and that's most definitely what she is. But now that her mother is gone her evil stepmother and her father don't encourage or care much for anything she does*
    Jeff- *He looks curiously around the room hoping no one was watching him draw. He was very self concious of his drawings. It was rare for even his sister to ever see them.*
  18. When the class had settled down the teacher introduced Ri and told her to pick any seat that she liked. She was so relieved not to have had to introduce herself. She breathed a sigh of relief. Wanting to get the most out of her class, she chose a seat near the front, pulled out her notebook, and prepared herself for an interesting day.
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    Arin glanced to the back at the nearly-late guy. He didn't look any more enthused to be here as anyone else. The teacher began shouting to settle the students. Arin of course paid attention, leaning on her desk with as much interest that a high-schooler could possibly give for an english class.
  20. Lily- People these days.. *she mumbled as she awaited the teacher's command for the students to calm.*
    Jeff- *He sighed as he looked around at the other students. As far as he could see, the pretty girl from earlier that mornin
    g was not in his class.*