Just some of my poems/100 word stories ^^'

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I haven't written in a long time, but here are some poems I've written~ I'll try to see if I can't dig up some more ^^'



For thirty days and thirty nights, snow fell.
The snow which never hurried
lingered always
close to the coal and gunpowder.
It came and went,
but this time
it stayed
for thirty days and thirty nights.
Not even the strong silence which overcame the world
could keep this snow a secret.
Thirty days and thirty nights ago
marked the beginning of unwavering snow.
That day the world had dyed
red and white.
No one knew when it would stop, but once it does,
only the tainted white would



This wall you built so timidly swayed between the steady grip of my heart and the wind which did not sleep in yours. In the silence of the distant ocean the music drifted so gently before my eyes like a million shadows dancing against the solid shade of whispers which traveled far, but lingered even farther from you.

From the other side, you had forgotten the solace of those rainy days, when the entire world seemed like it had fallen from flight. In that shallow world, which flooded only to your knees, you were soaked by an overwhelming force. Even so you sat unmoved, staring into the reflection of your feet planted into the sky; perhaps you're able to reach for the highest of both worlds.

What is it like? I've been locked out. The wishes you made were inaudible, but I'm going to answer them; I'm going to break down this wall.


A Light in a Dream

The loneliness pressed against my stride sharpens the silhouette lost underfoot.

The numbness frozen by the streetlight illuminates like ice on a winding road.

Hushed laughters glazed amongst the city crowd, but I who wandered towards the comforting glare felt only murmurs trapped in a fading dream.

That flickering path which glittered the unspoken wishes, where in the hazy distance you stood faced away --

The burning recollection of your distance smile leads me along.